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From: Brian Ziel <bri...@sco.COM>
Subject: SCO's Unixware nonstop clusters sets new performance and scalability 
Date: 1998/12/22
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	Brian Ziel
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Six-Node UnixWare Cluster Running on Compaq ProLiant 7000 Leaps Ahead in
SPEC95 Benchmark, Wins "Outstanding Product of the Year" 

SANTA CRUZ, CA (December 22, 1998) - Continuing its strategy of bringing
the power of UNIX technology and Intel economics to enterprise markets, SCO
(NASDAQ:SCOC) today announced its UnixWare NonStop(r) Clusters server
software produced a record-breaking score for performance and scalability
in the industry-standard SPECint_rate95 benchmark. This comes on the heels
of UnixWare NonStop Clusters being honored with Performance Computing
magazine's "Outstanding Product of the Year" award.

The 6-node, 24-CPU UnixWare cluster achieved a score of 3443, scorching
previous results from more expensive proprietary system vendors, such as
Sun, and setting a new standard for Intel systems. With an outstanding
single-node score of 594, the system also demonstrated an unmatched 96.5%
scalability from one to six nodes. 

"These results are the latest in a long line of proof points that UnixWare
based systems are ready for the enterprise," said Ray Anderson, senior vice
president of Marketing at SCO. "They demonstrate that Reliability and
Scalability, once the exclusive domain of RISC based UNIX servers, can now
be achieved with 32-bit UnixWare systems running on Intel processors."

This SPECcpu_int95 benchmark* ran on a cluster of six Compaq ProLiant 7000
servers, reaching record-breaking scores of 3443 for six nodes and 594 for
one node that obliterated previous scores established by Sun (24 CPUs -
2171, 1 CPU - 464).

"These record-breaking benchmarks reinforce Compaq's leadership in
delivering the most advanced high-volume servers on the market," said Mary
McDowell, vice president and general manager, Industry Standard Server
Division, Compaq Computer Corporation. "Compaq and SCO have combined to
develop UnixWare NonStop Clusters with the superior reliability that is
required in the most demanding enterprise environments. UnixWare NonStop
Clusters is an example of Compaq providing its customers with the highest
performance and most scalable Intel-based systems in the industry."

Compaq first introduced the NonStop Cluster Software technology to meet the
needs of its Telecommunications customers, on its Compaq ProLiant
server-based Integrity(r) XC platform in January 1998. Compaq's Tandem
Division continues to sell NonStop Clusters direct to the
telecommunications customers.

Outstanding Product of the Year
UnixWare NonStop Clusters was recently honored by Performance Computing
magazine with an "Outstanding Product of the Year" award. The magazine
cited system administration as a compelling aspect and strength of the
product. Because UnixWare NonStop Clusters is a Single System Image (SSI)
technology, administrators can configure and maintain the cluster as if it
were a single, hugely scalable computer. 

Anderson continued, "To see the industry identify this product as the best
of the year is an honor. The Performance Computing award validates both SCO
and Compaq's work in developing a truly compelling product."

About UnixWare NonStop Clusters
UnixWare NonStop Clusters technology is the first and only SSI cluster
solution available for volume enterprise servers. It provides both high
availability and exceptional system scalability. Each node of a cluster can
function independently of other nodes; or applications can take advantage
of load balancing, system and application fail-over and process migration
throughout the cluster. Applications can run unmodified in a cluster, or
powerful cluster-aware applications can be created. These could include
parallel databases, web servers and multi-tiered applications like On-line
Transaction Process (OLTP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

UnixWare NonStop Clusters is available today under SCO's Early Availability
Program. See for more

About the SPEC95 Benchmark
SPEC95 is an industry-standard software benchmark product produced by the
Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC), a non-profit group of
computer vendors, systems integrators, universities, research
organizations, publishers and consultants throughout the world. See for more information.

About SCO
SCO is the world's number one provider of UNIX server operating systems,
and the leading provider of network computing software that enables clients
of all kinds - including PCs, graphical terminals, and NCs - to have Webtop
access to business-critical applications running on servers of all kinds.
SCO designed Tarantella software, the world's first application broker for
network computing. SCO sells and supports its products through a worldwide
network of distributors, resellers, systems integrators, and OEMs. For more
information, see SCO's WWW home page at:
SCO, The Santa Cruz Operation, the SCO logo, Tarantella, and UnixWare are
trademarks or registered trademarks of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. in
the USA and other countries. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open
Group in the US and other countries. NonStop is a registered trademark of
Compaq Computer Corporation. All other brand or product names are or may be
trademarks of, and are used to identify products or services of, their
respective owners. 

* The system benchmarked included six Compaq ProLiant 7000, each with four
400 MHz Pentium II processors and 1 Gbyte of RAM, running UnixWare 2.1
NonStop Clusters software.

Brian Ziel
Senior PR Manager
Tel: 831-427-7252
Fax: 831-427-5418

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