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From: Jan Tarzia <j...@sco.COM>
Subject: Linux, Open Source Movements Shift Spotlight Back to UNIX...
Date: 1999/03/03
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Here's another announcement that you shouldn't miss...Jan


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SCO Adds Linux Application Binary Support To Award-Winning UnixWare System

SANTA CRUZ, CA (March 1st, 1999) - SCO, the world's leading provider of
UNIX systems, today affirmed its long-standing support for the Linux and
Open Source movements by adding Linux application binary support to its
award-winning UnixWare 7 platform. As a sponsor of Linux International, SCO
supports the Linux and Open Source movements. These movements accelerate
the shift to network computing and help customers avoid being pulled into a
single-vendor "hijack" of their business computing software.

At the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Jose, California, SCO gave a
number of demonstrations, including:

* Running popular Linux applications on the UnixWare 7 system 
* Accessing Linux and UNIX applications via the UnixWare 7 Webtop
* Running Open Source software on the UnixWare 7 system

As well as demonstrating the capabilities of UnixWare 7 to delegates
looking for new and exciting ways to help their businesses, SCO signed up
recruits to the recently expanded SCO Developer Program. SCO also gave away
free UnixWare 7 licenses and media to developers and individuals. The
feature to support Linux application binaries will begin shipping with
UnixWare 7 products later this month.

Linux and Open Source Movements Shift Spotlight Back to UNIX Platform
Ray Anderson, SCO senior vice president, marketing, said: "The media's new
focus on Linux and the Open Source movement is shifting the spotlight back
to the UNIX platform, long the primary source of innovation and open
standards for the computing industry. The Internet, the Worldwide Web,
TCP/IP protocols, encryption, clustering -- these are just a few of the
amazing innovations built on UNIX systems. It looks as if business leaders
and the media have now awakened to realistic alternatives to the rush
towards a suicidal, single-vendor lock-in."

"A year ago, when many people still believed in the invincibility of
Microsoft, it was hard to get mind-share. Now, an awful lot has changed. A
port to Linux is a port to UNIX," he continued. "And since UnixWare is the
fastest growing UNIX, this is a great help to SCO and to our commercial
customers. There has been a "sea-change" in attitude among ISV's and
business partners. We have already seen a big expansion in the membership
of our developer programs, and many of our partners are also seeing a
significant upswing in business."

SCO Open License Software Supplement (OLSS) and the Open Source Movement
An "Open Source" approach helps reduce the cost of software R&D by taking
advantage of broader peer review. In addition to the widespread
availability of SCO UNIX Source Code through commercial and academic
licensing, SCO has been promoting and contributing to open-source software
for many years under the OLSS program, formerly known as SCO Skunkware
( .) OLSS includes more than 200 free software
tools, applications, and multimedia packages. SCO also offers free licenses
for UnixWare 7 and SCO OpenServer UNIX systems for non-commercial use."

Linux - A Welcome Alternative to Windows Desktops
Linux is a welcome alternative to Microsoft Windows on the desktop and
encourages a UNIX development methodology. This leads to broader
availability of UNIX applications and more customer choice. Linux is
gaining acceptance as a desktop system, development platform, and
small-scale web server, but SCO believes most business customers will
continue to choose SCO OpenServer Release 5 and UnixWare 7 as their volume
commercial server platforms. 

SCO - The Leading Provider of Commercial UNIX Servers
UNIX server software from SCO is sold, endorsed or supported by major
hardware vendors, including IBM, Compaq, Sequent, Unisys, ICL, Hewlett
Packard, and Siemens, and by software vendors including Oracle, IBM,
Computer Associates, Informix, Baan, Progress, and many others. SCO, IBM,
Intel, and Sequent are actively working on "Project Monterey," to
aggressively accelerate worldwide growth of Intel processor-based UNIX
servers for the enterprise, which will also benefit small and medium
businesses. Project Monterey will deliver a single UNIX product line for
current and future Intel IA-32 and IA-64 systems that will scale seamlessly
from entry-level servers to very large enterprise environments. 

UnixWare 7 and Linux Deliver a Powerful 1-2 Punch
"Linux is a great option for desktops, development, and for ad-hoc server
applications where longevity is not important," said John Bondi, vice
president of Server Product Marketing for SCO. "UnixWare 7 is a better
solution for commercial use. It is targeted primarily at the
business-critical application server market."

Linux is typically used by customers with technical skills, such as
students, enthusiasts, and Internet service providers who understand how to
leverage the customization features of Linux and Open Source software. They
are also more adept at handling complex and unforeseen technical support,
and maintaining the platform given the ebb and flow of the Linux code base.

UnixWare 7 provides extremely high stability, reliability, availability,
and services, and will now execute IA-32 Linux binaries products. The
latest SCO release, UnixWare 7 Release 7.1, features the industry's first
integrated Webtop, which takes full advantage of browser-based Internet
technologies to reduce the cost and complexity of business computing. See

About SCO
SCO is the world's number one provider of UNIX operating systems, and the
leading provider of network computing software that enables clients of all
kinds--including, PCs, graphical terminals, and NCs - to have Webtop access
to business-critical applications running on servers of all kinds. SCO
designed Tarantella software, the world's first application broker for
network computing. SCO sells and supports its products through a worldwide
network of distributors, resellers, systems integrators, and OEMs. For more
information, see SCO's WWW home page at:
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SCO, The Santa Cruz Operation, the SCO logo, SCO OpenServer, Tarantella,
and UnixWare are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Santa Cruz
Operation, Inc. in the USA and other countries. UNIX is a registered
trademark of The Open Group in the US and other countries. All other brand
or product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used to identify
products or services of, their respective owners.
Jan Tarzia
Manager, Product PR
SCO Public Relations
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March 7, 2003 - The SCO Group filed legal action against IBM in the State 
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unfair competition and breach of contract. The complaint alleges that IBM 
made concentrated efforts to improperly destroy the economic value of 
UNIX, particularly UNIX on Intel, to benefit IBM's Linux services 
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