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From: j...@AtlanTech.COM (John Hughes)
Subject: How can I fix my timezone in Exchange?
Date: 1995/09/07
Message-ID: <JOHN.95Sep7151320@nitelite.CalvaCom.FR>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 109653707
distribution: world
organization: Atlantic Technologies INC.

Whenever I send internet mail with exchange it puts strange garbage
for my timezone, for example:

	Received: by malvinas.AtlanTech.COM with Microsoft Mail
		id <01BA7D33.6C0CE...@malvinas.AtlanTech.COM>; 
		Thu, 7 Sep 1995 15:05:51 +-200

	Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995 15:05:49 +-200

What on earth is "+-200" supposed to mean?

I'm in Paris, France, our time is currently UTC+0200 (daylight savings
time is active), my timezone is set to "Paris, Madrid" in the windows

John Hughes <j...@AtlanTech.COM> or <J...@CalvaCom.FR>,
	Atlantic Technologies Inc.		Tel: +33-1-43204546
	24 rue Montbrun,			Fax: +33-1-43204579
	75014 PARIS.

From: (Paul Eggert)
Subject: Re: How can I fix my timezone in Exchange?
Date: 1995/09/07
Message-ID: <42n5ij$>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 109653708
references: <JOHN.95Sep7151320@nitelite.CalvaCom.FR>
organization: Twin Sun Inc, El Segundo, CA, USA

j...@AtlanTech.COM (John Hughes) writes:

>	Date: Thu, 7 Sep 1995 15:05:49 +-200

>What on earth is "+-200" supposed to mean?

It means Exchange is buggy.
It should be "+0200" (until you switch this fall).

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