IBM announces new RS/6000 capabilities for the networked world

More Businesses Than Ever Can Be Well-Connected

SOMERS, N.Y., April 23, 1996 . . . In a further demonstration of its commitment to broaden business access to the networked computing environment, IBM* today announced the introduction of a new Internet-enabled release of AIX*, its advanced UNIX*** operating system.

AIX Version 4.2 has an impressive array of Internet/intranet tools and facilities, support of new RS/6000* systems and features, as well as economical packaging options. All these attributes combine to enable more businesses than ever to expand their market to include the on-line audience and enhance internal collaborative computing using the same World Wide Web (WWW) technology.

Today's announcements also include:

"RS/6000 continues to lead the way in delivering networked computing solutions," said Mark Bregman, general manager of IBM RS/6000 division. "We want to provide customers with the hardware, software and support to create an IT environment which takes full advantage of Internet, intranet and groupware technology. Packaging AIX with the best of IBM and third-party Internet tools enables customers to do this in a way that's easy- to- install, flexible and completely integrated."

AIX 4.2: setting the standard for networked computing

AIX Version 4.2 supports the full set of application programming interfaces (APIs) described in the X/Open** Single UNIX Specification (formerly known as Spec 1170), providing enhanced application portability with other UNIX systems. In response to customer requirements, AIX 4.2 also provides the ability to create and use files larger than 2 gigabytes (GB) in size.

"AIX 4.2 includes support for larger file size which further optimizes the RS/6000 platform for customers building data warehouses and data marts," said Raymond Wong, vice president of Power Products division at Oracle**. "Combined with the Oracle 7.3 Universal Server**, users can now access much larger databases and continue to exploit the scalability features that the RS/6000 offers."

The enhanced functions of AIX are more attainable than ever with the introduction of a single user, lower-cost, Entry Client package and a number of usability enhancements. The RS/6000 Welcome Center*, an optional feature available when customers request preinstallation of AIX on a new RS/6000, provides an on-line introduction to RS/6000 and AIX for the novice user by drawing on locally-stored information from the system as well as using links to Internet-based information for systems with Web access. AIX 4.2 also includes Graphical Workspace Manager*, a facility to help users navigate through their many Common Desktop Environment (CDE)** desktop applications.

A highlight of AIX 4.2 is its Internet capabilities. A separate no-charge Bonus Pack is provided with every AIX 4.2 server license. Contents include Sun's Java** programming environment, based on Sun's Java Developer's Kit**, Netscape Commerce Server**, IBM Internet Connection Secure Server* (includes CICS and DB2 WWW gateway code), Netscape Navigator** Internet client software, Adobe** Acrobat Reader**, and IBMM's Ultimedia Services for AIX*. The entry client package of AIX 4.2 offers the same Bonus Pack minus the IBM Internet Connection Secure Server and the Netscape Commerce Server**.

"The Internet and intranets are rapidly becoming an essential element of today's corporate infrastructure," said Mike Homer, vice president of marketing for Netscape. "We value our relationship with IBM and believe that working together, Netscape and IBM can provide solutions that build on Netscape's leading-edge technology and help companies get a rapid start in this new arena."

Scalable turnkey web server solutions

Recognizing that many IBM customers are interested in establishing a presence on the World Wide Web, IBM announced an update to the IBM Internet POWERsolutions for AIX*. The POWERsolutions for AIX is a package of RS/6000 hardware, the AIX operating system, a choice of IBM or Netscape standard or secure server software, browsers, and home page templates, all preinstalled as a turnkey system.

With today's announcements, the Netscape Commerce Server software is now available on any RS/6000 system as part of the POWERsolutions offerings. What's more, the Netscape Commerce Server is also available from IBM as a separate software product for customers with existing RS/6000 installations.

RS/6000 workgroup computing

IBM announced the new RS/6000 Model E30, a powerful, expandable, and affordably priced entry server suited for workgroup computing environments. The E30 combines outstanding performance with the ability to support numerous I/O devices and offers an optional support processor for increased availability.

The E30 can be used as a stand-alone multiuser server, a web page server, workgroup server, or database server, and has the connectivity to participate in most currently installed UNIX and PC networks. The E30 supports the broad range of applications available for AIX. As with all of the RS/6000 workgroup servers, it also supports applications that run on Windows** NT 3.51** Server (PowerPC Edition) to provide the greatest flexibility for RS/6000 customers.

The E30 has a faster processor (133MHz vs. 100MHz PowerPC 604) and larger memory capacity (960MB vs. 512MB) than the IBM E20, making it an excellent choice for customers who need a system that can grow with their business.

RS/6000 43P series enhancements

Additional RS/6000 hardware announcements include new features for the 43P series workstations. The base hard disk on the 43P Series has been upgraded from 540MB to 1.2GB, giving customers more value for the same base list price. The 2.1GB hard disk is available as an option.

New Input/Output (I/O) devices also announced today, designed to give customers more communications options:

Enhanced graphics

As design and drafting professionals continue to seek affordable high-performance CAD functionality, IBM today announced a series of graphics solutions that offer an exciting upgrade for the RS/6000 workstation platform.

These solutions are ideal for design and mechanical engineers and architects who typically work in 2D and increasingly need the hardware support to run, view, and edit files created with high-end 3D software applications. These 2D adapters use IBM's Softgraphics capability to accurately display 3D solid designs with full support for advanced 3D features, such as texture mapping.

The products include the IBM POWER GXT250P* and GXT255P* Graphics Adapters, supported by Version 4.2 of the PEX for AIX* and PHIGS for AIX.*

The new graphics adapters are the next generation of products to follow in the footsteps of the highly successful POWER GXT150* family. The POWER GXT250P and POWER GXT255P are single card adapters that attach to the 32-bit PCI I/O interface of the RS/6000 Model 43P Series* workstation.

The new IBM POWER GXT 250 and POWER GXT 255 graphics adapters provide the fastest 2D 8-bit and 24-bit graphics performance for the RS/6000 43P Series systems. These graphics adapters are fully supported by OpenGL and graPHIGS 3D application programming interfaces (API's) running under AIX 4.2.

IBM addressing customer needs

Today IBM announced its Mission Critical Operational Support for AIX* service, a premier around-the-clock support system designed for customers who depend on their RS/6000 systems to run their mission-critical business applications. Each Mission Critical Operational Support service customer will be assigned an IBM advocate team designated to assume management of any hardware or software problems and/or questions. Customers are provided with 1-800 telephone access to this highly skilled team, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure rapid response time for mission-critical problems.

IBM today also outlined its plans to support TEAM RS/6000*, a non-profit customer organization dedicated to communication between customers and IBM. This network of IBM RS/6000 customers will employ a state-of-the-art World Wide Web (WWW) site and advanced Lotus Notes** collaborative technologies to enable sharing of RS/6000 experiences and suggestions between IBM a nd its customers. This will serve as a means of guiding future IBM product directions.

RS/6000 platform

The RS/6000 family ranges from low-end ThinkPads and workstations to high-end symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) and parallel computers, making it one of the industry's most scalable lines of RISC-based systems, all using the same AIX UNIX operating system. With numerous connectivity features to enable sharing of applications, data and resources with PCs, mainframes and other UNIX workstations and servers, the RS/6000 can meet the needs of the simplest to the most complex network-based environments.

Financing options

IBM Credit Corporation offers an array of low-rate financing programs to support U.S. commercial and state and local government customers' acquisitions of RS/6000 technology. Among them is Preferred Rate Financing, which offers best-credit customers on 24- or 36-month financing terms, monthly rates as low as 5.9 percent. To be eligible, customers must install equipment in 1996. IBM Credit's offerings are designed to lower the customer's cost of acquisition and minimize the risk of ownership. For more information, customers can contact a local IBM or IBM Credit representative.

* Indicates trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.

** Indicates trademark or registered trademark of the respective company.

*** UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Ltd AIX Version 3.2.5 and IBM Version 4.1 for the RS/6000 family of systems are branded X/Open UNIX 93.