X/Open Announces Branding Program For Common Desktop Environment (CDE)

X/Open Brand to Provide Only Guarantee of Conformance

Dallas -- March 14, 1995 -- (Business Wire) -- X/Open Company Limited announces today the addition of a Common Desktop Environment brand to its existing branding program.

The new brand will identify product implementations that are fully compliant to the recently adopted X/Open Common Desktop Environment (CDE) specifications for open systems. The Common Desktop Environment is an industry-standard graphical user interface for desktop workstations. The X/Open Common Desktop Environment brand will be added to the existing portfolio of X/Open brands which include the XPG Base and UNIX(r) brands.

Following its submission to X/Open in November of 1994, the CDE specification set recently completed the X/Open Fast Track Review process assuring the high quality of, and industry consensus behind, the definitive interface specification for the open systems desktop. Adding to the full, interactive demonstration of early CDE product implementations at the UniForum Trade Show and Conference, X/Open announces its plans to make available a brand for products conforming to the CDE specifications that delivers the same business benefits as its full brand portfolio.

As the X/Open Common Desktop Environment branding program nears delivery, CDE has achieved a unique distinction. Through vendor cooperation and commitment to open systems standards, the CDE specifications, product implementations and branding program will all be delivered in the same time frame. X/Open will start accepting Common Desktop Environment branding applications in May of this year.

"Cost effective IT is all about the existence of self-sustaining volume markets," said Mike Lambert, X/Open vice president and chief technology officer. "The X/Open Common Desktop Environment brand for the first time unites open systems workstations from many different vendors into a single coherent volume market, attractive to applications developers. Products that carry the brand will provide users with a common look and feel...guaranteed!"

CDE Specification Availability

The full Common Desktop Environment specification is currently available through X/Open in CD ROM format. Copies my be ordered through any X/Open office or publication distributor. In addition, for full publication ordering information, you may contact the X/Open publications department through the Internet at XoPubs@xopen.org. Copies of the Single UNIX Specification and any X/Open publication are available through the same means. Information on the full X/Open branding program may be obtained by sending an EMail to XoBranding@xopen.org.

X/Open UNIX Branding

The CDE branding announcement comes quickly after the announcement by X/Open of its licensing program for the UNIX trade mark in use with computer operating system products. Now, only products branded as conforming to the agreed X/Open specifications are able to carry the X/Open UNIX brand. Today, UNIX system buyers can be assured that systems bearing the X/Open UNIX brand will meet the published standard specifications for UNIX set by X/Open.

Vendors seeking to license the UNIX trade mark must now submit their product(s) to the X/Open UNIX branding program. In licensing the product, the vendor warrants and represents that any branded product: 1) conforms to the specification; 2) will continue to conform to the specification, and; 3) if there is a non-conformance, it will be rectified within an agreed time. This unique warranty is made by each vendor whose products are branded in the X/Open branding program, and is supported by rigorous testing through software test suites that are used as a means of indicating that the product conforms to the specification.

Founded in 1984, X/Open is a worldwide, independent company dedicated to bringing the benefits of open computer systems to market. The company markets products and services to computer system buyers, system suppliers, software developers, and standards organizations. By integrating prioritized requirements and expertise from each of the groups, X/Open is able to evolve and manage a comprehensive set of publicly available open systems specifications, including de facto and international standards, which define the Common Applications Environment (CAE). X/Open operates a branding and testing program that awards a mark of continuing compliance to products meeting the conformance requirements.

Note to Editors: X/Open is a registered trade mark, and the "X" device is a trade mark of X/Open Company Limited. UNIX is a registered trade mark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited.

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