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From: Brian Ziel <bri...@sco.COM>
Date: 1996/09/06
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Record Breaking Attendance, Enormous Turnout for "Gemini" FastTrack, Free
UNIX License, and NC Pavilion at 10th Annual Symposium

SANTA CRUZ, CA (September 6, 1996) - SCO Forum96, the 10th annual symposium
for SCO (NASDAQ:SCOC) developers, resellers and partners, celebrated the
highest attendance in conference history, and received an overwhelming
response to its special two-day developer's conference, Gemini FastTrack.
SCO Forum96 was also the site for SCO to announce free UNIX licenses for
educational and non-commercial use, and to introduce the first ever NC

SCO's president and CEO, Alok Mohan, said, "This was the most successful and
exciting Forum ever. There was a real feeling that UNIX is alive and well,
evidenced by a large commitment from partners, developers and the huge
turnout for the Gemini FastTrack session. I think we shocked some people
with our free UNIX offer and the NC Pavilion, but Forum always brings a few
surprises. Its part of its nature."

SCO Forum96 hit an all time high with over 3,000 registered attendees, who
gathered on the campus of the University of California, Santa Cruz to hear
and see the latest in open systems direction and development. The conference
featured a series of educational seminars, ranging from sales and marketing
to future directions and engineering. The most popular session, with over
800 people registered, was the two-day Gemini FastTrack, which outlined
code-level details of SCO's upcoming merge of the SCO OpenServer and SCO
UnixWare operating systems. Early technology snapshots of Gemini (Software,
Hardware, and Java Development Kits) were handed out to the fortunate Gemini
FastTrack participants.

"The turnout at the Gemini FastTrack was phenomenal, since we originally
provided for a little more than half that many developers" said Scott
McGregor, SCO's senior vice president, Products. "This is indicative of the
Gemini project generating an excitement level externally that we've had for
quite some time internally. With so many attendees registered we had a small
issue accommodating everyone who wanted to learn more about Gemini. Since
our largest hall held 500, we used an extra hall for the overflow and piped
in video. It was a bit of a problem, but a good problem to have."

McGregor also brought cheers from the Forum96 crowd with the surprise
announcement of a free UNIX license for educational and non-commercial use
to enable the evaluation and understanding of UNIX systems. In the first
seven days of its release, SCO filled over 1,000 licenses, the first license
coming from a college student in India. The orders continue to pour in
through the company's Web site and through its channel, recently eclipsing
the 2,000 license mark. For more information on free UNIX licenses please
see SCO's home page at 

SCO Forum96 also dazzled the attendees with the first ever exposition of
more than a dozen Network Computer (NC) hardware vendors, who assembled
their wares for public viewing. Dubbed the NC Pavilion, companies such as
HDS, SunRiver, Teknema, Wyse, Unisys, Sun, and diba gave a rare glimpse of
the future of Web-based computing. For the one day the NC Pavilion was open,
it was flooded with goose-necked onlookers, some seeing for the first time
the much talked about NC.

For details, descriptions and photos from SCO Forum96 please visit its
official Web site:

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