Linux - Early User Groups

1992-05-19   How many Linux users?
1992-09-12   57.6Kbps under Linux - See document
1992-09-23   Porting Linux to the Amiga
1992-10-09   Amiga Linux Kernel Release 0.00
1992-11-23   680X0
1992-12-04   Porting to Amiga
1992-12-08   Calling the author of the DOS emulator

1993-01-11   Channel 680X0 digest
1993-02-22   680x0 Linux FAQ
1993-03-02   Sunsite statistics and the popularity of Linux
1993-05-13   Sydney Linux users Group
1993-09-15   Linux/68k 0.05.1
1993-09-30   Counting Linux users: an attempt

1994-01-31   Linux/68k Version 0.07 Available
1994-05-22   NJ computer user's group Linux-related SIG
1994-06-07   First meeting of metropolitan DC Linux User group
1994-06-10   First Meeting Linux User Group Switzerland
1994-07-17   Salt Lake Linux Users Group
1994-07-22   Boston Computer Society Linux SIG
1994-08-06   Phoenix Linux User's Group
1994-08-08   Australian Linux Users Group List
1994-08-22   First Meeting of the Toronto Linux Users Group
1994-09-09   Linux Meeting in Belgium
1994-09-09   Linux User Group for the UK
1994-09-13   Linux Users Group in S. Illinois
1994-10-03   NYC Linux Meeting at Unix Expo
1994-10-12   Meeting for Linux Enthusiasts in Atlanta
1994-10-20   FAQ 68k port kernel
1994-10-24   Santa Cruz, CA, USA Linux User Group Forming
1994-10-31   Linux User Group in Manassas Virginia
1994-11-11   Philadelphia Area Computer Society discusses Linux
1994-11-18   Italian Linux users' group
1994-12-03   Linux Users Group Meeting in Jerusalem
1994-12-14   Dayton, Ohio Linux User Group
1994-12-14   Central Texas Linux User Group

1995-06-21   Patch 1 for version 1.2.10 of Linux/68k
1995-10-13   The Linux/68k meeting in Solingen

1996-01-04   Linux/68k FAQ
1996-02-xx   The sound and the fury  More  More  [PDF]
1996-07-12   The 1st Linux/68k meeting in Oldenburg
1996-10-24   Linux 2.0 for Motorola 68000-based systems
1996-11-17   Linux/m68k v2.0.25

1997-07-30   Personal Workstation  More
1997-08-01   Linux/m68k Statistics
1997-09-19   The 2nd Linux/68k meeting in Oldenburg

1998-06-15   Rally at Win98 release party  More
1998-06-25   Linux Revolt of '98  More  More  More  More  More  More  More
1998-06-28   Launch Win98 on a Rocket  More
1998-09-14   Google at BALUG  More
1998-10-08   Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) - See document  [PDF]  More  More
1998-11-11   Keep up pressure on Microsoft  More  More  More

1999-01-14   NY Linux Users Group  More  More  More  More
1999-01-21   Demonstrations, pamphlets, law work, Refund Day  More
1999-01-28   Fans of Linux Plan to March On Microsoft  More  More
1999-02-12   NY Windows Refund Day  More  More  More  More
1999-02-15   Windows Refund Day  [YouTube]  More  More  More  More  More  More  [YouTube]
1999-04-15   Linux/m68k Statistics
1999-08-11   New York Linux Users Group at IBM Building  More
1999-08-28   Bob Young to speak at LXNY meeting  More
1999-07-09   Conference of Australian Linux Users  More

2000-03-17   Exemption to Prohibition on Copyright Protection Systems Circumvention - See document  More
2000-03-21   Linux Users to Protest DMCA in Washington, DC  More
2000-04-24   Linux users to protest the DMCA  More  More  More  More  More
2000-05-18   DMCA protest at Stanford University  More
2000-07-17   NY Linux Users Demonstrate at DVD Trial  More  More

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