Windows - To Be Edited

1983-07-xx   Mouse for IBM PC
1983-09-xx   Microsoft Mouse ad  [PDF]
1983-11-11   Microsoft Unveils 'Windows' Software
1983-11-21   Microsoft does Windows  More  [PDFs]

1984-11-xx   Tandy 2000 and MS-Windows ad  [PDF]
1984-12-xx   Microsoft delays Windows to mid-1985  More

1985-11-22   Text of Apple-Microsoft Agreement
1985-12-17   Microsoft Windows ad  [PDF]

1986-01-xx   MS-Windows ad  [PDF]
1986-10-23   PageMager for Microsoft Windows  [YouTube]

1987-06-xx   The Microsoft Windows Ideal and Evolution  More  More  More  More  [YouTube]

1988-08-16   Microsoft Windows 386  [YouTube]
1988-09-26   DEC's David Cutler resigned - See document  More
1988-11-28   David Cutler has joined Microsoft to lead advanced OS software  More

1989-03-14   Microsoft Excel for Windows  [YouTube]
1989-12-15   Microsoft Systems Design Review  [PDF]

1990-06-xx   Windows 3.0 carries DOS into the 1990s
1990-09-28   Windows Tips Software Firms' Power Balance
1990-10-01   Microsoft OEM Briefing: Windows of Opportunity - See document  [PDF]
1990-10-04   Microsoft Windows 3.0  [YouTube]
1990-12-30   Microsoft's William Gates Talks About the Age of `Fingertip Information'

1991-01-01   An Open Letter to Bill Gates  More
1991-04-01   The Final Days - See document
1991-05-06   David Cutler: Orchestrating Microsoft's Forthcoming Operating System
1991-05-16   Bill Gates Memo - "...our strategy for the 90's is Windows..."  More  [PDF]
1991-05-20   Customer, industry support in making Windows 3.0 "phenomenon" in first year
1991-08-09   Microsoft Windows application developers to convene in Seattle
1991-08-xx   The Windows 32-Bit API - See document  More  [PDFs]  More 
1991-09-01   Bill Gates to MIS: Windows the answer  More
1991-10-01   Microsoft demonstrates Windows NT on MIPS R4000 RISC System
1991-10-10   Windows 3.1 backgrounder  More
1991-11-03   Windows NT shown at Comdex

1992-01-16   Microsoft Windows Hardware Engineering Conference
1992-01-24   Microsoft set to launch television advertising campaign for Windows  More  More
1992-02-21   Microsoft Windows Resource Kit - See document
1992-02-27   Windows NT
1992-05-26   Windows NT - Computer Feud Enters a New Phase
1992-07-06   Early version of Windows NT introduced at Developers Conference
1992-07-12   Mr. Cutler's Gift to PC Users
1992-09-01   Microsoft Statement on the Issue of Undocumented APIs  More
1992-09-30   Chicago Feature Specification 1.0 - See document  [PDF]
1992-11-xx   Excerpt from 'Inside Windows NT' by Helen Custer. David N. Cutler

1993-02-xx   Microsoft OEM Briefing: Windows Into The Future - See document  [PDF]
1993-02-03   Windows Hardware Engineering Conference
1993-03-08   Microsoft Windows Cairo Product Planning - See document  [PDF]
1993-05-26   Agony and Ecstasy Of 200 Code Writers Beget Windows NT
1993-09-21   The Plug and Play Framework: Advancing the PC Architecture - See document [PDF]
1993-09-27   Novell vs. Microsoft: What's Behind the Hate - See document
1993-11-15   Microsoft Windows NT  More  [YouTube]

1994-01-06   Windows Hardware Engineering Conference
1994-03-11   Overview of Windows "Chicago" - See document  More  More  [PDFs]
1994-03-18   Microsoft System Management: Windows "Chicago" - See document [PDF]
1994-05-17   Microsoft Networking: Windows "Chicago" - See document [PDF]
1994-06-01   Microsoft Windows "Chicago" Reviewer's Guide - See document [PDF]
1994-06-29   Microsoft Windows and the Plug and Play Framework Architecture - See document [PDF]
1994-07-xx   The Bill Gates Interview
1994-09-19   Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit - See document [PDF]
1994-09-27   Interview with Mr. William "Bill" Gates
1994-09-29   Understanding Multimedia - See document  More [PDFs]
1994-10-06   Microsoft Windows 95 System Management Architecture - See document [PDF]
1994-10-08   Overview of Microsoft Windows 95 - See document [PDF]
1994-11-xx   Microsoft Windows 95 Beta  [YouTube]
1994-11-09   Microsoft Windows 95 Summary of New Features in Beta-2 - See document [PDF]

1995-01-18   Microsoft Windows NT Server Developers Conference - See document [PDF]  More [PPT]
1995-02-11   Windows-family Integration with Unix Systems - See document [PDF]
1995-03-31   Microsoft Windows 95 Reviewer’s Guide - See document
1995-06-02   Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51 Reviewer's Guide - See document [PDF]
1995-06-23   Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.51 Reviewer's Guide - See document [PDF]
1995-07-10   Microsoft Windows 95 for Information System Professionals - See document [PDF]
1995-07-26   Design Goals for Windows 95 Mobile Computing - See document [PDF]
1995-08-15   Windows NT Workstation in Engineering and Science - See document [PDF]
1995-08-16   Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51 A Multi-Purpose Server - See document [PDF]
1995-09-07   Microsoft Windows NT from a Unix Point of View - See document [PDF]
1995-09-19   Microsoft Windows 95  More  [YouTube]
1995-09-28   Microsoft's Internet Strategy - See video  [YouTube]
1995-11-xx   What happens when designers get a chance to build a second OS?
1995-11-08   Microsoft Windows NT Server Cluster Strategy - See document [PDF]

1996-02-08   Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems Product Line Overview - See document [PDF]
1996-05-xx   Unix vs Windows NT - See document  More
1996-07-01   Universal Serial Bus (USB) Firmware Specification - See document [PDF]
1996-12-11   Microsoft and SGS-Thomson to Deliver Hardware DVD Support - See document  More

1997-01-06   Microsoft Outlines DVD Support - See document
1997-03-24   Microsoft Windows NT Server and Compaq ProLiant/ProSignia Servers - See document [PDF]
1997-07-11   PC 97 Hardware Design Guide - See document
1997-08-11   Windows NT Scalability - See document  More [PDF]
1997-09-05   PC 98 System Design Guide - See document
1997-09-08   Microsoft Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition - See document [PDF]

1998-10-11   Microsoft Windows 98  [YouTube]
1998-12-xx   Windows NT and VMS: The Rest of the Story

1999-01-03   Breaking Windows  [YouTube]
1999-02-02   Scalability in Microsoft Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition - See document [PDF]
1999-03-26   United States v. Microsoft  [YouTube]  More
1999-06-02   Open Letter on Antitrust Protectionism
1999-07-14   PC 99 System Design Guide - See document
1999-11-xx   Microsoft Windows 2000 System Performance Comparison - See document [PDF]

2000-01-xx   Sun Solaris 8 and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Technologies - See document [PDF]
2000-01-xx   Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Reliability - See document [PDF]
2000-03-xx   Sun Solaris 7, Windows NT Server 4.0, and Windows 2000 Server - See document [PDF]
2000-03-06   The Architects: First, Get the Spec Right
2000-06-27   Statement of the Oracle Corporation
2000-06-28   The Independent Institute on Oracle's Sponsorship of Smear Campaign  More
2000-06-28   Microsoft Issues Statement on Oracle Admission  More
2000-11-02   PC 2001 System Design Guide - See document

2001-05-xx   Microsoft Services for Unix Performance Testing - See document [PDF]
2001-08-xx   Windows XP User Experience - See document [PDF]
2001-08-xx   Windows XP Performance Study - See document [PDF]
2001-08-xx   Windows Advanced Server Limited Edition Overview - See document [PDF]
2001-09-xx   64 bit Editions of Windows Evaluation Guide - See document [PDF]
2001-10-xx   Windows XP Reliability Study - See document [PDF]

2003-04-xx   Windows Server 2003 v Linux Competitive Server - See document  More  More  More [PDFs]
2003-10-xx   Windows Small Business Server 2003 v Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 2.1 - See document [PDF]

2004-06-xx   Window Server 2003 Standard Edition v Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3.0 - See document [PDF]

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