Dear President Clinton:

Antitrust is supposed to be about protecting consumers against higher
prices and other consequences of monopoly power.  Accordingly, the Justice
Department's Antitrust Division, the Federal Trade Commission, and state
attorneys general are vested with authority to defend competition and
protect the well-being of consumers.

The current spate of heightened antitrust activism seems to suggest that
anti-competitive business practices abound.  Headline-grabbing cases
against Microsoft, Intel, Cisco Systems, Visa and MasterCard, along with a
flurry of merger investigations now under way, would appear to demonstrate
the need for a vigorously enforced antitrust policy that will create checks
and balances to eliminate consumer harm.

However, consumers did not ask for these antitrust actions -- rival business
firms did.  Consumers of high technology have enjoyed falling prices,
expanding outputs, and a breathtaking array of new products and
innovations.  High technology markets are among the most dynamic and
competitive in the world, and it is a tribute to open markets and
entrepreneurial genius that American firms lead in so many of these
industries.  But, these same developments place heavy pressures on rival
businesses, which must keep pace or lose their competitive races.  Rivals
can legitimately respond by improving their own products or by lowering
prices.  Increasingly, however, some firms have sought to handicap their
rivals' races by turning to government for protection.

Where antitrust authorities respond to these protectionist demands, the
workings of markets are short-circuited.  Antitrust protectionism means
that market decisions about how to compete for consumers' favor are
displaced by bureaucratic and political decisions.  More of the energies of
firms are directed to politics, less to production and innovation. 
Successful innovators are penalized, scale economies are lost, and
competition is thwarted, not enhanced.  Instead of preventing prices from
rising, antitrust protectionism keeps prices from falling.

Many of these cases are based on speculation about some vaguely specified
consumer harm in some unspecified future, and many of the proposed
interventions will weaken successful U.S. firms and impede their
competitiveness abroad.  The cost-benefit test for antitrust has not been
met.  We urge antitrust authorities to abandon antitrust protectionism and
refrain from such speculative enterprises when actual consumer harm cannot
be shown.

Donald L. Alexander      Western Michigan University
William R. Allen         University of California, Los Angeles
Lee J. Alston            University of Illinois
Ryan C. Amacher          University of Texas, Arlington
Gary M. Anderson         California State University, Northridge
William L. Anderson      North Grenville College
D. T. Armentano          University of Hartford
George B. N. Ayittey     American University
Howard Baetjer, Jr.      George Mason University
Charles W. Baird         California State University, Hayward
Ray Ball                 University of Rochester
King Banaian             St. Cloud State University
William Barnett, II      Loyola University
L. Dwayne Barney         Boise State University
Daniel K. Benjamin       Clemson University
James T. Bennett         George Mason University
Bruce L. Benson          Florida State University
David E. Bernstein       George Mason University
Michael L. Bognanno      Temple University
Cecil E. Bohanon         Ball State University
Ben W. Bolch             Rhodes College
Thomas E. Borcherding    Claremont Graduate University
Samuel Bostaph           University of Dallas
Donald J. Boudreaux      Foundation for Economic Education
Charles H. Breeden       Marquette University
Andrzej Brzeski          University of California, Davis
Richard C. K. Burdekin   Claremont McKenna College
Henry N. Butler          University of Kansas
Colin D. Campbell        Dartmouth College
Noel D. Campbell         North Georgia College & State University
Thomas F. Cargill        University of Nevada
Phillip P. Caruso        Western Michigan University
Ronald A. Cass           Boston University
Jeffrey R. Clark         University of Tennessee
William M. Clark         University of Oklahoma
Carl P. Close            The Independent Institute
R. Morris Coats          Nicholls State University
John Cochran             Metropolitan State College
Lloyd R. Cohen           George Mason University
Roy E. Cordato           Campbell University
Jim F. Couch             University of North Alabama
K. Chris Cox             Nicholls State University
Eleanor D. Craig         University of Delaware
Robert G. Crawford       Brigham Young University
Jerry W. Dauterive       Loyola University
David G. Davies          Duke University
Louis De Alessi          University of Miami
Arthur S. De Vany        University of California, Irvine
Michael E. DeBow         Samford University
Henry G. Demmert         Santa Clara University
Matthew S. DePoint       St. Cloud State University
Arthur M. Diamond, Jr.   University of Nebraska
Thomas J. DiLorenzo      Loyola College in Maryland
William R. Dougan        Clemson University
William M. Doyle, Jr.    University of Dallas
Michael Eames            Santa Clara University
Robert B. Ekelund, Jr.   Auburn University
Jerome R. Ellig          George Mason University
Edward W. Erickson       North Carolina State University
Paul Evans               Ohio State University
William P. Field, Jr.    Nicholls State University
Darren Filson            Claremont Graduate University
William A. Fischel       Dartmouth College
Arthur A. Fleisher, III  Metropolitan State College
Fred E. Foldvary         Santa Clara University
Robert L. Formaini       University of Texas, Dallas
William J. Frazer        University of Florida
Lowell E. Gallaway       Ohio University
Gary M. Galles           Pepperdine University
Roger W. Garrison        Auburn University
David E. R. Gay          University of Arkansas
R. Richard Geddes        Fordham University
William D. Gerdes        North Dakota State University
Joseph A. Giacalone      St. John's University
Adam Gifford, Jr.        California State University, Northridge
Thomas W. Gilligan       University of Southern California
Micha Gisser             University of New Mexico
Rodolfo A. Gonzalez      San Jose State University
Peter Gordon             University of Southern California
Richard L. Gordon        Pennsylvania State University
Gerald A. Gunderson      Trinity College
David D. Haddock         Northwestern University
Simon Hakim              Temple University
J. Daniel Hammond        Wake Forest University
Steve H. Hanke           Johns Hopkins University
Ronald W. Hansen         Univerity of Rochester
Scott E. Harrington      University of South Carolina
C. Lowell Harriss        Columbia University
Robert F. Hebert         Auburn University
Frank L. Hefner          College of Charleston
Robert H. Heidt          Indiana University
David R. Henderson       Hoover Institution
Robert S. Herren         North Dakota State University
Robert Higgs             The Independent Institute
Peter J. Hill            Wheaton College
George W. Hilton         University of California, Los Angeles
Randall G. Holcombe      Florida State University
John B. Horowitz         Ball State University
Ronald A. Howard         Stanford University
Laurence R. Iannaccone   Santa Clara University
Gail A. Jensen           Wayne State University
Dennis A. Johnson        University of South Dakota
Ronald N. Johnson        Montana State University
Benjamin Klein           University of California, Los Angeles
Daniel B. Klein          Santa Clara University
Alan E. Koczela          George Mason University
Robert Krol              California State University, Northridge
Lawrence A. Kudlow       American Skandia Life Assurance Corp.
Timur Kuran              University of Southern California
David N. Laband          Auburn University
Deepak K. Lal            University of California, Los Angeles
Steven E. Landsburg      University of Rochester
Don C. Lavoie            George Mason University
Robert A. Lawson         Capital University
Dwight R. Lee            University of Georgia
Gary D. Libecap          University of Arizona
Wesley J. Liebeler       University of California, Los Angeles
Stan J. Liebowitz        University of Texas, Dallas
Anthony K. Lima          California State University, Hayward
Jody Lipford             Presbyterian College
Dennis E. Logue          Dartmouth College
Edward J. Lopez          University of North Texas
John R. Lott, Jr.        University of Chicago
William R. Luckey        Christendom College
Hugh H. Macauley         Clemson University
Paul G. Mahoney          University of Virginia
Michael T. Maloney       Clemson University
Yuri N. Maltsev          Carthage College
Henry G. Manne           George Mason University
Stephen E. Margolis      North Carolina State University
Nelson Mark              Ohio State University
Michael L. Marlow        California State Polytechnic University 
John G. Matsusaka        University of Southern California
Thomas H. Mayor          University of Houston
Nolan McCarty            Columbia University
Fred S. McChesney        Cornell University
Deirdre N. McCloskey     University of Iowa
Paul W. McCracken        University of Michigan
Thomas Means             San Jose State University
Roger E. Meiners         University of Texas, Arlington
David I. Meiselman       Virginia Tech University
Lloyd J. Mercer          University of California, Santa Barbara
Tracy C. Miller          Grove City College
Jeffrey D. Milyo         Tufts University
Jeffrey A. Miron         Boston University
William C. Mitchell      University of Oregon
Michael Montgomery       University of Maine
Carlisle E. Moody        College of William & Mary
Ronald L. Moomaw         Oklahoma State University
Thomas Gale Moore        Hoover Institution
Andrew P. Morriss        Case Western Reserve University
Michael Valdez Moses     Duke University
Craig M. Newmark         North Carolina State University
William A. Niskanen      Cato Institute
Lydia D. Ortega          San Jose State University
Dale Osborne             University of Texas, Dallas
Evan Osborne             Wright State University
Allen M. Parkman         University of New Mexico
Ernest C. Pasour, Jr.    North Carolina State University
Judd W. Patton           Bellevue University
Mark J. Perry            University of Michigan
Mary Bennett Peterson    General Motors Corporation
William H. Peterson      Campbell University
Owen R. Phillips         University of Wyoming
Keith T. Poole           Carnegie Mellon University
Barry W. Poulson         University of Colorado
B. Michael Pritchett     Brigham Young University
Richard W. Rahn          Novecon Corporation
David W. Rasmussen       Florida State University
George G. Reisman        Pepperdine University
Alan Reynolds            Hudson Institute
Morgan O. Reynolds       Texas A & M University
Edward M. Rice           University of Washington
James R. Rinehart        Francis Marion University
Shawn Ritenour           Southwest Baptist University
Paul Craig Roberts       Institute for Political Economy
Jerry K. Rohacek         University of Alaska
Charles K. Rowley        George Mason University
Randall R. Rucker        Montana State University
Roy J. Ruffin            University of Houston
Gerard G. Russo          University of Hawaii
Kevin D. Sachs           University of Cincinnati
Joseph T. Salerno        Pace University
Michael T. Saliba        Loyola University
David S. Saurman         San Jose State University
E. S. Savas              Baruch College, C.U.N.Y.
Thomas R. Saving         Texas A & M University
Lawrence J. Sechrest     Sul Ross State University
Stephen Sheppard         Oberlin College
Stephen Shmanske         California State University, Hayward
William F. Shughart II   University of Mississippi
Olga Shvetsova           Washington University
Barry N. Siegel          University of Oregon
Randy T. Simmons         Utah State University
Gene R. Simonson         California State University, Long Beach
Gene Smiley              Marquette University
Vernon L. Smith          University of Arizona
Russell S. Sobel         West Virginia University
Lee C. Spector           Ball State University
Frank G. Steindl         Oklahoma State University
Paul B. Stephan          University of Virginia
Houston H. Stokes        University of Illinois,Chicago
Courtenay C. Stone       Ball State University
Daniel Sutter            University of Oklahoma
Shirley V. Svorny        California State University, Northridge
Charles Swanson          Temple University
Alexander T. Tabarrok    The Independent Institute
David J. Theroux         The Independent Institute
Clifford F. Thies        Shenandoah University
Henry Thompson           Auburn University
Richard H. Timberlake    University of Georgia
Robert D. Tollison       University of Mississippi
Mark Toma                University of Kentucky
George W. Trivoli        Jacksonville State University
Gordon Tullock           University of Arizona
Charlotte Twight         Boise State University
Michelle A. Vachris      Christopher Newport College
Karen I. Vaughn          George Mason University
Richard K. Vedder        Ohio University
Harry C. Veryser         Walsh College
Richard E. Wagner        George Mason University
Deborah L. Walker        Loyola University
Stephen J. K. Walters    Loyola University
Alan Rufus Waters        California State University, Fresno
Thayer Watkins           San Jose State University
Robert O. Welk           Row Tek Economics
John T. Wenders          University of Idaho
Samuel C. Weston         University of Dallas
Harry White              Boise State University
Lawrence H. White        University of Georgia
Richard W. Wilcke        University of Louisville
Thomas D. Willett        Claremont Graduate University
Arlington W. Williams    Indiana University
Mary L. Williams         Widener University
Peter M. Williams        University of North Alabama
Walter E. Williams       George Mason University
Bruce Yandle             Clemson University
DeVon L. Yoho            Ball State University
Ben T. Yu                California State University, Northridge
Thomas S. Zorn           University of Nebraska
Benjamin Zycher          University of California, Los Angeles

For further details, including information on the following books and other
publications, please contact the Independent Institute:

Winners, Losers & Microsoft: Competition and Antitrust in High Technology
              by Stan J. Liebowitz and Stephen E. Margolis,
foreword by Jack Hirshleifer
Antitrust and Monopoly: Anatomy of a Policy Failure
              by D. T. Armentano, foreword by Yale Brozen
The Causes and Consequences of Antitrust: The Public-Choice Perspective
              edited by Fred S. McChesney and William F. Shughart II
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