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1991-03-04   PC Hardware - See document  More  More
1991-10-05   Free Minix-like kernel sources for 386-AT

1992-02-04   Deadline for 0.13  More
1992-02-05   Info on 386 and AT architecture
1992-03-08   Linux 0.95  More
1992-03-23   Linux, GNU and the GPL
1992-03-27   Linux contributors
1992-04-27   Windowing system
1992-05-05   Writing an OS - questions
1992-05-06   X386 and SVGA cards
1992-05-05   Kernel to run X  More  More
1992-05-23   Installation and updates
1992-06-13   8514/A with Linux  More
1992-06-14   DOS emulator  More
1992-07-03   Linux started for several different reasons  More
1992-08-06   Stabilizing Linux, CD-ROMs, Linus' PC
1992-10-13   Binary compatibility question
1992-10-13   Code contribution
1992-10-28   Linus Torvalds' interview
1992-12-21   Novell buys Unix Systems Laboratory

1993-01-01   Linux 0.99 pl 2
1993-01-16   FAQ on kernel panics
1993-01-18   Fair Price for Linux
1993-02-24   The need for POSIX compliance
1993-04-23   Performance of Linux and X11
1993-04-28   Intel, the Pentium and Linux
1993-04-30   Application Binary Interface
1993-05-20   Linux becoming a real choice
1993-06-01   Linux contributors
1993-06-08   Linux 0.99 pl 10, networking code, Unix System V IPC
1993-11-xx   Linus Torvalds interview  [PDF]  More

1994-01-18   Linux 1.0 codefreeze  More  More
1994-03-14   Linux 1.0  More  [YouTube]  More  [PDF]
1994-04-05   iBCS2 in public alpha testing  More  More  [PDF]  More  More  More  More
1994-04-09   Informix runs on Linux
1994-05-02   SCO binaries  More  More  More  More  More  More  More  More  More
1994-06-10   How stable is Linux?
1994-06-30   Linux seems to perform terribly for large directories
1994-07-08   SCO demo version of Word Perfect  More
1994-07-22   Oracle on Linux
1994-07-22   WordPerfect
1994-07-28   SCO binaries  More  More  More  More  More
1994-08-15   What is iBCS?
1994-09-09   Linux DOOM for X released
1994-09-14   Linux a complete PC Unix clone
1994-10-06   SCO software  More  More  More  More  More
1994-11-07   Word Perfect 6.0 demo  More  More  More  More
1994-11-18   Linux shortcomings in shootouts
1994-11-26   Pre-0.97 kernel sources wanted
1994-12-01   lmbench1.0 benchmarksuite released
1994-12-18   Netscape for Linux crashes during cut/paste

1995-02-02   iBCS2 support  More
1995-02-23   What's next for Linux?
1995-03-08   Linux 1.2
1995-04-14   Random testing tech report  Report  [PDF]
1995-04-22   SCO Binaries  More  More  More  More
1995-05-09   iBCS emulation under Linux  [PDF]  More  More  More
1995-05-21   Reliable Linux, which version?
1995-06-27   Linux used for a business
1995-07-xx   Games, sound
1995-07-17   Internet service providing, which OS?
1995-09-15   Installation of Oracle7 for SCO on Linux  More
1995-09-20   Novell finally sells Unix
1995-10-26   Running SCO bin's  More  More  More

1996-01-12   Linux on the OSF Mach microkernel  More  [PDFs]
1996-01-26   Unix Operating Systems on the Pentium  Slides  [PDFs]
1996-01-26   lmbench: Portable tools for performance analysis - See document [PDF]
1996-02-01   How good is iBCS2?  More  More
1996-02-05   Linux for Power Macintosh  More  More  More
1996-04-11   The Lai/Baker paper, benchmarks, and the world of free UNIX
1996-04-13   Unices are created equal, but ...
1996-05-02   SCO filesystem patches for 1.3.x kernel
1996-06-09   Linux 2.0
1996-06-11   New version of iBCS
1996-08-13   Linux support
1996-08-14   New version of iBCS SMP
1996-08-22   SCO has decided to give away licenses - See document  More  More  More
1996-08-23   Linux/SCO binaries
1996-08-25   iBCS, SCO ELF binaries from OpenServer 5
1996-08-30   iBCS implements basic frameworks of SVR3 and SVR4
1996-09-17   iBCS FAQ
1996-09-20   Question for iBCS developers
1996-10-18   The Beowulf Parallel Workstation  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1996-11-02   What is iBCS?
1996-11-08   SCO Free OpenServer and Linux  More
1996-11-09   How compatible is Linux with Unix binaries?
1996-11-11   Docs on shared libraries
1996-12-20   Kernel wish list

1997-02-16   New iBCS release
1997-03-27   MkLinux Status Report  More  More
1997-11-07   iBCS docs

1998-03-11   iBCS2 for Linux 2.1  More  More
1998-03-26   Linux Oracle Howto  More
1998-09-15   Informix iBCS Howto  More
1998-09-16   Progress FAQ
1998-10-31   iBCS 2.1 and iBCS 2.0
1998-11-05   Linux "best of breed?"

1999-01-05   Alan Cox's computers - See document
1999-01-21   Linux 2.2  More
1999-02-18   iBCS FAQ
1999-04-20   Alan Cox talks about Linux - Listen  [WMA]
1999-05-24   UFS, VM, scheduler, emulation questions
1999-08-11   Linux is better than any proprietary Unix

2000-01-14   iBCS with 2.4

2001-01-04   Linux 2.4  More
2001-04-02   The Linux 2.5 kernel summit  Agenda
2001-05-25   The difference between Linus's kernel and Alan Cox's kernel  More

2002-02-06   List of maintainers

2003-12-17   Linux 2.6

2005-09-07   Progress of Linux

2006-01-20   GPL V3 and Linux - See document
2006-04-04   FreedomHEC
2006-05-24   Linux Device Driver Kit available
2006-09-22   The Dangers and Problems with GPLv3 - See document  More
2006-09-25   GPLv3: recent misleading information - See document  More

2007-01-30   Free Linux Driver Development
2007-06-09   Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3 - See document  More

2008-06-xx   The Linux Driver Model  More
2008-06-xx   Linux Graphics, a Tale of Three Drivers
2008-06-23   Position Statement on Linux Kernel Modules  More

2010-06-11   Beyond Init: Systemd  [PDF]

2011-01-26   Beyond Init: Systemd  [PDF]  More  [YouTube]
2011-05-24   Fedora 15 with systemd initialization system  More  [PDF]
2011-06-01   Beyond Init: Systemd, One Year Later  [PDF]
2011-06-10   systemd: please stop trying to take over the world - See document  More  More
2011-08-31   The Cracking of - See document  More
2011-09-11   Security Breach on, - See document
2011-09-23 status - See document  More  More
2011-10-06   The Return of - See document

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