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From: (Bdale Garbee)
Newsgroups: info.bsdi.users
Subject: my pcmcia "driver"
Date: 12 May 94 14:42:09 GMT
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
Lines: 22
Message-ID: <>


Would everyone who is using the rough PCMCIA modem support that I published
for 1.0 and have since updated for 1.1 please send me some email telling me
what kind of machine you're using it on, what sort of PCMCIA cards you've
tried and what your experiences were with them, and any changes you've made to
the code?

I'm hoping to freshen and generalize the driver a bit soon, and I'd like to
incorporate both any changes that have been made, and a list of known working
and non-working cards.

If this is the first you've heard of this stuff, and you want to try it on 
your PCMCIA-equipped machine, look on in the misc/bsdi subtree.  I
only support the Intel PCIC slot controller and hardware compatible with it,
but that covers most of the laptops and notebook machines I've run in to that
folks are running BSD/386 on.



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