At the AUUG annual conference, Sydney

Last update: 24 July 1999

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Rolf and July Jester.

The beginning of the conference dinner. People ended up trying to network the balloons. We were never sure which represented what, but we built quite a network anyway.

Richard Stallman gives the blessing.

Peter Wemm trying to convince Stallman to adopt the Berkeley Licensing conditions. You'll notice (but not recognize) that Stallman is holding a FreeBSD CD-ROM set in his right hand. It obviously doesn't taste as good as the Australian wine in his left hand.

Luigi Cantoni and Liz Guthrie (at the time; she has since married, and she's called Liz Carrol now).

Mark White and Andrew McRae in Andrew's hotel room, where we kicked on after the dinner.

Peter Chubb, Lucy Chubb (with her back to the camera) and Luigi Cantoni. In the background on the left, Michael Padden.

Luigi Cantoni, Lucy and Peter Chubb.

Luigi Cantoni.

Mark White, Greg Rose.

Bruce Walker, Enno Davids, Greg Rose (barely). Nobody can recognize the person on the right.

Greg Rose

Peter Wemm

Michael Lightfoot.

Mark White, Andrew McRae, Peter Wemm

The morning after. Somebody had hidden my thongs, so I had to go back up and look for them. Andrew couldn't face accompanying me.

Thanks to Peter Chubb for identifying a number of the people.

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