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From: SCO Information <i...@sco.COM>
Subject: SCO Skunkware 97 
Date: 1997/10/08
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Sender: (Ed Hew)
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Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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                SCO Product Announcement

SCO(R) Skunkware(TM) 97                                 6 Oct 1997
SCO Skunkware is software for entertainment, education,
experimentation, and possibly even real work.  SCO Skunkware 97
includes software for SCO OpenServer(TM), SCO(R) UnixWare(R), and
for the new SCO UnixWare based on SVR5.


"The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. and SCO Skunkware are not
related to, affiliated with or licensed by the famous Lockheed
Martin Skunk Works (R), the creator of the F-117 Stealth Fighter,
SR-71, U-2, Venturestar(tm), Darkstar(tm), and other pioneering
air and spacecraft."

HIGHLIGHTS in Skunkware 97:

     4Front sound card drivers
     AfterStep 1.0
     Apache 1.2.1 HTTP server
     Astrolog 5.3 - X11 Astrology Charts
     GNU autoconf 2.12
     GNU Bourne Again Shell 2.01
     GNU shell utilities 1.15
     GNU cpio 2.4.2
     GNU concurrent version system 1.9
     GNU diff utilities 2.7
     ELM 2.4PL24 - A Mail reader
     Expect 5.22 - a TCL / Tk extension
     GNU file utilities 3.15
     GNU find utilities 4.1
     WAIS 2.1 - Wide Area Information Server
     GNU Awk 3.0.3
     GNU C Compiler &
     GNU Debugger 4.15.1
     Aladdin Ghostscript 5.02 & 5.03 - A PostScript(tm) interpreter
     The GNU Image Manipulation Program 0.99.10
     The GNU Interactive Toolkit 4.3.15
     GNU roff text processing tools 1.10
     GNU File Compression Utilities 1.2.4
     ImageMagick 3.8.8
     GNU indent 1.9.1
     Info-Zip .zip file archiver 2.1 & 5.3
     less 3.3.2 - the opposite of more
     lynx 2.7.1 - a character based WWW browser
     GNU M4 Macro Processor 1.4
     GNU Make 3.75
     maplay 1.2 - MPEG audio player
     MetaHTML 5.04 - Web Authoring Language
     mkisofs 1.11 - make an ISO9660 filesystem
     NCSA Mosaic 2.7b4 - WWW browser
     Berkeley MPEG utilities - mpeg_play 2.3, mpeg_encode 1.5b, others
     mtools 3.6 - MS-DOS Tools
     NcFTP 2.4.2 - Internet file transfer program
     nn 6.5.1 - No News is Good News
     GNU patch 2.4
     Perl 5.003 scripting language
     pine 3.96 - Program for Internet News and Email
     Python 1.4 - Object Oriented Scripting Language
     GNU revision control system 5.7
     rxvt 2.18 - VT102 terminal emulator
     SGML Conversion and rendering tools 0.99.14
     GNU Shell Utilities 1.15
     Skunkware '97 Icon Collection 1.0
     smail - A Mail Transport Agent
     Squid 1.1.14 - Internet Object Cache
     ssh 1.2.20 - Secure Shell
     GNU tar 1.12
     Tcl 7.6p2 & 8.0b2 - Tool Command Language
     TclX 7.6.0 - Extended TCL
     Texinfo 3.11 - the GNU documentation system
     TiMidity 0.2i - MIDI to WAVE converter and player
     tin 1.3 - threaded news reader
     Tk 4.2p2 & 8.0b2 - An X11 Toolkit for TCL
     wu-ftpd 2.4 - DARPA Internet File Transfer Protocol server
     xanim - an audio / video player for X11
     xarchie 2.0.10 - X11 browser interface to archie
     xblackjack 2.2 - Blackjack card game
     Xboing 2.4 - Blockout clone
     xdaliclock 2.10 - Melting digital clock
     xdir 2.0 - an advanced graphical FTP client
     xemacs 19.15
     XFig 3.1.4 - an X11 figure generator
     XFilemanager 0.4.1 - a graphical file manager
     X11 Fish Tank
     Galaga for X Windows 1.6c
     Xinvest 2.4 - a personal finance package
     xkeycaps 2.38 - X Keyboard Mapper
     xlincity 1.06 - City simulation game
     xlockmore 4.03 - X11 Screen Locker
     xscreensaver 2.06 - another X11 screen locker
     xmcd 2.1 - Motif CD Audio Player
     xmmix 1.2 - Motif Audio Mixer
     Xmorph 17jan97 - digital image warping
     xpdf 0.7 - an Adobe(tm) PDF Viewer
     Xquote 1.0.2 - retrieve stock quotes
     xsnow 1.40 - Desktop snow
     Xsw - X11 system watch utility
     Xtar 1.4 - graphical archiver
     xtartan 2.3 - Display Scottish Tartans
     XV 3.10a - with patches
     zircon 1.17p1 - an X11 Client for IRC
     zsh 3.1.2 - The Z-Shell
and more... see also note(1)

The current set of SCO Technical Library Supplements is also included.


SCO Skunkware 97 is available on a CD-ROM in the
ISO9660/Rockridge format.  It can be directly mounted and read on
most UNIX(R) and other systems.  It's easier if you have a browser.

The Skunkware CD-ROM or selected files are available as follows:

1. Via ftp - this material is in the ~/skunkware hierarchy on
   (or for web browsers)

   Important note: the online site has many fixes, improvements,
   and new material.
2. SCO Skunkware 97 was distributed at SCO Forum 97 on Aug 20.

3. SCO Skunkware 97 CDROM is available from SCO's web ordering
   facility at  There is a nominal charge
   for the media.

4. SCO Skunkware 97 will also be distributed at selected SCO developer
   events, briefings, trade shows, etc.


SCO Skunkware 97 media .......... CD-ROM ... SA901-XX79-97  ... $9.95
In the Americas and Pac Rim, plus tax and shipping.

SCO Skunkware 97 media .......... CD-ROM ... SA901-XX79-97  ... #6.42
In European Union, Middle East, Africa, Asia, plus tax and shipping.


Please remember this cd-rom is NOT a supported SCO product
although some of the material is licensed only for use on SCO
systems.  Resale is not permitted.  It is permitted to give away
(for no charge) the CD.  It is also permitted to give away (for
no charge) copies of those materials on the CD which are licensed
under the GNU Public License (GPL) under the terms of that license.

Support and assistance for this software is not provided by SCO.
In some cases, individual authors have expressed willingness to
deal with bugs or other dialogue.  See the individual README
files on the CD-ROM.  Please note: All recipients of the
Skunkware distribution MUST observe the authors' conditions and
stipulations with respect to redistribution, modification, etc.

Thanks to the vast army of contributors in the technical
community, and blessed be the Internet for making it all
possible.  Thanks to many engineers at SCO, and especially to Ron
Record, Kean Johnston, Mike Hopkirk, and Steve Ginzburg who are
the head Skunkware sysmoms, and to Kathy Anzalone who is our
project manager.

As usual, your comments are welcome.  Send comments
to    Have fun!

Dion L. Johnson II
SCO Czar of Free Stuff
400 Encinal St. Santa Cruz, CA 95061                           
FAX: 408-427-5417  Voice: 408-427-7565


1. Not all of the packages are available for both SCO OpenServer
and SCO UnixWare systems.


SCO, The Santa Cruz Operation, SCO OpenServer, UnixWare, and
Skunkware are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Santa
Cruz Operation, Inc.  in the U.S.A.  and other countries.

UNIX(R) is a registered trademark of The Open Group  in the
US and other countries.  All other brand or product names are or
may be trademarks of, and are used to identify products or
services of, their respective owners.

The Santa  Cruz Operation, Inc. reserves the right to change or modify
any of the product specifications or features described herein without
notice. This  product summary  is for  information only.  SCO makes no
express or implied representations or warranties in this summary.

Copyright (c) 1997 The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.  All Rights Reserved

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