Project Monterey Overview

Project Monterey is a major UNIX operating system initiative which includes such major industry participants as IBM, SCO, Intel and Sequent. The initiative will create a volume platform that will expand business opportunities for ISVs and OEMs.

As part of this initiative, a UNIX operating system will be developed for Intel's IA-64 using IBM's AIX operating system's enterprise capabilities complemented with technology from SCO's UnixWare and Sequent's DYNIX/ptx operating systems. IBM will also transfer AIX technology to SCO's UnixWare and promote the offering in the UNIX on IA-32 market. The result will be a single UNIX operating system product line that runs on IA-32, IA-64 and Power microprocessors, in computers that range from entry-level to large enterprise servers.

Project Monterey Goals

The Project Monterey team has established common goals:

Deliver the volume, enterprise UNIX through...

Project Monterey Strategy

This graphic depicts the integrated Project Monterey strategy for creating a volume, enterprise UNIX System for Intel IA-32, IA-64, and Power architectures.

Project Monterey Benefits

We expect Project Monterey to deliver the volume enterprise UNIX platform and provide these benefits:

Common Features/Technologies

Here's how the Project Monterey product line provides a common development and deployment model for our partners and customers:

Core UNIX APIs - UNIX 98 branded APIs, UNIX Developer's Guide, XPG4 Internationalization APIs

Common Subsystems - Directory-enabled OS functionality, PC interoperability, NIS gateway, LDAP server, Java technologies, SVR4 print system

Common Enabling Technologies - Tuned SMP scaling exploitation, public key encryption, NUMA APIs and functionality, UDI device driver model, dynamically loadable kernel extension model.

System Management - Web-based system manager framework and managers, common application installation/update, serviceability/diagnostic aids

Middleware, Database Applications - IBM middleware, application development tools

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