Microsoft Windows Resource Kit

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Part 1 Installation and Setup

Chapter 1 Windows 3.1 Installation  [PDF]
Chapter 2 The Windows Setup Information Files  [PDF]
Chapter 3 The Windows Files  [PDF]
Chapter 4 The Windows Initialization Files  [PDF]

Part 2 Configuring Windows 3.1

Chapter 5 Windows 3.1 and Memory Management  [PDF]
Chapter 6 Tips for Configuring Windows 3.1  [PDF]

Part 3 Non-Windows–Based Applications

Chapter 7 Setting Up Non-Windows Applications  [PDF]
Chapter 8 PIFs and PIF Editor  [PDF]

Part 4 Using Windows 3.1

Chapter 9 Fonts  [PDF]
Chapter 10 Printing  [PDF]
Chapter 11 Compound Documents in Windows 3.1  [PDF]

Part 5 Networks and Windows 3.1

Chapter 12 Networks and Windows 3.1  [PDF]

Part 6 Troubleshooting Windows 3.1

Chapter 13 Troubleshooting Windows 3.1  [PDF]
Chapter 14 The Windows Resource Kit Disk  [PDF]

Part 7 References, Resources, and Appendixes

Glossary  [PDF]
Appendix A Windows Resource Directory  [PDF]
Appendix B Hardware Compatibility List  [PDF]
Appendix C Windows 3.1 Disks and Files  [PDF]
Appendix D Articles  [PDF]
Index  [PDF]
Feedback  [PDF]

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