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1984-01-16   Apple Computer's counterattack  More
1984-01-19   Apple Computer ad  [PDF]
1984-01-23   IBM vs. Apple  More  More  More
1984-01-26   Macintosh ad  More  [PDFs]
1984-02-xx   An interview: The Macintosh design team  [PDF]
1984-03-01   The Birth Of Apple's Ad Insert
1984-03-01   Apple's Macintosh takes on IBM
1984-03-19   What Apple Needs
1984-03-19   Macintosh ad (Newsweek)
1984-04-16   Macintosh and Lisa ad  More  [PDFs]
1984-05-03   Alan Kay Switches to Apple
1984-05-11   Color Macs
1984-06-11   The Macintosh  More
1984-08-xx   The Macintosh  [PDF]
1984-08-xx   Macintosh's Other Designers  [PDF]
1984-08-xx   Mac reconsidered
1984-10-10   Bill Atkinsons talk
1984-10-11   Macintosh User Groups
1984-11-01   Apple to Unveil Ad Campaign  More
1984-11-xx   Macintosh ad  More  [PDFs]
1984-12-02   Mac-compatible design technique
1984-12-03   Carnegie Mellon University CS/RI joins the net - See document

1985-01-18   Apple Computer Gets Super Bowl Debut
1985-01-23   Apple Computer Introduces the Macintosh Office
1985-01-28   LaserWriter and PostScript
1985-01-28   Apple Computer ad  [PDF]
1985-02-xx   512K Mac
1985-02-04   Macintosh Office ad  [PDF]
1985-02-07   Wozniak Will Leave Firm  More
1985-02-12   Microsoft Word for the Mac
1985-02-15   Macworld Exposition in San Francisco  More
1985-02-22   Macintosh Office ad  More  [PDFs]
1985-02-23   Mac
1985-03-15   Apple Stakes Future On Battle With IBM
1985-04-29   Apple Computer Announces Marketing Plans
1985-05-xx   Hacker' Conference 1984  More  [PDFs]
1985-05-05   Experience with MicroVAX II - See document
1985-07-19   Window Zooming
1985-08-02   Stock Sale by Apple Founder  More  More  More
1985-08-11   Pumping Up Macintosh's Memory  More
1985-08-15   Macintosh Office ad  More  [PDFs]
1985-09-17   Apple Board and Steve Jobs  More  More  More
1985-09-23   Steve Jobs Speaks Out On Break With Apple  More  More
1985-09-30   Steve Jobs Talks About His Rise and Fall  More  More  More
1985-10-01   DRI agrees to change GEM
1985-10-07   Steve Wozniak is tired of all play and no work  More  More

1986-01-27   The Era Of John Sculley  More
1986-03-17   Companies To Save Millions On Document Production
1986-04-10   Aldus Corp. Teams With Apple
1986-04-20   Desktop Publishing
1986-05-19   Macintosh Plus ad  [PDF]
1986-06-06   Apple Computer to Revive Growth
1986-08-23   Amiga vs. Macintosh
1986-09-04   A Field Day for Desktop Publishing Aficionados
1986-09-07   Why Greenspan Stumped for Apple
1986-09-12   Porting UNIX Applications to the Mac
1986-10-06   Apple Computer Unveils TV Campaign
1986-10-20   Apple Faces Quick-on-the-Draw Rivals in Desktop Publishing

1987-01-19   Apple's Comeback
1987-01-30   Computer Venture Confirmed by Perot - See document  More  More
1987-02-12   Mac II First Look
1987-03-02   New Macs - See document
1987-03-02   Macintosh II and Macintosh SE ad  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1987-03-19   Apple Computer Gives The Millionth Macintosh Unit to Jef Raskin
1987-03-24   Macintosh Plus ad  More  More  More  [PDF]
1987-04-20   Apple's Software Chief Shifts to New Program
1987-04-29   Apple Will Launch Firm To Develop Software  More  More
1987-05-01   The Desktop-Publishing Phenomenon
1987-06-23   Transaction support in Unix - See document
1987-07-09   Claris Corporation, New Apple Unit
1987-07-16   Apple Computer Tries To Achieve Stability
1987-08-04   Apple Desktop Publishing ad  More  More  [PDFs]
1987-08-10   Apple to Introduce Hypercard
1987-08-13   Multi-tasking Finder
1987-08-26   Mach - See document
1987-08-30   Apple Invades IBM's Domain
1987-09-30   Macintosh Multifinder ad  [PDF]
1987-10-05   How Two Pioneers Brought Publishing To The Desktop
1987-11-08   Alan Kay and Dynabook
1987-11-08   Can Steve Jobs Do It Again? - See document
1987-11-09   Apple Finally Invades The Office
1987-12-21   Macintosh ad  [PDF]

1988-01-14   Sculley Stresses "Raising the Standard"
1988-01-19   MacWorld Expo Report  More  More
1988-02-10   A/UX window systems, Mac toolbox
1988-03-xx   Compatibility Guidelines  More  [PDFs]
1988-03-xx   Macintosh Pinouts  [PDF]
1988-03-xx   HFS Compatibility  [PDF]
1988-03-xx   Macintosh Plus Pinouts  More  [PDF]
1988-03-xx   Compatibility with Large-Screen Displays  [PDF]
1988-03-xx   Macintosh II Color Monitor Hookups  [PDF]
1988-04-15   AF specifies requirements for Desktop III micros - See document  More  More
1988-05-31   What about us, Mac+ users
1988-08-xx   High Sierra and ISO 9660 CD ROM Formats  [PDF]
1988-08-18   John Sculley Promotes Apple -- and Himself
1988-08-30   A/UX look-alikes  More
1988-09-12   A Freezing Few On Mac's New System
1988-09-15   Solutions at Seybold Show
1988-09-20   Computer for the rest of us?
1988-10-01   The Joy of Being 32-Bit Clean  More  [PDFs]
1988-10-13   The Return of a Computer Star - See document  More  More

1989-02-26   John Sculley's Biggest Test
1989-03-06   Microsoft Wins Contract to Provide Word Processing to Federal Courts - See document
1989-03-09   Computer Stars on Collision Course
1989-03-30   NeXT, Businessland Announce Distribution Agreement - See document  More  More
1989-04-03   Navy memo prompts Apple complaint - See document  More
1989-05-09   Apple Computer Previews Core System Software Directions  More
1989-05-10   Future direction of A/UX?
1989-06-xx   Information about Macintosh SE/30  [PDF]
1989-06-16   From Apple to Sun, And Now Back Again
1989-07-06   Apple Selling Adobe Stake  More
1989-07-11   For Many Writers, a Mac Is Ideal
1989-08-06   Steve Jobs: Out for Revenge - See document
1989-09-19   Apple, Microsoft announce cross license agreement for outline font technology
1989-09-20   Adobe to Publish its Proprietary Font Format Specifications - See document
1989-09-20   Steve Jobs Criticizes Apple-Microsoft Pact - See document
1989-09-24   Apple's Final Lisa Burial
1989-10-06   At Apple Computer Proper Office Attire Includes a Muzzle
1989-10-09   How Steve Jobs Linked Up with IBM - See document
1989-11-14   Byte article on Mach - See document
1989-11-15   Affordable Macs?
1989-11-19   Unisys Division Wins $700 Million DOD Desktop III Contract - See document
1989-12-xx   NuBus Physical Designs  [PDF]

1990-01-04   Windows applications selected for Department of Transportation desktops - See document
1990-01-19   Jobs's New Computer Off to a Sluggish Start - See document  More
1990-01-29   Apple Promotes Spindler to Chief Operating Officer
1990-01-31   Apple Computer President May Be Losing His Shine
1990-02-06   Apple May Lose Big Defense Contract - See document
1990-03-02   Gassee Announces Resignation
1990-03-29   NextStep Receives Fluegelman Award - See document
1990-05-10   Apple Moves Back Debut of Macintosh Software
1990-06-29   Claris to Focus on Expanding Apple Software Environment  More
1990-08-09   Apple Faces Challenge
1990-08-19   Mach Workshop Announcement - See document  More
1990-09-01   Windows 3.0, you're no Macintosh
1990-09-15   Public Archive Format Issues
1990-09-19   Apple to Begin Shipments of Beta-Quality System 7.0 to Developers  More
1990-09-20   Apple Announces Transfer of HyperCard to Claris
1990-09-24   Upgrade of Next's workstation may be too much, too late - See document
1990-10-03   Apple to Dish Up Saucy New Campaign
1990-10-15   New Team, New Strategy
1990-11-16   Milli Vanilli Didn't Sing Its Pop Hits - See document  More  More

1991-01-10   IIcx ROM Question
1991-02-xx   Macintosh Color Monitor Connections  [PDF]
1991-02-19   New Mach 3.0 kernel release - See document
1991-04-29   The Steven Jobs Reality Distortion Field - See document
1991-05-08   Connectix Announces MODE32 and MC73 - See document
1991-08-08   Milli Vanilli Fans Get Refund Offer - See document  More  More
1991-09-04   Rick Rashid joins Microsoft as Director of Research - See document
1991-09-06   Apple makes Connectix MODE32 available  More  More
1991-09-16   Human Interface Survey
1991-10-xx   Blueprint for the Decade  More  [PDFs]
1991-10-xx   Macintosh vs. Windows PCs  [PDF]
1991-11-xx   A Conversation With Steve Jobs - See document

1992-01-09   Remarks By John Sculley
1992-02-06   Mac user
1992-04-xx   Macintosh Memory Configurations  [PDF]
1992-06-23   Who paid for this ad?

1993-01-xx   Macintosh and Windows  [PDF]
1993-03-07   A/UX
1993-05-10   Apple Announces Significant Progress on PowerPC  More
1993-09-30   A Search for Direction at Apple
1993-12-xx   Making the Leap to PowerPC  [PDF]

1994-01-05   Apple Details PowerPC Technology Upgrade Options
1994-01-31   How Mac Changed The World
1994-03-09   Apple to DOS/Windows Users: 'Try Macintosh'
1994-03-14   Details about the Power Macintosh and future system software
1994-09-02   Apple Attacks Microsoft Share
1994-09-19   Apple Unveils New Identity for the Macintosh Operation System
1994-09-19   Apple Outlines "Expanded Markets" Licensing Strategy for Mac OS
1994-11-07   Hardware Reference Platform for PowerPC Microprocessor

1995-01-19   From Mac Users, Fury at Microsoft
1995-01-31   NeXT Encourages Customers to Access Information, WWW Site - See document
1995-02-13   Apple's letter to Judge regarding Windows 95 and OpenDoc  More
1995-03-xx   The Platform Problem
1995-04-13   Growing Commitment by PCI Developers for Power Macintosh with PCI
1995-04-17   Multimedia you can use  More
1995-05-08   Apple and IBM Announce Tools Initiative in Support of OpenDoc  More
1995-05-12   Apple  More
1995-06-13   Apple Launches Family Computing Workshops
1995-06-19   Computing's Holy War
1995-07-17   Power Mac Extends Performance Lead Over Pentium PCs  More
1995-08-10   Mac vs. Windows 95 PDFs: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20
1995-08-22   Tilting at Windows  More  More
1995-10-xx   PCI The Future of Macintosh Expansion  [PDF]
1995-10-04   Apple Board Reaffirms Support for CEO Spindler
1995-10-11   No Cost Penalty for Companies Supporting Macintosh and Windows  More
1995-10-16   Did Apple Shoot the Messenger?
1995-11-07   Apple Delivers OpenDoc for Mac OS
1995-11-13   Apple, IBM and Motorola Publish Specifications for the "PowerPCx Platform"
1995-11-20   Apple is facing management exodus
1995-11-20   Apple Computer, Adobe Ventures L.P. Launch Salon  More  More  More
1995-12-02   Tripping Down Bill Gates' Road to Nowhere
1995-12-07   Why I Prefer Macintosh Contest  More
1995-12-14   Apple and Students Around the World Use the Internet

1996-01-xx   What's Next? - See document  More
1996-01-08   50 Macintosh Advantages  [PDF]
1996-01-17   Apple Computer Proceeding with Business Restructuring
1996-02-05   An American Icon
1996-02-08   Apple Computer Issues Statement
1996-02-19   Apple Licenses the Mac OS to Motorola  More
1996-02-25   OS war & Web revolution  More
1996-03-19   PCI Cards and Drivers for Power Macintosh Computers  [PDF]
1996-04-24   Why do people prefer Macintosh?  [PDF]
1996-05-06   Apple Licenses the Mac OS to IBM  More  More
1996-05-30   Apple Announces Corporate Reorganization  More
1996-08-07   Gil Amelio Macworld Expo Keynote  [PDF]
1996-08-07   Macworld Launches Strategic Alliance with Active Installed Base
1996-09-xx   Apple Network Server Benchmarks  More  [PDFs]
1996-10-26   Macintosh Developer Road Show
1996-12-04   Developer Road Show  More  [PDFs]
1996-12-04   Mac OS  More  [PDFs]
1996-12-04   Mac OS Release Strategy  More  [PDFs]
1996-12-04   Apple's Internet Strategy  More  [PDFs]
1996-12-05   Macworld Delivers Inside Scoop on Apple, BE OS Plans
1996-12-24   Top NeXT Engineer Faces a Big Task: Make Apple Bloom - See document

1997-01-07   Apple Announces Macintosh Operating System Strategy  More  More  More  More
1997-02-04   Apple's Structure Brings Focus on Key Businesses  More  More  More  More
1997-03-14   What's up with OpenDoc, Cyberdog, Open Transport, AIX Servers, QuickDraw GX?
1997-04-xx   AppleMasters Conclave  [YouTube]
1997-05-17   Apple Operating System (OS) Strategy and Roadmap
1997-05-29   75 Macintosh Advantages  [PDF]
1997-08-06   Apple Announces New Board of Directors
1997-09-26   Apple Launches Brand Advertising Campaign  More

1998-02-05   Apple Launches New "Snail" Commercial
1998-03-12   Apple Unveils "Toasted Bunny" Commercial
1998-05-11   Apple Announces Mac OS Software Strategy
1998-05-12   Apple Crushes Competition in New TV Spot  More
1998-08-13   Apple Launches Marketing Campaign for iMac

2001-03-06   Apple’s Prime Time TV Ad Highlights Burning Custom Music CDs on Macs

2002-06-10   Apple Launches “Real People” Ad Campaign
2002-09-05   Apple “Switcher” Ads Debut During U.S. Open
2002-09-20   Larry Ellison Resigns as Apple Director

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