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From: mckus...@McKusick.COM (Kirk McKusick)
Subject: 4.4BSD Book T-shirts
Date: 1996/02/08
Message-ID: <199602081851.KAA19172@flamingo.McKusick.COM>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 138499855
organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
newsgroups: info.bsdi.users

Dear T-shirt elitist,

Sorry for the crass promotional use of this list, but my mailbox
is overflowing with requests for this information because of some
previous postings.

The new John Lasseter daemon, commissioned for 4.4BSD-Lite, is now
available on T-shirts. The new art has the daemon scampering after
the glowing orb with his trident. Under the picture is the text
``May the Source Be With You''.  The available sizes are Youth
Small (YS), Adult Medium (M), Adult Large (L), Adult Extra Large
(XL), and Adult Extra Extra Large (XXL).  The shirts are available
only in white, as that color is designed to integrate with the six
color halftone artwork.  The shirts are Hanes ``Beefy-T'' preshrunk
100% cotton; they are generously cut, so after their first washing
will fit similarly to a polyester shirt of the same size.

The cost is $15.00 each (shipments to California are $13.86 plus
$1.14 sales tax).  In quantities of ten or more, the price is $12.50
each (shipments to California are $11.55 plus $0.95 sales tax).
Within the United States, Canada, and Mexico, there is a mailing
fee of $4.00 independent of order size.  For orders outside the
United States, Canada, and Mexico, the shipping fee is $2.50 per
shirt ($10.00 minimum) if you want your order sent via airmail or
$1.50 per shirt ($6.00 minimum) if you want your order sent by
surface mail.  These prices are good through June 1996; after that
date contact me for current pricing.

Payment may be made by money order or personal check payable by a
bank branch in the US and denominated in US dollars.  In general,
I am not set up to handle credit cards.  However if you are ordering
from a foreign country and getting a check is too difficult contact
me; I have limited ability to take a Visa or Mastercard.  Send your
order to me at:

	Kirk McKusick
	1614 Oxford St
	Berkeley, CA 94709-1608

Please include an electronic mail address at which to contact you
should I have any questions about your order. As they say on the
cereal boxes, offer good while supplies last!

	Kirk McKusick

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