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From: Brian Ziel <bri...@sco.COM>
Date: 1996/12/03
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organization: XeniTec Consulting Services, Kitchener, ON, Canada
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	Monika Laud
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Master CNEs to Become "Integration Specialists" and Benefit from SCO UNIX
Certification Opportunities
SANTA CRUZ, CA (December 3, 1996) - SCO (NASDAQ:SCOC), in partnership with
Novell, today announced Novell has added SCO ACE certification to the Novell
Master CNE Client/Network Solutions program, a multi-vendor,
cross-certification curriculum providing Master CNEs with a simple migration
path to SCO ACE certification. 
"The adoption of a multi-vendor education and certification program
addresses what we see as a growing need for technical professionals who can
successfully implement solutions from different computing platforms," said
Shamim Formoso, director of Partner Programs for SCO. "It's really a
pragmatic approach. Master CNEs will get the best of both worlds as they
prepare for the realities of today's multi-platform computing environments.
This new program will not only vastly expand the pool of certified UNIX
engineers, but indicates a move toward SCO ACE certification as the standard
UNIX certification for the industry."
The Master CNE Client/Network Solution program requires that candidates
receive multi-platform certification on Novell's IntranetWare, Network
Directory Services (NDS), and a leading operating system environment.
Recognizing SCO's leadership in developing and driving UNIX technology,
Novell added SCO OpenServer and SCO UnixWare training to the program to
create "integration specialists". 
With this new skill set, Master CNEs are afforded new opportunities within
UNIX and cross platform environments. SCO ACE track Master CNE candidates
can now take a condensed offering from an SCO Authorized Education Center
(AEC) to become an SCO ACE and take advantage of all the benefits associated
with certification. 
Gary Clark, director of Skills Assessment for Novell Education, said,
"Novell has led the industry in the push for training and certification that
addresses an integrated environment. We are pleased to have support in that
push from IBM and SCO, especially as they work with us to provide
dual-certification within the Master CNE Client/Network Solutions track."
For more information on the SCO ACE certification track of the Novell Master
CNE Client/Network Solutions program, please visit SCO's Web site at
About SCO
SCO is the world's leading supplier of UNIX server and host systems, and a
leading provider of client-integration software that integrates Windows PCs
and other clients with UNIX servers from all major vendors. SCO Business
Critical Servers run the critical, day-to-day operations of large branch
organizations in retail, finance, telecom, and government, as well as
corporate departments and small to medium-sized businesses of every kind.
SCO sells and supports its products through a worldwide network of
distributors, resellers, systems integrators, and OEMs. For additional
corporate and product information, see SCO's home page at 
SCO, The Santa Cruz Operation, the SCO logo, SCO OpenServer and SCO
UnixWare, are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Santa Cruz
Operation, Inc. in the USA and other countries. UNIX is a registered
trademark in the US and other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open
Company Limited. All other brand or product names are or may be trademarks
of, and are used to identify products or services of, their respective owners.
Brian Ziel
SCO Public Relations
Tel: 408-427-7252
Fax: 408-427-5418

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		       SCO Files Lawsuit Against IBM

March 7, 2003 - The SCO Group filed legal action against IBM in the State 
Court of Utah for trade secrets misappropriation, tortious interference, 
unfair competition and breach of contract. The complaint alleges that IBM 
made concentrated efforts to improperly destroy the economic value of 
UNIX, particularly UNIX on Intel, to benefit IBM's Linux services 
business. See SCO v IBM.

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