Summer 1998 USENIX, New Orleans

Last update: 3 July 1998

I've just got a digital camera (a Casio QV-5000 SX [ ] ) I bought it just before I went to New Orleans, and didn't see the pictures until a week later, so please excuse the quality of some of them. Enough people had their fun laughing at me on Friday evening, so I consider that I've paid already.

The following photos were all taken on Friday, the 19th June 1998. First, a couple of views of some geeks by a fountain in the middle of New Orleans. It's difficult to discern all the people, so I haven't mentioned names. If you can help, I'll update.

According to Guido van Rooij, the people are: Sharon ???, Branson (did the console server talk), David O'Brien, Poul-Henning Kamp, Ollivier Robert, Philippe Regnauld, Luigi Rizzo, Mike Smith, Monique van Rooij and Guido van Rooij.

I'll make an exception here: that's me on the extreme left of the photo above, the only one you'll see of me.

After the convention

After the convention we went up to a room at the top of the hotel and talked a bit. These photos were taken there:

Ollivier Robert, John Polstra, Poul-Henning Kamp, Jonathan Bresler, Jordan Hubbard, Mike Smith, Justin Gibbs, Guido van Rooij.

And if that wasn't a pretty enough photo, here they are again: Ollivier Robert, John Polstra, Poul-Henning Kamp, Jonathan Bresler, Jordan Hubbard, Mike Smith, Justin Gibbs, Guido van Rooij, with Luigi Rizzo on the extreme right.

From left to right: Jonathan Bresler, Philippe Regnault, Guido van Rooij, Luigi Rizzo.

David Greenman, Jordan Hubbard.

Poul-Henning Kamp, Justin Gibbs, Jonathan Bresler.

Mike Smith, John Polstra

Guido van Rooij, Luigi Rizzo.

Before dinner

At 18:30 we went down to the hotel lobby to gather a quorum for dinner, during which I took these photos.

Mark Murray, Mike Smith.

Ollivier Robert, Jordan Hubbard, Mark Murray.

Ollivier Robert, Jordan Hubbard, Mark Murray.


After that, a whole lot more of us joined together and we went out to dinner. The night before had been a rather unpleasant experience, with a total bill of over $2000 for what was generally accepted to not have been very good, so this time we went to TGIF's. I haven't commented the names here, because I don't know all of them, but for those of you who know Doug White, he's there--try to pick him out.

Particularly those of you who were there: please send me the names, and I'll add the captions.

File: tgif-1.jpeg

File: tgif-2.jpeg

File: tgif-3.jpeg

File: tgif-4.jpeg

File: tgif-5.jpeg

File: tgif-6.jpeg

File: tgif-7.jpeg

File: tgif-8.jpeg

I know this one, since I was sitting at the table: Jonathan Bresler, Poul-Henning Kamp, Jordan Hubbard and no me.

The walking computer

After dinner, we saw Steve Mann, who had described his wearable computer during the conference. See his Home page [ ] for more details. Here's a photo of him in cooked mode:

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