IBM demonstrates full common desktop environment on AIX Version 4 operating system

Uniforum '95, DALLAS -- March 14, 1995 -- (Business Wire) -- IBM demonstrating a continuing commitment to incorporate the latest open systems technologies into its products, was among the many leading hardware and software vendors to showcase the connectivity and interoperability of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) on multiple UNIX(b) plaforms at UNIFORUM '95 today.

At the CDE Interoperability Pavilion, sponsored by IBM and five other companies, a preview of the full CDE implementation was shown on AIX Version 4, IBM's industry-leading UNIX operating system that runs on the RISC System/6000(a) (RS/6000(a)) family of workstations and servers. This implementation is designed to conform to the final CDE specification and will be submitted to X/Open Company(b) Ltd. for certification when the branding program becomes available. IBM also featured its current CDE technology based product in its own booth.

"IBM and our partners have worked hard to complete the specification and development of CDE," said Bill Filip, general manager, IBM RISC System/6000 Division. "We are pleased with the adoption of CDE by platform and application vendors and look forward to delivering greater value with CDE to our customers."

IBM and a number of companies are working together with X/Open to ensure that the evolution of CDE will adhere to an open process, incorporate best of breed technologies, and provide a smooth migration path for users.

"CDE technology is an integral part of AIX today," said Donna Van Fleet, vice president, AIX Systems Development, IBM RISC System/6000 Division. "It is our standard graphical user interface and we are committed to ongoing enhancements and integration of CDE as part of AIX."

(a) Indicates trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.

(b) UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Co. Ltd.

X/Open is a trademark of X/Open Co. Ltd.

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