Unix - Ultrix - OSF/1

1982-01-11   VMS versus Unix - See document
1982-01-20   DECnet/Unix Survey  - See document
1982-09-26   A reprogramming at Digital  [PDF]

1984-01-17   Digital to offer Unix system  More
1984-08-xx   Benchmarking Unix Systems - See document  [PDF]  More  More  More  More
1984-09-06   Unix System Administration Seminar

1985-05-15   Experience with MicroVAX II - See document
1985-08-xx   4.2BSD window system - See document
1985-11-30   Measuring and Improving the Performance of Berkeley Unix - See document  [PDF]
1985-12-13   Dhrystone Results - See document

1986-02-01   Problems implementing window systems in 4.2BSD - See document  [PDF]
1986-02-06   Ultrix future  More  More  More  More
1986-02-19   Dhrystone Benchmark Results - See document  More  More  More  More

1987-07-20   Just How High can Digital Equipment Climb?
1987-10-06   Letter from DEC  More
1987-10-29   MIPS Performance Brief - See document

1988-02-29   Help us defend against VMS - See document
1988-04-05   The Big Squeeze Facing Digital  More
1988-05-25   Vax 11/780 performance vs Sun 4/280 performance - See document
1988-08-23   Digital unveils upgraded Ultrix operating system  More
1988-08-28   Why Digital has lost half its value  More  More
1988-10-26   MIPS Performance Brief 3.5 - See document
1988-10-28   Digital waves off 'what's wrong' talk  More

1989-03-01   Digital offers RISC-based Unix computer systems
1989-07-18   Looking for benchmarks
1989-08-14   DEC has one word for 30,000 employees: Sell  More

1990-04-03   Digital announces Ultrix release  More
1990-04-09   Digital's Ultrix products to be based on OSF/1
1990-04-09   DEC is changing with the times, a little late
1990-06-14   License restriction
1990-06-18   CDROM support
1990-08-26   Motif
1990-10-23   Digital will stick with VAX, but Unix is in

1991-06-15   7,200 at Digital face new layoffs

1992-01-22   DEC OSF/1 Operating System
1992-02-25   Digital announces Alpha Open Computing Architecture, microprocessor
1992-05-04   Crunch Time at DEC  More
1992-07-19   Kenneth H. Olsen announced retirement
1992-11-10   Digital introduces Alpha AXP computing
1992-12-31   Ultrix FAQs

1993-01-18   DEC's Comeback is Still a Work in Progress
1993-02-23   DECUS US Chapter National LUG Organization reorganizes - See document
1993-03-17   Digital delivers unified Unix O/S, DEC OSF/1 for Alpha AXP
1993-07-19   PC usage patterns with UNIX systems - See document
1993-12-05   US DECUS Chapter restructuring - See document  More  More  More  More  More  More

1994-02-08   Digital announces new DEC OSF/1 offerings  More
1994-03-09   The "new" DECUS - See document  More  More
1994-04-12   Linus Torvalds to speak at New Orleans DECUS Symposium - See document
1994-04-21   DECUS '94/New Orleans to Feature Leading Speakers - See document
1994-05-27   Proposal for Unix Developer's Conference at Anaheim DECUS - See document
1994-08-10   DEC OSF/1 Symmetric Multi-Processing  [PDF]
1994-08-23   The passing of ucbvax - See document
1994-09-12   Linux/AXP Progress Report - See document
1994-10-21   DECUS Unix Developer's Conference - See document

1995-01-03   Linus Torvalds to speak at Spring 1995 US DECUS Symposium - See document
1995-03-02   DECUS '95/Washington, D.C.: A Special Technology Track on Linux - See document  More
1995-03-14   Digital to rename DEC OSF/1 Operating System "Digital Unix"
1995-07-03   Time for a 64-bit Linux - See document
1995-09-18   Promote the use of Linux - See document
1995-09-28   Shared libraries - See document
1995-10-xx   Linux on Alpha: A Strategic Choice - See document
1995-10-23   Original port of Linux to Alpha - See document

1996-03-06   Alpha ELF, any news? - See document
1996-03-18   No asm/smp.h, no compile - See document
1996-06-xx   Linux for the Commercial Market - See document  More
1996-09-06   Does axp-Linux run OSF executables? - See document
1996-09-19   Unix and Linux on TV - See document

1997-05-xx   Linux Expo - See document
1997-05-03   Maddog's talk in Dallas - See document
1997-05-05   Digital and its support of Linux - See document
1997-12-04   Freely Distributable Software - See document
1997-11-14   Linux International Who's Who - See document
1997-11-20   Digital Unix binaries on Linux - See document

1998-01-26   Compaq to acquire Digital for $9.6 Billion  More
1998-01-26   Compaq's purchase of Digital: Let the dust settle - See document
1998-06-30   Official Linux support from Digital - See document
1998-07-13   Digital Unix licensing ramifications - See document
1998-07-16   Red Hat Contrib|Net - See document
1998-07-17   Future of RISCs - See document
1998-08-13   Digital Unix libraries, SCO - See document
1998-10-13   Compaq's support of Linux - See document

1999-03-30   GNHLUG meeting - See document
1999-05-14   Beowulf systems - See document
1999-06-xx   Legitimizing Linux - See document
1999-07-09   Jon "maddog" Hall talks about Linux - See document  [WMA]  More  [PDF]
1999-08-xx   maddog leaves Compaq - See document
1999-10-01   IBM's secret Linux summit - See document

2000-01-xx   Linux Installation Guide on Alpha Systems - See document  More  More  [PDFs]
2000-01-26   Linuxcare To Provide Support to Compaq Solution Partners Worldwide - See document
2000-08-02   Compaq, Linuxcare Boost Linux Installation On Alpha Servers - See document
2000-12-15   Linux trademark - See document

2001-02-01   Open Source and Free Software - See document  [YouTube]

2003-06-27   maddog to SCO "ID your code if you don't want..." - See document  More  [PDF]  More
2003-12-03   Extreme Linux - See document

2004-01-18   linux.conf.au report - See document  More  More  Photos  Photos

2006-09-14   Jon 'Maddog' Hall - very damning for SCOX - See document

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