PC 2001 System Design Guide

Contents  [PDF]
About the Design Guide  [PDF]
Chapter 1 Executive Summary  [PDF]

Part 1 Initiatives

Chapter 2 Easy PC Initiative  [PDF]

Part 2 Platform Requirements

Chapter 3 PC System  [PDF]
Chapter 4 Workstation  [PDF]
Chapter 5 Mobile  [PDF]

Part 3 Device Class Subsystem Design Requirements

Chapter 6 Buses and Interfaces  [PDF]
Chapter 7 Input Devices  [PDF]
Chapter 8 Graphics Adapters  [PDF]
Chapter 9 Video  [PDF]
Chapter 10 Monitors  [PDF]
Chapter 11 Audio  [PDF]
Chapter 12 Storage  [PDF]
Chapter 13 Modems  [PDF]
Chapter 14 Network Communications  [PDF]
Chapter 15 Printers  [PDF]
Chapter 16 Digital Still Image Peripherals  [PDF]


Appendix A Resource Mapping  [PDF]
Appendix B Remote Lockout  [PDF]
Appendix C PC 2001 Master Checklist  [PDF]
Appendix D Master Reference List 
Glossary  [PDF]


Legacy Plug and Play Guidelines  [PDF]
Design Guidelines for PC Card and CardBus  [PDF]

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