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USL v BSDI / UCB - Advocacy

1988-01-xx   Inventing The Wheel Only Once - See document  [PDF]  More

1991-02-22   AT&T Claims patent on MIT's X11 server - See document  More 
1991-07-xx   AT&T Threatens Users of X Windows - See document
1991-09-26   X Consortium Announcement about AT&T Patent - See document
1991-11-18   Rob Pike gives talk at MIT and is picketed by programmers - See document

1992-01-03   BSD Networking Release 2 tape - See document  More
1992-01-08   386's Unix kernel source - See document
1992-03-11   386BSD announcement - See document  More
1992-03-12   vi in Net-2 - See document
1992-04-15   Missing includes - See document
1992-06-10   Non 386BSD group - See document
1992-06-12   CSRG disbanding as of 4.4BSD - See document  More  More  More  More  More
1992-07-20   AT&T sues BSDI  More  More  More
1992-07-21   4.3BSD-NET2 distribution requires AT&T license - See document
1992-07-28   Did AT&T backstab BSDI?  More
1992-08-01   UNIGRAM's article on the USL-BSDI suit
1992-08-03   USL Lawsuit Targets UC At Berkeley, BSDI
1992-08-03   What happened with AT&T's copyright clearing procedure
1992-08-06   Unix Labs' Berkeley Software Design Suit Finds Berkeley in Disarray  More
1992-08-31   Educational Unix licenses, derived works, and employability
1992-09-04   USL/BSDI lawsuit -- responses
1992-10-21   BSD Net/2 Distribution by UCB/CSRG Suspended - See document
1992-11-28   4.4BSD update and status - See document
1992-12-06   Update on the USL Lawsuit

1993-01-15   UC Berkeley Embroiled in Software Lawsuit  [PDF]
1993-01-15   BSDI/USL Lawsuit  More
1993-01-22   UC Berkeley Embroiled in Computer Software Lawsuit  More
1993-03-03   New USL v. BSDI papers on uunet

1994-02-06   UCB/USL lawsuit settled  More






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