Unix - AIX

1984-01-13   IBM to Offer Version of AT&T System - See document  More

1986-01-22   IBM Unveils Line of PCs Aimed at Engineering  More  More
1986-10-02   IBM PC RT  [YouTube]

1987-02-18   IBM Enhances RT  More

1988-02-09   IBM Pledges Leadership Across AIX Workstation Family  More  More
1988-07-25   IBM Joins X/Open In Support Of Open Systems

1989-08-16   IBM Announces General Availability Of AIX/370

1990-02-15   IBM announces AIX version 3 for RISC System/6000  More  More
1990-04-09   IBM expands financial support of OSF

1991-03-12   Enhancements To IBM's RISC System/6000 Family

1992-01-21   IBM announces five RISC System/6000 models, AIX/6000 3.2

1994-07-26   IBM's AIX Offers Compatibility, Client/Server Packaging, AIX Version 4.1

1995-02-07   IBM Adds New Systems For RISC System 6000 Line  More
1995-02-23   IBM SCO Agreement Number 094690
1995-03-14   IBM AIX operating system receives X/Open UNIX branding  More
1995-03-14   IBM and SCO Form Strategic Partnership
1995-06-19   IBM announces software to extend RISC System/6000  More  More  More
1995-09-20   SCO acquires Unix business from Novell - See document  More
1995-12-06   Novell Completes Sale of UnixWare Business to SCO - See document

1996-04-19   Proposed IBM Royalty Buyout  More  [PDFs]
1996-04-23   IBM announces RS/6000 capabilities, AIX Version 4.2
1996-04-26   Amendment to Agreements on behalf of SCO  [PDF]
1996-10-16   Novell SCO Amendment to APA - See document  [PDF]

1997-10-07   IBM announces 64-bit UNIX solution, AIX Version 4.3

1998-10-23   SCO IBM Joint Development Agreement  [PDF]
1998-10-26   IBM Launches Major UNIX Initiative
1998-10-26   SCO and IBM Form Broad Strategic Alliance

1999-01-26   DYNIX/ptx, AIX and UnixWare Systems Align
1999-03-16   IBM Gives AIX Improved PC Interoperability
1999-04-07   Project Monterey is Ahead of Schedule  Overview  Roadmap  More  [PDF]
1999-07-12   IBM and Sequent Announce Merger Agreement
1999-09-17   Monterey/64 First Unix OS To Run on Intel’s Merced Chip
1999-09-24   IBM Announces Completion of Sequent Merger
1999-10-01   IBM's secret Linux summit - See document
1999-12-xx   Project Monterey: Strategic Business Computing  [PDF]

2000-08-11   The future of IBM's Enterprise UNIX, AIX 5L
2000-08-30   IBM Kills Project Monterey
2000-11-16   AIX 5L Technical Preview  Brochure  [PDFs]
2000-12-20   Robert LeBlanc, VP, IBM, Software Strategy - See document

2001-04-23   IBM AIX 5L Version 5.1  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]
2001-04-23   SCO, Caldera Release Preview of AIX 5L - 64 Bit Unix OS

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