Microsoft demonstrates Windows NT on MIPS R4000 RISC System

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October 1, 1991

SAN FRANCISCO -- At the announcement of the MIPSR R4000TM RISC processor Tuesday, Microsoft executives provided a technology demonstration of the MicrosoftR Windows NTTM operating system on a MIPS R4000-based system.

Today's demonstration was the first public viewing of the Windows NT operating system on a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) system.

Both the MIPS R4000 RISC processor and the Microsoft Windows NT operating system under development are supported by the Advanced Computing Environment (ACE) initiative, which includes companies such as Compaq, Digital Equipment Corp., MIPS, Microsoft, The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) and more than 200 other companies. Microsoft has committed to offering Windows NT on both platforms supported by the ACE initiative: R3000R/4000 systems based on the MIPS ARC specification and IntelR 386TM/486TM architecture-based systems.

``The R4000 offers exceptional performance, and its high degree of integration makes possible attractively priced desktop systems,'' said Paul Maritz, vice president of advanced operating systems for Microsoft. ``Through the ACE initiative, customers will have a choice of multiple vendors offering hardware that runs the same software. In addition, customers' investments in Windows software are protected, because Windows NT supports standard WindowsTM and DOS* applications and future 32-bit Windows applications, on both 386/486 systems and MIPS RISC systems.''

Windows NT is a new, advanced version of the Microsoft Windows operating system that is designed for higher-end machines. Windows NT provides full Windows application compatibility in a robust, complete operating system. This future product complements today's combination of Windows and the MS-DOSR operating system; Microsoft expects these systems to coexist and reinforce each other. In addition, Windows NT is a fully protected 32-bit system that will include advanced features such as: preemptive multitasking, certified security, integrated networking, support for symmetric multiprocessing and support for high-performance and high-capacity I/O.

An early prerelease version of Microsoft Windows NT is being tested currently by a small group of software developers. As functionality is added to the prerelease version, Windows NT will be made available to additional developers in stages. Full beta testing will begin in the first half of 1992, with finished software scheduled to be available in the same year.

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