Digital Video

1975-06-xx   The videodisk  [PDF]
1975-11-xx   Home Video Discs  [PDF]

1980-06-18   A somber electronics show: Videodisk exhibition  [PDF]

1982-10-07   Videodisk's data future [PDF]

1983-06-07   A future role for the videodisk [PDF]

1984-04-05   Losses Lead RCA to Cancel Videodisk Player Production  More

1985-12-12   General Electric And RCA Announce Definitive Merger Agreement  More

1986-06-09   GE Completes RCA Acquisition

1987-04-23   GE/RCA demonstrate chip set for interactive video

1988-03-17   GE Digital Video Standard Gets Strong Backing
1988-10-14   Intel Acquires Digital Video Interactive Technology Venture From General Electric

1989-03-06   Video compression on the move
1989-06-05   Microsoft Creates Multimedia Division
1989-09-12   Personal Computers Gaining TV's Power Of Image and Sound  More

1990-11-27   Specifications for PC-based multimedia announced  More  More  More

1991-03-18   IBM, Apple Join Microsoft Rivals Over Standards
1991-04-xx   MPEG: A Video Compression Standard for Multimedia Applications [PDF]
1991-08-21   Microsoft ships Windows with Multimedia Extensions 1.0
1991-11-26   MPEG Committee Draft standard
1991-12-10   Apple's QuickTime Begins Shipping

1992-04-xx   Introduction to Multimedia
1992-11-10   Microsoft Announces Video for Windows  More  More
1992-11-06   MPEG-1, Standards First Face. MPEG-2, Standards Second Face

1993-03-xx   H.261 - Video codec for audiovisual services at p x 64 kbit/s
1993-04-02   MPEG-2 Video Main Profile
1993-07-16   MPEG-2 Video, MPEG-2 Audio, MPEG-2 Systems Definitions
1993-09-10   MPEG-2, Working Draft, fourth version

1994-02-09   QuickTime 2.0 Supports MPEG  More  More
1994-03-25   MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
1994-04-25   Group To Handle MPEG Intellectual Property Issues  More  More
1994-09-29   Codecs shipped with Video for Windows [PDF]
1994-11-11   MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
1994-12-05   The bandwidth tidal wave

1995-03-27   Agreement Reached on MPEG Intellectual Property Rights Licensing Group
1995-06-05   Microsoft Licenses Software-based MPEG Engine from Mediamatics
1995-07-xx   H.262 - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio

1996-03-xx   H.320 - Narrow-band visual telephone systems  More  More
1996-03-xx   H.324 - Terminal for low bit rate Multimedia Communication
1996-03-xx   H.263 - Video coding for low bit rate communication
1996-03-05   Microsoft ActiveMovie  More
1996-07-12   ITU finally grapples with multimedia services and systems
1996-07-26   QuickTime 2.5
1996-09-16   Microsoft NetShow
1996-10-02   ISO, IEC Awarded Emmy For MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and JPEG Standards
1996-12-03   Microsoft Delivers DVD, MPEG 2 and M-JPEG Support to Application Vendors

1997-01-06   Macromedia Announces Flash - See document  More
1997-04-28   NetMeeting 2.0
1997-06-26   Joint Licensing of Patents Essential for Meeting Video Technology Standard  More
1997-07-xx   H.320 - Narrow-band visual telephone systems and terminal equipment
1997-08-05   NetShow 2.0
1997-09-10   Microsoft, Industry Leaders Publish ASF Draft Specification  More  More  More  More
1997-10-31   MPEG-4 promoted to Committee Draft  More

1998-02-xx   'MP4' Format to allow interchange, streaming of MPEG-4 Multimedia Content
1998-02-xx   H.263 - Video coding for low bit rate communication
1998-02-xx   H.321 - Adaptation of H.320 visual telephone terminals to B-ISDN environments
1998-02-xx   H.323 - Packet-based multimedia communication systems
1998-02-11   ISO Adopts QuickTime File Format as Starting Point for Key Specification
1998-03-30   QuickTime 3
1998-05-12   Flash 3 - See document
1998-07-07   Microsoft Updates Windows Operating System With Streaming Media Technologies
1998-10-xx   MPEG-4 Standard Completed
1998-12-xx   MPEG-7 multimedia description standard  More
1998-12-01   Multimedia over the Internet gets a boost

1999-06-09   QuickTime 4
1999-06-16   Flash 4 - See document
1999-07-17   MP4 Files optimized for streaming; tests confirm quality MPEG-4 Video
1999-08-17   Windows Media Technologies 4
1999-12-13   MPEG LA Hails 200th Licensee

2000-03-28   MPEG-4 Streaming Video Profiles defined
2000-04-13   MPEG LA Announces M4IF Plan for Joint Licensing of Essential MPEG-4 Patents  More
2000-07-17   Windows Media Player 7  More
2000-07-21   MPEG Issues Call for Proposals on Intellectual Property Management
2000-08-04   Flash 5 - See document  More
2000-09-09   Sun Joins MPEG-4 Industry Forum to Help Drive the Adoption of the MPEG-4 Standard

2001-01-xx   New MPEG-4 Video Profiles for Studio and Internet Streaming
2001-01-02   Status of Competition in the Market for the Delivery of Video Programming [PDF]
2001-03-28   Windows Media Audio and Video 8
2001-04-23   QuickTime 5  More
2001-12-07   MPEG Approves Joint Video Team with ITU Experts to Set New Video Coding Standard

2002-03-15   Flash Player 6 - See document
2002-04-26   Digital Video Forecast Goes Fuzzy
2002-06-04   QuickTime 6  More  More  More
2002-12-17   Joint Video Team (JVT) completes work leading to Advanced Video Coding

2003-01-07   Windows Media 9  More
2003-02-22   Free video-editing programs coming into their own
2003-03-17   Joint Video Team (JVT) announces Advanced Video Coding H.264  More
2003-09-10   Flash Player 7 - See document
2003-12-26   Macromedia Launches Flash Video Gallery
2003-12-18   QuickTime 6.5

2004-08-17   Macromedia Flash Video
2004-09-02   Windows Media Player 10

2005-04-18   Adobe to Acquire Macromedia - See document  More
2005-08-08   Flash Player 8  More

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