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From: (Thomas Roell)
Newsgroups: info.bsdi.users
Subject: Re:  Motif -- ?
Date: 25 Feb 94 10:55:03 GMT
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
Lines: 36
Message-ID: <>

>The booklet that comes with BSDI says that Motif requires a licensed product
>and to contact SGCS.  Well, it turns out that SGCS sold whatever it is
>that they have to X-Incite (well, it *might* be X-Insight...) in Canada, but

It's X-Inside (but the X-Insight is also cool ;-)

>the guy I spoke with there (Gary) was so unknowledgeable that I couldn't get
>any help other than that "it" costs $245...  Let's put it this way, I asked

Well, he is our sales+marketing guy. That should speak for itself ;-)

>for their email address so I could ask for some info; Gary started telling
>me to login to their system giving me the IP address, a userid and a password
>(it was a weird series of letters, so it was a REAL password).

This address is WRONG. There is not official account to login yet. There
will be soon one, where one can ftp updates from and so on. Also to get

If you have questions they'll be answered by me (yep, I'm working for

>What gives?   What isn't BSDI able to include -- is it Motif or some
>small piece of it?     Should I care... all I wanted was something better
>than twm, even mwm...   ??????

a) Motif costs quite some money, and is non-trivial to port and to support.

b) Why doing it by yourself if somebody else can do it for you.

I'll post here officially a statement on this list, as soon as we are able
to ship Motif again legally to endusers (OSF has more lawers than
programmers ;-)). Same goes for Accelerated-X 1.0.

- Thomas

From: (Bdale Garbee)
Newsgroups: info.bsdi.users
Subject: Re: Motif -- ?
Date: 25 Feb 94 18:55:56 GMT
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
Lines: 20
Message-ID: <>

In article <> you wrote:
: The booklet that comes with BSDI says that Motif requires a licensed product
: and to contact SGCS.

Sequoia has announced a Motif 1.2.3 port that includes BSD/386.  I bought what
appears to be the first or second copy of their BSDI version from them, and
it arrived as I was running 1.1 beta, with their bits compiled under 1.0.  This
posed a few compilation problems due to header file changes, but they 
recompiled under 1.1 as soon as they got it and allowed me to ftp new disk 
images.  I haven't had time to try it yet (hope to tonight), but expect it 
to work just fine.  

Find their post in comp.os.386bsd.announce, or send mail to  I
have no affiliation with these guys other than as a customer, but so far they
seem pretty responsive.


ps:  Anyone else get the feeling that putting 'open' in a name is a sure sign
     that it's really 'closed'?  /o\

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