Unix - Advocacy

1981-02-xx   Unix users group  [PDF]
1981-05-28   Xenix
1981-06-xx   16-Bit Operating Systems
1981-06-15   CP/M v *nix in the Office Environment
1981-08-01   The truth about Unix: The user interface is horrid  More
1981-10-06   tex & metafont
1981-10-22   System survey  More  More  More  More  More
1981-11-xx   Unix v CP/M  [PDF]

1982-01-11   VMS versus Unix - See document
1982-02-02   Xenix
1982-02-17   Typesetter-independent TROFF
1982-02-26   Tek 4112
1982-06-05   Usenix schedule
1982-07-02   End user interface
1982-08-10   Scribe to TROFF
1982-09-11   Menunix availability
1982-10-23   macro packages with TROFF
1982-11-xx   CP/M v Unix  [PDF]
1982-12-09   VAX 730 info  More

1983-01-24   Apple Lisa running Xenix  More
1983-02-13   Expert Says NS16000 Is Best Unix micro-P  More
1983-02-18   68k vs 286 on floats
1983-03-15   Which small Unix system would you buy?  More  More
1983-03-23   68000 and 68020
1983-04-02   Unix DBMSs
1983-05-05   HP9000 info/review  More
1983-06-24   Teletype 5620 and Usenix
1983-07-06   Writer's Workbench
1983-07-08   Window documentation  More
1983-07-15   Usenix review  More
1983-08-13   Blit solution to windows
1983-08-20   Super 80x24 Display Screen Design
1983-08-20   Shared library free-for-all
1983-08-28   User-Friendly Re-Defined Access-Efficient  More
1983-09-22   VMS UUCP info  More  More
1983-09-27   New Unix implementation  More  More
1983-10-03   Summary of Spreadsheet Packages
1983-10-14   Mouse/window-based UNIX systems query
1983-12-11   Review of Kernighan and Pike's New Book
1983-12-21   16k vs 68k vs 432

1984-01-01   Observations from CHI 83
1984-01-14   IBM Unix
1984-01-19   Mice, Pointing, Cursors
1984-02-03   Blits and terminal paging
1984-03-06   First Summary of PC's in Education Survey
1984-03-30   Graphics Interface '84
1984-05-03   AT&T 3B-2 computers
1984-06-02   68020 vs. 32032
1984-06-03   Valid CAD workstation  More  More  More
1984-06-10   Trivia quiz  More
1984-07-05   Least We Forget: Multics - See document
1984-07-05   Version of plot(1) for VT-125  More
1984-09-21   One man's experience with TeX vs troff
1984-10-29   Some thoughts on future micro-comp
1984-11-06   Computer Graphics Under Unix Workshop
1984-11-12   Experience at Rutgers with large intro courses
1984-12-03   Carnegie Mellon University CS/RI joins the net

1985-01-06   new site adobe.UUCP
1985-01-16   Xenix ISV Seminar at UniForum  More
1985-01-23   Apple laser printer announcement - See document  More
1985-01-25   PostScript printers vs. ImPress printers  More  More  More  More
1985-02-04   Experiences with equipment  More  More  More  More
1985-03-04   HP Integral PC Specs
1985-03-15   Another 32-bit machine?
1985-04-30   AT&T Unix PC
1985-05-02   Xenix 286 wonders, bugs, and patches
1985-05-15   Experience with MicroVAX II
1985-05-31   Intel processors vs. Motorola processors
1985-07-03   Intel 286 vs. 68K ad
1985-08-01   A readable nroff/troff manual
1985-08-29   Dhrystone Benchmark in C, with results for several machines
1985-09-05   Dhrystone scores for HP9000-500
1985-09-07   The politics of groups
1985-10-04   Unix, Unix people, Usenix, from a non-compunerd's point of view  More
1985-10-04   Alternatives to n/troff
1985-10-11   Impending newsgroup cuts  More  More
1985-10-22   Dhrystone source and 10/22/85 results  More
1985-10-23   386 Family Products
1985-11-03   Embedded-command text systems
1985-11-08   Dhrystone Benchmark Results
1985-11-21   MS-DOS benchmarks - See document
1985-11-22   What if IBM used a 68000
1985-11-30   Fixed-pitch spacing in ordinary troff
1985-12-01   Challenge to Intel
1985-12-10   What WYSIWYG systems are and aren't  More
1985-12-10   TeX and its fonts and other fonts
1985-12-13   Dhrystone Results

1986-01-08   Floating Point Math Functions on Selected Computers
1986-02-xx   Donald Knuth interview  [PDF]
1986-02-08   IBM RT: first impressions
1986-02-19   Dhrystone Benchmark Results  More  More  More  More
1986-02-22   Design a CPU board using the 80386
1986-05-25   eqn on a Diablo 630
1986-05-28   AT&T MIPS claim
1986-06-13   Symmetric 375
1986-06-14   Favorite operating systems query
1986-07-31   Writing MS-DOS floppies on a UNIX PC  More  More
1986-09-04   Use of ``vi'' for business office word-processing
1986-09-12   Porting UNIX Applications to the Mac
1986-09-20   The Motorola 68030
1986-10-27   What's Nu with VME for Mac?

1987-01-03   Why a micro is not as powerful as a Vax
1987-01-07   Why learn Unix
1987-01-08   Minix, utilities taken from AT&T Unix  More  More  More
1987-01-21   Why troff?
1987-02-06   The rumors of troff's death are greatly exaggerated
1987-03-04   Scary thought
1987-03-19   TROFF or NROFF drivers
1987-04-16   Anyone interested in 4-8 user Unix system for $4k?
1987-06-02   Multiscreen on Unix
1987-06-23   Transaction support in Unix
1987-06-30   Xenix 386 benchmark results
1987-07-28   nroff problems  More
1987-10-29   MIPS Performance Brief
1987-12-04   Xinu status report
1987-12-31   Jerry Pournelle on Unix

1988-01-24   TCP/IP Versus WANG, ARCNET/NOVELL Netware, & Honeywell
1988-02-29   Help us defend against VMS
1988-03-10   Maximum Ethernet throughput
1988-04-02   Dissertation on a Mac vs Unix
1988-05-25   Vax 11/780 performance vs Sun 4/280 performance
1988-06-13   Distributed Operating Systems - See document
1988-08-16   SCO Xenix [YouTube]
1988-09-12   Data General's Unix Strategy: An Evaluation
1988-10-26   MIPS Performance Brief 3.5
1988-12-02   Does anyone still use Multics? - See document

1989-01-03   Go-Ahead Considered Harmless?
1989-04-18   AU/X  [YouTube]
1989-05-31   What features would you like in GNU troff?
1989-06-20   A word-processor for Unix
1989-06-21   Is there any wordprocessor in Unix?
1989-07-20   Documentation written with -ms nroff macro
1989-10-13   DOS and Minix
1989-11-17   Evans and Sutherland quits the superbusiness
1989-11-19   Unix: Live Free Or Die
1989-12-04   Experience with SCO Unix 5.3

1990-01-04   Paying for Shareware
1990-02-07   Next computer / Multics
1990-02-16   Risc System/6000  More
1990-07-19   Passing proprietary messages through competitors or other sites
1990-10-14   Tektronix Scientific shutdown rumour
1990-12-17   386 Unix Wars

1991-08-09   What is being excluded from comp.archives
1991-09-16   Human Interface Survey - See More
1991-10-03   Examples of software patent benefit sought - See document
1991-10-15   Marketing Unix in a PC world
1991-11-13   Will VMS Posix support the Posix system API? - See document
1991-12-01   What's Wrong With Unix?
1991-12-27   What happened to Microsoft?

1992-01-05   Windows NT vs. Unix
1992-01-18   Personal Use - See document
1992-02-20   Patents and their form of expression - See document
1992-04-14   DOS is dead
1992-05-26   Quo Vadis SCO?
1992-09-18   Computer Executives Endorse Clinton for President
1992-09-25   Unix on a PC clone
1992-10-26   US presidential election year politics help cause time zone bugs
1992-11-09   The Problem with Unix
1992-11-19   Univel must be kidding

1993-02-22   Silicon Graphics Hosts President Clinton and Vice President Gore  More
1993-05-18   SCO marketroids strike again
1993-05-21   PC Magazine NeXTSTEP Review
1993-06-13   PC Magazine Unix Feature
1993-06-15   What did SCO send me?
1993-07-23   PC Magazine - Good News
1993-09-05   Bay Area software patents by companies and law firms - See document

1994-01-18   Sun to buy out source code rights from Novell/USL  More  More
1994-01-30   HP vs. Sparc servers comparisons
1994-09-07   Copyright Notice in Source code - See document
1994-09-23   Novell de-emphasizing UnixWare
1994-10-04   SCO new release-what to expect from?

1995-03-xx   Fannie Mae, Success on Sun  [PDF]

1996-05-xx   Unix vs Windows NT  More
1996-08-22   SCO To Provide Free Unix Licenses To Students, Educators, Enthusiasts
1996-08-26   Free SCO OpenServer  FAQ
1996-09-06   SCO Announces Free Unix License at SCO Forum96
1996-10-08   Free SCO OpenServer Licensed By Thousands

1997-01-23   Free SCO OpenServer system
1997-01-28   Learning VI
1997-04-14   Free SCO UnixWare
1997-07-25   SVR4.2MP source code has become available recently?
1997-10-08   SCO Skunkware 97

1998-05-28   Unix v. NT. Get Real
1998-12-23   Why do you hate AIX?

1999-03-03   BSD v System V
1999-03-18   The Marriage Of NT & UNIX
1999-03-25   New Computing Award Goes to Bell Labs Researcher Ken Thompson
1999-04-22   SMP? Why Bother?
1999-05-xx   Unix and Beyond: An Interview with Ken Thompson

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