Computer System News

The Cutler Did It

Eric Nee

October 24, 1988

That man roaming Silicon Valley scouting for a RISC microprocessor is none other than David Cutler, now in voluntary exile from Digital Equipment Corp. He resigned in the wake of DEC's decision to abandon its internal RISC project. Cutler has been scouting the industry in preparation for putting together his own Seattle area start-up. Formerly senior corporate engineer in charge of DEC's Prism RISC project, Cutler said he wants to start his own parallel processing, multiuser systems company. Ironically, Cutler has visited Mips Computer Systems Inc., which DEC chose over Cutler's Prism project, in his search for a microprocessor. Cutler has also held talks with a number of venture capitalists but says he has yet to secure any funding.

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