IBM announces new software to extend RISC System/6000 performance, capabilities and interoperability

Somers, N.Y., June 19, 1995 . . . IBM today introduced new and enhanced software for its RISC System/6000* (RS/6000*) family, including the RS/6000 Scalable POWERparallel (SP) Systems*, as well as the newly-announced PowerPC*-based Power Series* line. These software products will assist customers who are implementing distributed client/server environments across their enterprise by providing greater interoperability between AIX*-based systems and existing PCs and mainframes.

The software announcements include an update to AIX Version 4, IBM's powerful UNIX*** operating system, to support a variety of new hardware. AIX Version 4 performance has been optimized to deliver impressive scalability for customers upgrading from existing 4-way symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) systems to new 6-way and 8-way SMP models. Other new and updated products enhance customers' ability to manage distributed systems, develop client/server applications, ensure system availability for their users, and integrate new systems with their existing PC LAN and mainframe environments.

Most importantly, customers can take advantage of these new capabilities while protecting their current application investments. Today's announcements include products that enable RS/6000 customers to access not only the thousands of available AIX applications, but also a number of existing mainframe graphics applications and many of the most popular products for the Microsoft Windows** environment.

"These improvements provide our customers with valuable tools for integrating UNIX, PC and mainframe applications using the RS/6000 as the central platform," said Donna Van Fleet, vice president, AIX systems development, IBM RISC System/6000 Division." AIX Version 4 is a truly scalable operating system that provides users with a single technology that spans a wide range of hardware, from laptops and low-end desktops to our Scalable POWERparallel Systems."

This comprehensive announcement reinforces IBM's position as the industry's leading provider of distributed client/server solutions. With AIX, users can take advantage of an operating system that supports cutting-edge software technology, from Taligent's CommonPoint** object frameworks, to the Open Software Foundation's** Distributed Computing Environment** (DCE**), to multimedia and the Internet. Continuing the commitment to provide customers distributed computing solutions based on established standards, many of the products announced today deliver elements of IBM's Open Blueprint* model for distributed client/server systems.

The following pages provide additional details on the specific product announcements made today.

AIX Version 4 Offers Customers More Flexibility

With the extended scalability of AIX Version 4, customers can choose from an array of new PowerPC-based systems. These include desktop, entry-level server, 6-way and 8-way symmetric multiprocessor systems, and ThinkPad* Power Series* models. The RS/6000 Scalable POWERparallel (SP) systems are now also available with AIX Version 4. RS/6000 SP customers can obtain all the benefits of AIX 4, such as easier installation and systems management, very large file systems, kernel threads, and broader national language support. Customers can reduce labor costs by managing a single AIX environment across their desktops, servers and SP systems.

AIX Version 4 also incorporates an advanced user interface that is based on the full Common Desktop Environment (CDE) specification, helping customers ensure consistency across the mix of UNIX operating systems in their enterprise. AIX Version 4 also now integrates the industry-standard DCE Base Messages and Client Services to assist customers in their migration to a client/server environment. Yet, with all these enhancements, AIX Version 4 actually offers reduced server software costs for many customers since the Entry Server package 1-2 user license has been replaced by a 1-16 user license. This offers significant savings over the unlimited user license for systems with 3-16 users.

Tools for Customers Managing Distributed Systems

CICS* SYSTEM MANAGER VERSION 1.1 is a new product that uses object-oriented technology to let customers define, manage, and control many CICS for AIX systems from a single point. An integral part of the recently-announced SystemView for AIX, this product allows customers to work with their distributed CICS systems as though they were a single system, requiring less time, expertise, and expense.

The DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM MANAGEMENT INTERFACE TOOL* (DSMIT*), which can greatly simplify the management of dispersed systems and extend the span of control of administrative resources, has been enhanced with numerous security features to preserve system integrity. DSMIT supports both AIX Version 3.2.5 and Version 4 clients, as well as HP-UX** 9.0, SunOS** 4.1.3, and Sun Solaris** 2.3 client systems.

Ihe new IBM PRINTING SYSTEM MANAGER* (PSM*) FOR AIX, Version 1.1, and the new IBM PRINTING SYSTEM MANAGER GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE FOR AIX, Version 1.1, together offer customers the ability to centrally manage heterogeneous printing environments through an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Systems administrators can remotely configure and monitor printers, print servers, print queues, and print jobs in the network. PSM gives AIX, OS/2, and Windows end users the ability to manage printers from a remote site, get information about printers on the network and route their jobs to specific printers. PSM uses DCE services to authorize user printer access and authenticate each print request, while providing network support for distributed printing.

IBM PRINT SERVICES FACILITY* (PSF*) FOR AIX, Version 2.1, provides customers high-speed, high-quality production printing services, and now includes support for SAP** R/3**, a popular suite of workstation-based applications that, until now, has lacked production print capabilities.

Many of IBM's mainstream systems management products are now also available on the RS/6000 SP, including NetView/6000*, Systems Monitor*, Trouble Ticket*, Print Services Facility* and Performance Toolbox*. These allow the SP to be managed like other servers on the network rather than as a stand-alone system, making it easy to integrate the SP into any computing environment.

Advanced Tools/Services for Distributed Applications

DCE FOR AIX 2.1 is the first DCE product available in the industry based on the rich, extended functions of OSF DCE 1.1** source code. DCE provides AIX Version 4 customers with an integrated approach to security, naming, inter-process communication and resource management in a multi-vendor, distributed environment. New features include ease of administration, with consolidated DCE commands and unified DCE processes; better serviceability, with standardized error handling and extended instrumentation; enhanced security, and manageability.

CICS FOR AIX, Version 2.1, provides customers high-performance transaction processing capabilities using AIX Version 4 on any of the PowerPC-based, uniprocessor, SMP, or SP RS/6000 systems. It allows CICS for AIX applications to access a wide range of data resources, such as CICS data held in Encina files, DB2 databases, non-IBM databases, and existing CICS data on host-based systems. With Version 2.1, CICS for AIX now includes the CICS Client for AIX and the Encina products which were formerly ordered separately. CICS for AIX is a key transaction processing element within the Application Services layer of the IBM Open Blueprint model for distributed client/server computing.

Similarly, IBM ENCINA FOR AIX, Version 2.1, provides customers another choice in high-performance transaction processing capabilities using AIX Version 4 on any of the PowerPC-based, uniprocessor, SMP, or SP RS/6000 systems. This latest release runs on IBM's newest DCE Version 2.1 and includes consolidated packaging to simplify ordering and deployment. The Encina family of products provides end-to-end transactional integrity in large-scale, distributed, client/server enterprises. As with CICS for AIX, Encina for AIX is a transaction processing element within the IBM Open Blueprint model.

Version 3.1.3 of IBM C SET ++* FOR AIX and IBM C FOR AIX exploit the PowerPC 604 microprocessor instruction set and optimize the ordering of instructions to deliver performance on this processor. The xldb debugger also has enhancements to assist in the development of applications that exploit the threaded architecture of AIX Version 4, used to support RS/6000 SMP systems.

Earlier this month, IBM introduced COMMONPOINT** APPLICATION SYSTEM FOR AIX and COMMONPOINT APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT FOR AIX, the first commecrialized products based on the CommonPoint object- oriented application development environment from Taligent, Inc. CommonPoint provides over 100 highly functional and integrated application frameworks that can be used by experienced C++ developers to speed application development.

The new INTERNET CONNECTION SERVER FOR AIX, Version 1.0, is a natural complement to the RS/6000 server systems, providing customers all the necessary features to establish their own WorldWide Web pages on the Internet. Customers can use their RS/6000 systems to exploit the Internet as an internal communications vehicle or to promote their products, services, or messages to the world.

IBM ULTIMEDIA* SERVICES FOR AIX, Version 2.1.2, brings advanced technology to users and developers of multimedia applications to enhance their ability to manipulate audio and video material. New capabilities include extensions for PCI-based audio and video devices used in the new low-end PowerPC systems, as well as other advanced video adapters from IBM and third-party suppliers. Ultimedia Services also adds support for the playback of audio and video compressed in the standard MPEG-1 format, support for digital images in Kodak** PhotoCD format, and upgraded Intel** Video support.

The OpenGL** AND IBM GL* 3.2 VERSION 4.1.1 FOR AIX product and the PEX AND PHIGS VERSION 4.1.1 FOR AIX product now support the new GXT500* and GXT500D* graphics accelerators, bringing a new level of performance to customers whose graphics applications are based on these industry-standard programming interfaces. The OpenGL/GL product also provides performance improvements for a number of existing 2D graphics adapters.

IBM AIX LAN DISTRIBUTED PLATFORM/6000 (LANDP/6000), VERSION 2.1, is a member of IBM's family of transaction processing products, which also includes CICS and Encina. This product provides customers with branch office environments excellent support for industry-oriented devices, peer-to-peer connectivity, and interoperability with centralized transaction processing systems.

With the IBM PARALLEL ENVIRONMENT FOR AIX, Version 2, IBM is one of the first companies to deliver a product supporting the emerging Message Passing Interface (MPI) industry standard for parallel programming. IBM Parallel Environment for AIX will help customers more easily create parallel applications that will run on any platform conforming to the standard. Additionally, MPI will increase the speed and productivity at which certain projects are accomplished.

High Availability Software Now Scales to SMP Systems

IBM HIGH AVAILABILITY CLUSTER MULTIPROCESSOR/6000 (HACMP/6000*) FOR AIX Version 4 expands the variety of systems that are supported in high availability clusters to include the RS/6000 PowerPC-based symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) systems. Support for uniprocessors is also expanded to include the new RS/6000 Model C20. HACMP/6000 supports integration of RS/6000 SMP systems with uniprocessors in the same cluster, protecting customers' investments in existing RS/6000 systems.

Enhanced Integration with Existing Customer Environments

IBM NETBIOS AND IPX SUPPORT FOR AIX, Version 2.1, enables customers to more easily integrate the RS/6000 into their existing Novell** NetWare** and LAN Manager/LAN Server** networks. It provides NetBIOS, IPX/SPX, and RFC 1001/1002 industry-standard protocol support, expanding the comprehensive set of protocols supported by AIX while adhering to IBM's Open Blueprint* model for distributed client/server computing.

Wabi** 2.0 replaces Wabi** 1.1 as IBM's solution for running selected Microsoft Windows-based applications on the RS/6000 platform. With this new release, Wabi supports the current versions of 24 of the most popular Windows applications. Using Wabi 2.0, multiple users can access a single copy of these Windows applications running on a central RS/6000 server, while allowing them to share RS/6000 resources, such as printers. Enhanced with IBM's Instruction Set Translator* (IST*), Wabi 2.0 can also boost the performance for many of these same applications.

SOFT5080* is a new product for both AIX Version 3.2.5 and Version 4 systems that lets customers access certain mainframe-based 3D applications using less expensive 2D graphics accelerators on their RS/6000. Customers can access mainframe graphics applications in one window, while running AIX applications in other windows on the same RS/6000 system.

The 5086 CONNECTIVITY ENABLER, currently available on AIX Version 3.2.5, is now available for AIX Version 4. This product allows users of existing 5086 terminals to connect to the RS/6000 over Ethernet** LANs. With this product, customers who are downsizing their mainframe-based graphics applications to the RS/6000 can preserve their investment in their existing 5086 terminals.

Pricing & Availability

Product                        Price ++            Availability Date
-------                        --------            -----------------
AIX 4.1.3 
    - client                   $  800              7/7/95
    - entry server             $1,700 - $3,000
    - adv. server              $3,000 - $14,700    (nodelocked)

DCE 2.1 
    - Security Svcs            $2,350 - $8,675     9/15/95
    - DCE Cell Dir.            $2,350 - $8,675
    - Enh. Dist File           $2,950 - $8,600
    - NFS to DFS GW            $1,750 - $5,525

CICS 2.1                  fr/  $3,500              9/15/95

CICS Systems              fr/  $3,000              9/15/95 (managed avail.)
    Manager 2.1                                    12/29/95 (general avail.)

Encina 2.1 
    - Monitor Suite            $5,080 - $40,640    9/15/95
    - AIX Client               $  150
    - PPC Gateway              $1,950 - $15,600
    - Server                   $1,800 - $14,400
    - Monitor                  $1,895 - $15,125
    - SFS                      $1,400 - $11,200

CommonPoint App.               $1,500              7/28/95
     System 1.1

CommonPoint App.               $5,900              7/28/95
      Toolkit 1.1
Internet Connection            $1,499              7/28/95
    Server 1.0

LANDP 2.1                      $2,995              6/30/95

Wabi 2.0                       $  249              7/7/95

Soft5080 for 3.2.5 
    - base                     $2,500              6/30/95
    - vector fonts             $  500

Soft5080 for V4 
     - base                    $2,500              7/7/95
     - vector fonts            $  500

5086 Connectivity              $1,000              7/7/95

NetBIOS & IPX V2.1             $  695              7/7/95

    - server                   $5,000              7/7/95
    - client                   $  300

    - basic license            $4,500 - 16,000     7/28/95
    - Conc. Res. Mgr           $6,500 - 20,000
    - Conc. Access             $2,000 -  4,000

OpenGL/GL 3.2                  $  695              7/7/95

PEX/PHIGS 4.1.1                $  695              7/7/95

Ultimedia Services 2.1.2       $  150              7/7/95

C Set ++ 3.1.3            fr/  $1,875              8/25/95

C Version 3.1.3           fr/  $  595              8/25/95

Printing Sys. Mgr. 1.1         $2,495              10/27/95

Printing Sys. Mgr. GUI 1.1     $4,995              10/27/95

PSF 2.1 
    - base                     $1,995-$5,995       6/30/95
    - PPFA feature             $2,460
    - OTF feature              $1,495

All prices shown are for the U.S. basic license one-time charge. Additional media charges may apply. Optional upgrade charges may also be available for earlier product releases. Consult relevant IBM Announcement Letters for more detailed pricing.

* Indicates trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.

** Indicates trademark or registered trademark of the respective company.

*** UNIX is a registered trade mark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Ltd. IBM AIX Version 3.2.5 and IBM AIX Version 4.1 for the RS/6000 family of systems are branded X/Open UNIX 93.

Additional information on the RS/6000 and related products is available through the World-Wide Web on the Internet. To access, open the following URL: