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Date: Sat, 11 Jun 94 14:25:52 EDT
From: tytso@MIT.EDU (Theodore Ts'o)
To: krbdev@MIT.EDU, bjaspan@GZA.COM, marc@GZA.COM,,
Cc:, (Glen Zorn)

OK, I've gotten the Kerberos V5 beta 4 pre-release snapshot built.  It
can be found on, in /pub/krb5/krb5-prebeta4.tar.gz.

My plan is to release beta 4 on Wednesday, to allow for time to do
some testing and compilation, and time to merge the new
documentation/man pages which Nancy has been working on into the

One of the things which has been folded into this release is the GNU
autoconf work which Mark Eichin has been working on hard over the past
month or so.  So for this release, there are two ways you can build
krb5.  You can do it the old way, which involves futzing about with
config/site.def, and hacking a machine specific .cf file, hand-hacking
Makefiles if your platform has a cpp which doesn't quite work the the
way imake expects, etc.  (The bootstrap Makefile that's there is an
attempt to make imake work a little bitter, by actually compiling our
own imake and makedepend, so we don't depend on the system
imake/makedepend, which usually didn't work.)

Or, you can type "./configure; make", and the right thing should happen.
Needless to say, this should making building and installing Kerberos a
lot simpler for the random user picking up the tar file, and so we will
be moving to supporting only GNU autoconf for future release.
Currrently, the autoconf scheme doesn't allow for easy ways to configure
things like Kerberos V4 backwards compatibility, but that will be fixed
in the next release.  Thanks, Mark, for a wonderful job!!!

Other neat things include a kadmin server speaks the V4 kadmin
protocol and modifies a V5 database, by Tom Yu.  And, of course, lots
bug fixes, and general cleanup work in the Kerberos library.

If you have the time and/or inclination, please give the code a spin
and let me know what you think.  Thanks!!

						- Ted

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 94 09:09:29 EDT
From: ejb@ERA.COM (E. Jay Berkenbilt)
To: uunet!MIT.EDU!
Cc: uunet!MIT.EDU!, uunet!GZA.COM!,
        uunet!GZA.COM!, uunet!!,
        uunet!!, uunet!!,
In-Reply-To: <9406111825.AA17638@tsx-11.MIT.EDU> (uunet!MIT.EDU!tytso)

I think it's wonderful that you are finally using gnu autoconf
for this.  I've been using autoconf for a while now for my own
development (and hope to contribute an autoconf-based
configuration to tcsh sometime in my copious spare time).  When
I go back to build some software from athena (like kerberos 4 or
zephyr), I'm always dismayed at how backward imake is and how
full our software is with platform-specific #ifdef's instead of
feature-based conditions such as are supported by autoconf or
even tcsh's manual configuration.  Congratulations on bringing
kerberos V up-to-date with respect to software infrastructure
supporting easy portability.

                                E. Jay Berkenbilt (ejb@ERA.COM)
                                Engineering Research Associates
				a.k.a. qjb@MIT.EDU

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