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               May Availability of CDE Snapshot Announced

SunFLASH Vol 63 #90					          March 1994
63.90	May Availability of CDE Snapshot Announced
	HP, IBM, Novell, SunSoft Announce May Availability of Second
	Common Desktop Environment Snapshot

	Scheduled to Ensure Well-Integrated, Comprehensive
	Multi-Platform Solution

	Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM, Novell, Inc. and SunSoft, Inc.
	announced the scheduled May release of the second Common
	Desktop Environment (CDE) snapshot.  The companies also
	announced they would extend the early-access period to allow
	additional customer feedback and testing, and would complete a
	sample implementation by the end of this year.

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The following announcement was made March 23, 1994, by SunSoft, HP,
IBM, and Novell, concerning a change in the release schedule for the
second CDE snapshot.  The early-access program was extended to allow
user input, so delivery of the snapshot will be delayed until the end
of the year.

         HP, IBM, Novell, SunSoft Announce May Availability of 
              Second Common Desktop Environment Snapshot

	Scheduled to Ensure Well-Integrated, Comprehensive 
		     Multi-Platform Solution

The Common Desktop Environment is an innovative, intuitive and
easy-to-use desktop computing environment being developed to run on
multiple workstations and desktop computers using the UNIX operating
system.  CDE allows software developers to create applications that
look and behave the same way when run on any UNIX system that
incorporates the CDE interfaces.

The companies submitted a preliminary specification for a Common
Desktop Environment to X/Open on June 30, 1993. Following that
submission, more than 1,200 users attended a CDE technical conference
in October, 1993, where a developers snapshot was made available. The
companies will submit an updated specification to X/Open in the third
quarter of 1994 to enable X/Open to begin its formal Fast-Track

As part of the ongoing development efforts, the four companies have
agreed to extend the early-access phase to accommodate user input and
to facilitate smooth system migration.  A strong industry-wide interest
in the developers conferences and review sessions held in the U.S.,
France, Germany, Denmark and Japan reinforced the need for a complete,
well-integrated multiple platform common open desktop environment

This announcement of the second snapshot and the agreement of the
companies to extend the early access phase to accommodate user inputs
re-confirms the commitment of the four companies to provide a Common
Desktop Environment to the UNIX community.

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