Export Controls

1980-01-05   Trade curbs by US hinge on its allies  More  More  [PDFs]
1980-01-10   US tightens ban on sophisticated technology and machines  [PDF]
1980-03-19   US curbs technology for Soviet  [PDF]
1980-07-22   Mystery Veils Case of Computer Secrets Espionage

1981-04-11   Computer problem will delay Shuttle - See document  More  More  [PDFs]
1981-04-13   Nation's Hopes Carried Aloft by Shuttle - See document  [PDF]
1981-04-15   Fliers emerge elated - See document  More  [PDFs]
1981-10-13   Ex-C.I.A. men joined US company to sell technology overseas  [PDF]
1981-10-14   Curbs on technology exports hurt by gaps in enforcement  More  [PDFs]
1981-12-07   China to get computers  [PDF]

1982-02-23   Two charged in selling computers to Soviet Bloc  [PDF]
1982-05-06   Leakage of US technology to the Soviet bloc is charged  [PDF]
1982-07-15   US seizes computers in Germany  [PDF]

1983-01-19   IBM Begins Marketing its Personal Computer in Europe - See document
1983-04-30   US gaining in efforts to stem loss of high-technological secrets  [PDF]
1983-07-24   The K.G.B. goes on the offensive and the West begins striking back  More  [PDFs]
1983-11-05   US indicts 5 on giving Bulgaria computer material  [PDF]
1983-11-15   US has Bonn stop Soviet-bound computer  More  [PDFs]
1983-11-29   Computer programs seized en route to the Soviet Union  [PDF]
1983-12-12   British seize computer  More  [PDFs]
1983-12-22   Sweden bars computers on way to Soviet  [PDF]

1984-01-18   US to Tighten Export Rules
1984-01-31   US Argues for Curb on Western Exports Of Personal Computers
1984-04-02   7 Indicted by US in an Export Case
1984-07-16   Allies Agree to Restrict Computer Sales to East Bloc  More  More  More
1984-07-21   Red Tape Snarls Seattle Exporter's Sale to China
1984-07-26   Relaxed Rules for Computer Exports Spur Interest in Soviet-Bloc Markets
1984-08-12   Europe Chafes At US Moves To Curb Exports
1984-09-04   US Fines Digital Equipment Corporation $1.5 Million
1984-11-16   US Lists Technology Export Curbs
1984-12-30   Computer Export Rules Due Commerce to Restrict Software 
1984-21-31   Computer Rule Shift  More  More
1984-12-31   US Finds Technology Curb Fails to Cut Flow to Russians  More

1985-01-03   High-Tech Exports to China Still Being Delayed, Despite Eased Rules
1985-01-21   Commerce Dept. Will Strengthen Monitoring of Computer Exports
1985-02-18   Computer Imports Sought by Soviets  More  More  [PDF]
1985-04-25   US Eases Software Trade Position  More

1986-06-17   US to Spur Licensing of Exports
1986-07-13   Computers' Impact Growing in India

1987-06-12   Reagan - Germany - See document  More  More  [PDF]
1987-08-13   US Mulls Easing 16-Bit Computer Export Controls
1987-08-19   Computer Export Bar Is Eased
1987-09-21   Exhibition of Computers at Moscow's World Trade Centre
1987-09-28   US Split Over Computer Sale To a Soviet-Owned Company  More
1987-12-09   Export controls on a number of items in the electronics field are eased

1988-01-21   US And Allies Planning To Trim List Of Banned High-Tech Products
1988-01-26   US Turns Focus On COCOM  More  More
1988-01-29   West Rejects Soviet Calls To Ease Trade Controls  More
1988-01-29   Europeans Denounce US Proposal To Sanction Countries Exporting to Communists
1988-02-15   West Is Easing Policy on Sales To Soviet Bloc
1988-02-29   The Soviets Start Learning Their Bits and Bytes
1988-04-09   Moscow Preparing A Shuttle Launch - See document  More  More
1988-11-15   Russian Shuttle Orbits And Lands - See document  More  More  More
1988-12-22   Man Accused of Smuggling Computers to the Soviet Bloc  More
1988-12-30   US Shift Urged On Export Rules For Technology

1989-08-15   US Adds Laptop Computers to Listing Of Products That Can Be Sold to Soviets
1989-11-09   Berlin Shake-Up: Purge of Hard-Liners In East Germany Stirs Unification Hope - See document
1989-11-10   Berlin Wall No Longer Will Hold Germans Behind Iron Curtain - See document

1990-02-15   US Supercomputer Makers Challenge Export Proposal
1990-03-31   US Easing On Exports Of Computers
1990-05-14   East Bloc export license requirements lifted for Seagate  More
1990-05-30   Soviet, US Companies Plan Silicon Valley Meeting
1990-09-28   International Software Conference  [YouTube]

1991-03-11   Can The US Stay Ahead in Software?
1991-08-26   Easing of export restrictions in question
1991-12-08   Russia and 2 Republics Form Commonwealth - See document  More  More  More  More
1991-12-13   5 Asian Republics Join Slavs in Plan for Commonwealth - See document
1991-12-18   Gorbachev Agrees to Cede Soviet Structures to Russia - See document
1991-12-21   11 Soviet States Form Commonwealth - See document  More  More
1991-12-24   Gorbachev, Yeltsin Plan Smooth Transition of Power - See document  More  More

1992-11-11   China adopts Unix SVR4.2

1993-09-29   Clinton Dramatically Raises Export Standard for Supers  More  More  More

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