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Newsgroups: comp.unix.unixware
Subject: Update 1.1.2 v1.2
Date: 16 Sep 1994 12:42:04 -0400
Organization: Novell, Summit
Lines: 35
Distribution: world
Message-ID: <>

       Update 1.1.2 v1.2 is scheduled for availability on the ftp
       servers the week of September 19th. The new version
       supercedes Update 1.1.2 v1.1 currently on the ftp servers
       and Compuserv. This version of the update does NOT contain
       the el3 driver. Also, a privilege problem with wksh has been

       The el3 driver was revised in Update 1.1.2 to correct
       problems that exist in the UnixWare 1.1 version of the
       driver for the 3c579 card. However, upon release of Update
       1.1.2, new problems were discovered in the el3 driver for
       the 3c509 under certain load scenarios, particulary when
       using NFS. This new driver was also delivered in PTF135.
       Please note that the el3 driver from PTF135 will not work
       for the 3c509, while the el3 driver from UnixWare 1.1 or
       Update 1.1.1 will not work for the 3c579.

       Novell is diligently working on putting out a new el3 driver
       from 3Com for the 3c509, 3c529 and 3c579 cards.  This PTF
       (PTF648) will be made available on September 19, 1994.  In
       the meantime, we suggest that you use the el3 driver from
       UnixWare 1.1 or Update 1.1.1 for the 3c509, and the el3
       driver from PTF135 for the 3c579 cards. The best
       recommendation is to wait for the new PTF.

       We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have


       Engineering Support Organization
       Novell, Inc


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