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From: (Paul Murphy)
Subject: DECUS UNIX Developer's Conference
Message-ID: <1994Oct21.162550.6813@eisner>
Date: 21 Oct 94 16:25:50 -0400
Organization: DECUServe
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             "A Comprehensive Practicum For UNIX Professionals
             And Those Interested In Learning More About UNIX"

SHREWSBURY, MA. October 21, 1994 -- DECUS '94/Anaheim, the upcoming 
seminars, symposium, and trade show program sponsored by the U.S. Chapter of 
DECUS, will feature a UNIX Developer's Conference, a comprehensive practicum 
designed to benefit both UNIX professionals and those interested in learning 
more about UNIX. 

The UNIX Developer's Conference will include five full-day seminars on the 
weekend of December 10 and 11, and over 65 hours of sessions during the 
four-day symposium scheduled for December 12 - 15. Topics to be addressed 
include: administering a network of UNIX systems; creating and modifying 
programs for ease of portability over multiple UNIX platforms; recognizing 
the differences and similarities between DEC OSF/1, OSF/1, and other systems 
in the UNIX family; understanding UNIX security features; utilizing shell 
programming on UNIX; and migrating issues.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in tracks on: 
TCP/IP; UNIX System Management for OpenVMS System Managers; Motif; and CDE.

Industry expert Rob Kolstad of Berkley Systems Development, Inc. will 
share his views on the future of the software industry during the 
Developer's Conference keynote address, "Software What're We Gonna Do?", on 
Tuesday, December 13. 

On Wednesday, December 14 a panel of users and vendors will discuss 
strategic issues facing COSE and the UNIX community during the session "UNIX 
The Once and Future System".

The DECUS Trade Show, scheduled for December 12-14 will feature a variety of 
today's top solutions providers including UNIX-based solutions from vendors 
including: Digital Equipment Corporation; DISC Corporation; White Pine 
Software; Touch Technologies, Inc.; The Wollongong Group; TGV, Inc.; Storage 
Technology Corporation; Novell, Inc.; and Oracle Corporation.

Scheduled for December 10-15, 1994 at the Anaheim Convention Center, 
Anaheim, California, DECUS '94/Anaheim will cover a variety of topics of 
interest to today's Information Technology professionals. Attendees will 
learn about the tools and techniques used to manage and develop 
heterogeneous platforms and will be exposed to state-of-the-practice 
solutions through a mix of offerings presented by industry leaders, product 
engineers and developers, and day-to-day product users.

There is no additional charge to attend the UNIX Developer's Conference. 
Admission is covered under the DECUS '94/Anaheim seminars and daily 
symposium fees. Attendees will realize a substantial savings over on-site 
fees by registering for DECUS '94/Anaheim by November 16, 1994. For more 
information, or to register, contact DECUS Customer Service at 

More information on DECUS '94/Anaheim is also available via: World Wide Web:, Gopher:, Anonymous FTP:, E-mail: (send message HELP), TELNET:, or via modem to 508-842-1930 (enter DECUSPROGRAM no password) - 
provides an interactive search-and-query facility.

The U.S. Chapter of DECUS, the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society, is 
an association of Information Technology professionals interested in the 
products, services, and technologies of Digital Equipment Corporation and 
related vendors. The Association's purpose is to promote the unimpeded 
exchange of information, with the goal of helping its members and their 
organizations to be more successful. The Chapter provides each member with 
means to enhance their professional development, forums for technical 
training, mechanisms for obtaining up-to-date information, advocacy 
programs, and opportunities for informal disclosure and interaction with 
professional colleagues of like interests.


DEC, DECUS, the DECUS logo, Digital and OpenVMS are trademarks of Digital 
Equipment Corporation.

CDE is a registered trademark of Health Systems International; Motif and 
OSF/1 are registered trademarks of the Open Software Foundation; UNIX is a 
registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed 
exclusively through X/Open Company, Ltd.


	Paul Murphy - DECUS U.S. Chapter | Email:

Subject: Re: DECUS UNIX Developer's Conference
Message-ID: <>
From: (brian luther)
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 09:19:38
References: <1994Oct21.162550.6813@eisner>
Organization: Dofasco Inc.
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In article <1994Oct21.162550.6813@eisner> 
(Paul Murphy) writes:
>Subject: DECUS UNIX Developer's Conference
>From: (Paul Murphy)
>Date: 21 Oct 94 16:25:50 -0400

>             "A Comprehensive Practicum For UNIX Professionals
>             And Those Interested In Learning More About UNIX"

Is this a "re-marketing" of the traditional UNIX stream that was always at 
symposium and usually under the watchful eye of UNISIG?

Will there be future press releases indicating a VMS Developer's Conference?


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From: (Jon "Maddog" Hall)
Subject: Re: DECUS UNIX Developer's Conference
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Reply-To: (Jon "Maddog" Hall)
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation
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Date: Fri, 28 Oct 1994 13:02:44 GMT

No, this is not just a "re-marketing" of the traditional UNIX stream in three

        o there has been an amplification of the seminars given for UNIX,
          including two all-day seminars sponsored by UNIX Marketing to be
          development and system management in a heterogeneous UNIX environment
          (i.e. mixture of different UNIX vendor's systems.)  We (UNIX
          Marketing) paid for professional course developers to prepare and
          present these seminars in order to help DECUS position itself as
          a multi-vendor, multi-system event

        o there are three streams of symposium sessions dedicated to UNIX, not
          just one.  Two of the streams mirror the topics in the all-day
          seminars (systems administration and software development).  The last
          is the "traditional" steam, with a mixture of different topics.

        o we brought in some UNIX keynote speakers.  This is a continuation
          of New Orleans, where we sponsored LINUS Torvalds to speak.  This year
          it will be Rob Kolstad.  If you don't know who Rob Kolstad is, you
          don't know UNIX.

Decus has been fighting the "VMS only" image for some time.  While VMS will
always have a place at DECUS, they wanted to stress that they do other operating
systems also.  The Anaheim meeting mirrors the NT meeting that was held last
year (where a special emphasis was on NT).


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Jon "maddog" Hall			UNIX Software Group
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