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Date: Wed Jan 20 07:49:01 1982
Subject: DECnet/Unix Survey

>From decvax!shannon@Berkeley Wed Jan 20 07:47:47 1982

The DEC Unix Engineering Group is considering doing some work
to provide some DECnet capability for Unix.  To make sure that
we do something useful (if we do anything!), we'd like to get
some feedback as to what people would like.  A survey form is
included, please return directly to me with your comments. 
Any general interest messages can be sent directly to the net.

					Bill Shannon
					(603) 884-5044


			DECnet/Unix Survey

1.  Do you require a supported product?  Must it be supported by DEC?

2.  How much would you be willing to pay for both supported and unsupported?

3.  What version(s) of Unix should it run on?  Is VMUNIX enough?  V7?  S3?

4.  Would you be willing to buy hardware (e.g., a front end), to support DECnet?

5.  Do you need to talk to all DEC systems, or would VMS be enough?

6.  Is Phase III end-node capability enough, or do you require routing?

7.  What hardware support do you require?  Is DMC/DMR enough?

8.  Is X.25 support required?

9.  Which of the following capabilities do you require: file transfer, mail,
    virtual terminals, transparent remote file access?

10. Should it be integrated with any other Unix networking capability, e.g.,
    Arpanet, uucp, Berknet, or should it be entirely separate?

11. Anything else you would like to say?

Please return to decvax!shannon.