1991-01-16   AT&T survey of demand for wireless communications
1991-10-15   McCaw Cellular Communications' Big Step

1992-07-21   NYNEX Mobile selects AT&T equipment for 400 cell sites
1992-11-04   AT&T, McCaw Cellular negotiating strategic alliance for wireless
1992-11-15   Personal Digital Assistants on Hold - See document
1992-12-10   AT&T protects cellular phone calls from unwanted listeners

1993-01-29   AT&T comments on FCC cellular filing by Bell Atlantic
1993-03-03   AT&T offers wireless digital cellular, personal communications
1993-08-16   AT&T and McCaw Cellular will merge in $12.6 billion transaction
1993-12-01   McCaw Cellular to redeem all outstanding public debt
1993-12-22   AT&T, McCaw and 12 California consumer groups announce accord

1994-01-05   AT&T response to DOJ filing in Bell South McCaw motion
1994-03-01   Southwestern Bell and AT&T to test TDMA wireless system  More
1994-03-02   AT&T to market European voice-to-antenna GSM hardware platform
1994-04-05   Cellular One introduces first voice-activated cellular service
1994-06-22   Key cellular companies to use technology from AT&T Paradyne
1994-07-15   AT&T response to DOJ announcement on AT&T/McCaw Cellular merger
1994-07-19   New line of digital cellular phones from AT&T Consumer Products
1994-07-20   AT&T teams up with Philips to deliver total GSM solution
1994-08-08   Nynex and Bell Atlantic file suit to enjoin AT&T-McCaw merger
1994-08-25   AT&T comments on waiver allowing AT&T/McCaw merger to proceed
1994-08-30   AT&T CDMA breakthrough improves cellular phone voice quality
1994-09-20   AT&T and McCaw Cellular complete largest ever telecom merger  More
1994-11-07   Bell Atlantic/Nynex settle suit against AT&T/McCaw Cellular
1994-11-07   New micro-portable 3770 cellphone with LCD display from AT&T
1994-11-29   McCaw Messaging changing name to AT&T Wireless Services  More
1994-12-09   Qualcomm and Northern Telecom Form Strategic Alliance

1995-01-06   AT&T introduces compact portable cellular flip phone
1995-01-30   GTE Mobilnet using AT&T gear for CDMA market trial in Texas
1995-02-27   McCaw Cellular has nation's first wireless Caller I.D. service
1995-03-09   Successful IS-136 testing with Nokia, Oki Telecom brings PCS one step closer
1995-04-10   McCaw Cellular begins Cellular One transition to AT&T brand
1995-06-06   FCC, UL certifications make Nortel's PCS 1900 first commercially available PCS network
1995-06-07   New software feature offers breakthrough in TDMA digital cellular audio quality
1995-07-05   FCC certification gives Nortel first commercially available PCS 1900 system
1995-07-31   AT&T to offer cellular, paging services via LD channels
1995-08-24   TIA committee rates AT&T CDMA wireless as best in class
1995-10-23   Wireless Caller ID, Message Waiting now in Washington State
1995-12-04   AT&T Wireless Services introduces next generation TDMA
1995-12-05   AT&T cell phone features fraud prevention

1996-01-11   Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems Lowers Roaming Rates
1996-01-15   New Service Allows Drivers To Make Cellular Calls Through Voice- Activated Dialing
1996-01-16   Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, Computer City Sign Cellular Agreement
1996-01-24   AT&T closing nationwide Phone Center stores
1996-02-01   Nortel US$1 Billion Deal To Supply CDMA 1900 PCS Networks, Services  More  More
1996-02-08   Ameritech Goes On Offensive To Fight Cellular Cloning
1996-02-13   Southwestern Bell Now Selling Cellular Long-distance Service
1996-02-19   AT&T Wireless Services eliminates roaming charges
1996-02-21   Ameritech Residential Customers Have A Billing Choice
1996-03-20   Southwestern Bell to Begin Joint-Marketing Cellular and Telephone Network Services
1996-03-25   U.S. cellular market up 30 percent in 1995; AT&T Wireless had top share
1996-03-35   U.S. Cellular Market Exhibits Solid Growth, According to Dataquest
1996-03-25   New digital cell phones access advanced features, extend usefulness
1996-03-25   AT&T Wireless Services to market cell phones from automated kiosks
1996-03-25   Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile launches CDMA service using Lucent Technologies
1996-05-07   AT&T Wireless Services reaches multimillion dollar deal with Ericsson and Lucent
1996-05-09   AT&T Wireless Services rolls out cellular fraud fighting technology
1996-05-29   Lucent wins $300+ million contract for digital cellular telephones
1996-06-27   AT&T Wireless Services Announces Digital PCS Service
1996-08-05   Nokia announces $100 million contract with AT&T Wireless Services
1996-08-12   AT&T Wireless Services increases national coverage area  More
1996-08-28   Nortel Test Reveals CDMA Offers Wireline Telephone Voice Quality
1996-08-29   AT&T Wireless Services launches innovative new website
1996-09-12   Southwestern Bell Integrates Wireless And Landline Phones, Numbers
1996-09-20   Nortel enters North American wireless handset market with all-in-one digital phone
1996-10-02   AT&T First to Launch Wireless Digital PCS Nationwide
1996-10-21   Pathmark stores getting 'AT&T Wireless Express' phone centers
1996-10-30   AT&T Wireless and CBIS sign billing services contract
1996-11-15   AT&T Wireless adds convenience to buying cellular service
1996-11-22   Southwestern Bell Offers Wireless Customers Free Long-Distance Calling on Holidays
1996-12-06   Qualcomm Addresses Ericsson Litigation Over CDMA Technology  More

1997-02-05   A Year After Telecom Law's Signing, Local Markets Open To Competition
1997-02-07   Southwestern Bell Launches "One-Stop" Wireless Shopping in Little Rock
1997-02-13   Southwestern Bell Wireless Announces Texas-Size Calling Area
1997-02-24   Southwestern Bell Links Cellular and Home/Business Voice Mailboxes
1997-02-26   Dataquest Reports a Major Shakeup in the U.S. Digital Handset Market
1997-03-03   Nortel launches CDMA solutions with first commercial rollouts in Sprint PCS network
1997-03-03   Full Rate Codec offers high-quality audio for IS-136 TDMA digital wireless networks
1997-03-10   Southwestern Bell Expands Missouri Airtime Rates Into Arkansas
1997-03-13   Southwestern Bell Provides #800 Free Wireless Calling
1997-03-20   Qualcomm Files Lawsuit Against Ericsson for CDMA Patent Infringement  More
1997-03-21   Southwestern Bell Steps up Fight in Dallas/Fort Worth Against Wireless Phone Fraud
1997-03-25   Southwestern Bell Becomes First to Direct Wireless 9-1-1 Calls to City Police
1997-04-08   7-Eleven Introduces new Prepaid Cellular Service, Calling Cards from Southwestern Bell
1997-04-11   Southwestern Bell Files Long-Distance Application with FCC
1997-04-12   AT&T Wireless Services introduces 'Tri-State at Your Home Rate'
1997-04-16   Southwestern Bell Wireless Launches Caller ID in Arkansas
1997-05-07   Southwestern Bell Unveils Competitive Strategy
1997-05-12   Pilot Elevates Handheld Market to New Heights - See document
1997-05-19   Southwestern Bell Launches Campaign to Enhance Personal Safety
1997-05-22   Southwestern Bell Launches New Wireless Service in Tulsa
1997-06-04   PCS Fuels Wireless Infrastructure Market to Over 60 Percent Growth in 1996
1997-06-06   Qualcomm and Ericsson Settle One of Their Several Lawsuits
1997-06-09   Southwestern Bell Wireless Opens Its First Store On The World Wide Web
1997-06-27   Cellular Phones Go Mainstream
1997-07-31   SBC Announces Strong Growth in Wireless Customers, Business Access Lines
1997-08-21   Southwestern Bell Gives Oklahoma City "One-Stop" Shopping
1997-10-02   Southwestern Bell Expands Direct Wireless 9-1-1 Service To Eastern Missouri Counties
1997-10-16   Southwestern Bell to Hire More Employees at New Customer Response Center
1997-11-03   Southwestern Bell Opens First "One-Stop" Shopping Store In Kansas City
1997-11-04   Competition In Local Telephony: A Look At The Facts, A Plan For The Future
1997-12-04   Southwestern Bell Provides Retailers With Self-Service Wireless "Go-Kits"
1997-12-04   Southwestern Bell Opens Wireless Store At Odessa 'HEB' Grocery

1998-01-05   Southern New England Telecommunications to Merge with SBC Communications
1998-02-09   Worldwide Customer Service and Support Apps Market Grew 47 Percent - See document
1998-02-19   Southwestern Bell Wireless Introduces Revolutionary Flat-Rate Pricing
1998-02-23   Pacific Bell Mobile Services Signs Contract To Commercially Deploy "Wildfire"
1998-04-01   Southwestern Bell Offers South Texas Customers Added Value With Wireless Rewards
1998-04-23   Pacific Bell Mobile Services Opens Sacramento "Smart" PCS Retail Store
1998-04-24   Southwestern Bell Opens $26 Million Call Center
1998-04-28   Southwestern Bell Expands Wireless Service in Missouri
1998-05-11   SBC Communications and Ameritech to Merge
1998-05-22   Southwestern Bell Launches Digital Wireless Service In Little Rock, Northwest Arkansas
1998-05-26   Worldwide Handheld Market Grew 65 Percent in 1997 - See document
1998-08-17   U.S. Digital Handset Market Grew 283 Percent in 1997
1998-08-20   Pacific Bell Mobile Services' Pure Digital Wireless Service #1 In Performance
1998-10-20   Ericsson Drops Three "Essential" Patents from Lawsuit Against Qualcomm
1998-10-22   SBC-Ameritech Merger Will 'Jumpstart Competition'
1998-10-29   AT&T launches online store for wireless products and services
1998-12-01   SNET Wireless Customers May Log on to Internet to Request Service
1998-12-03   U.S. Digital Handset Sales Have Surpassed Analog Handsets in 1998
1998-12-07   Pacific Bell Wireless' Newest Technology Ready to Spread Like "Wildfire"
1998-12-10   Qualcomm Responds to Dataquest Market Study
1998-12-18   Reading Your Southwestern Bell Phone Bill

1999-01-20   SBC Communications Announces Plans To Acquire Comcast Cellular Corporation
1999-02-08   Nokia Became No. 1 Mobile Phone Vendor in 1998
1999-02-08   Worldwide Handheld Market Grew 61 Percent in 1998 - See document
1999-03-15   Pacific Bell Hiring Soars for Customer Service Jobs
1999-05-03   Wireless Manners Needed More Than Ever: Etiquette Expert Offers Common-Sense Tips
1999-05-18   Pacific Bell Wireless Pure Digital Service #1 in Call Performance in San Diego  More
1999-06-08   GartnerGroup's Dataquest Outlines the Landscape for Mobile Phone Users in Europe
1999-07-12   CDMA Was Best-Selling Mobile Handset Technology During First Quarter 1999

2000-02-08   Mobile Phone Sales Increased 65 Percent in 1999
2000-04-05   BellSouth, SBC Create Nation's 2nd Largest Wireless Company
2000-05-10   Qualcomm and Sprint Commence U.S. Trials for Third Generation CDMA 1xMC Solution
2000-08-09   China Became Largest Cellular Market in Asia/Pacific During First Quarter 2000
2000-08-30   DOJ Clears BellSouth And SBC Communications Wireless Joint Venture
2000-09-29   FCC Approve SBC Communications and BellSouth Corporation License Transfers
2000-10-02   BellSouth and SBC Communications Complete Combination of Wireless Businesses
2000-10-05   It's Cingular. New Nationwide Wireless Service is Born
2000-11-02   Cingular, VoiceStream to Swap Wireless Spectrum Covering Over 35 Million People

2001-01-23   Cingular Wireless Debuts Major Branding Campaign - January 14
2001-02-15   Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Increased 46 Percent in 2000
2001-02-21   Cingular Wireless Tops 20 Million Wireless Voice Customers
2001-03-07   Cingular Wireless Launches Service, GSM Technology, 50 New Stores
2001-03-07   Telecom Equipment Manufacturer Ranking for 2000
2001-06-13   Verizon Wireless Rated Highest Satisfaction Among Business Users
2001-08-14   Cingular Customers Can Roam In Canada Using Corporate E-mail PLUS
2001-08-27   Cingular Wireless First to Deliver 2.5G Services to Consumers
2001-09-11   Cingular Wireless Brings Corporate E-mail To GPRS Business Customers In Seattle
2001-10-03   Cingular Wireless to Offer Services through Circuit City Superstores Nationwide
2001-10-15   Cingular, VoiceStream to Share Wireless Networks in New York, California and Nevada
2001-10-25   Cingular Wireless to Deliver 2.5G Services to Consumers in Southeast and Las Vegas
2001-12-05   Cingular Wireless First To Implement Inter-Carrier Roaming

2002-01-28   Cingular Powers New Palm i705 Wireless Handheld
2002-01-29   Cingular SMS Traffic Increases 450% in Six Months
2002-02-13   Worldwide PDA Industry Grew 18 Percent in 2001 - See document
2002-03-04   Cingular Further Simplifies National Pricing
2002-03-11   Cingular Customers Access Corporate E-mail Wirelessly on Phones
2002-03-11   Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales in 2001 Declined for First Time in Industry's History
2002-03-18   Cingular Powers Next Generation of Wireless Devices
2002-03-18   Audiovox Thēra & Verizon Wireless
2002-05-14   Cingular Expands Xpress Mail Product Suite to Offer Premier Corporate E-mail Service
2002-05-06   HP Jornada 920 Series  [PDF]
2002-07-11   Cingular Wireless Debuts in New York City City
2002-07-31   Siemens SX56 & AT&T Wireless  More
2002-08-06   Cingular Wireless and WorldCom Complete Agreement To Transition Customers
2002-08-19   Cingular Takes Rollover Nationwide
2002-08-26   SBC Pacific Bell Launches Packages of Cingular with Local Service on Single Bill
2002-08-27   Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Showed Signs of Rebounding
2002-09-25   Samsung and Cingular Wireless Announce New Business Relationship
2002-10-21   Siemens and Cingular Wireless Will Market CT56 GSM Phone in the United States
2002-11-06   Motorola and Cingular Wireless Collaborate to Offer Innovative New Handsets
2002-12-06   Cingular Launches Gift Card Program
2002-12-17   Cingular Meets 2002 Commitment: Expands GSM/GPRS Network

2003-01-27   Worldwide PDA Market Suffers Through a Dismal Year in 2002 - See document
2003-02-10   Cingular and RIM provide Next Generation wireless path for Blackberry customers
2003-02-10   Cingular expands corporate e-mail offerings with G100 handheld
2003-02-10   Cingular Wireless Adds Two New Siemens Phones Loaded with Style and Features
2003-02-11   Cingular Wireless offers business customers a migration solution from Mobitex to 3G
2003-02-17   Samsung SGH-i700
2003-03-05   Don't Touch That Dial - Voice Connect Cingular Customers
2003-03-10   Fourth Quarter Sales Lead Mobile Phone Market to 6 Percent Growth in 2002
2003-03-17   Hitachi G1000, Samsung SPH-i700 & Sprint  More
2003-07-16   Mobile Operators Remain Cautious About Investing in New Infrastructure
2003-09-09   Cingular Wireless, SBC Communications, And BellSouth Introduce FastForward
2003-09-14   Motorola MPx200  More  More
2003-03-13   AT&T Wireless and Cingular Wireless Complete Joint Venture
2003-09-10   Samsung SPH i700 & Verizon Wireless  More  [PDF]
2003-09-14   Motorola MPx200 & AT&T Wireless  More  More
2003-10-20   Cingular Wireless Ahead of Schedule in GSM/GPRS Network Conversion

2004-01-21   Cingular Wireless Launches Network Expansion And Customer Service Initiatives
2004-01-30   Worldwide PDA Industry Suffers 5 Percent Shipment Decline in 2003 - See document
2004-02-17   Cingular To Acquire AT&T Wireless, Create Nation's Premier Carrier
2004-03-10   Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Increased 21 Percent in 2003
2004-07-26   HP iPaq Pocket PC h6315  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
2004-10-12   SBC Companies Deliver New, Simplified Phone Bill
2004-10-25   U.S. Department of Justice to Allow Cingular - AT&T Wireless Merger to Proceed
2004-10-26   Cingular Completes Merger With AT&T Wireless  More  More
2004-12-15   T-Mobile MDA III  More  [PDF]

2005-01-05   Motorola MPx220, Siemens SX66, Audiovox SMT5600 & Cingular Wireless
2005-01-31   SBC To Acquire AT&T
2005-02-14   Worldwide PDA Shipments Grew 7 Percent in 2004 - See document  More
2005-03-05   Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales to 30 Percent Growth in 2004
2005-05-23   T-Mobile MDA Compact  More  [PDF]
2005-10-20   T-Mobile MDA Pro  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]

2006-02-09   Cingular 8100 Series  More  [PDF]
2006-03-02   Verizon XV6700  More  [PDF]

2007-01-09   Apple Chooses Cingular as Exclusive US Carrier for Its Revolutionary iPhone
2007-06-26   AT&T and Apple Announce Simple, Affordable Service Plans for iPhone
2007-09-18   Apple Chooses O2 as Exclusive Carrier for iPhone in UK  More
2007-09-19   Apple and T-Mobile Announce Exclusive Partnership for iPhone in Germany  More
2007-10-18   Apple Chooses Orange as Exclusive Carrier for iPhone in France

2008-10-22   T-Mobile Launches the Highly Anticipated T-Mobile G1

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