Unix - BSD

1968-10-24   Students seize Berkeley office - See document  [PDF]
1968-10-25   Police recapture Berkeley hall - See document  More  More  [PDFs]

1969-05-16   Shotguns, tear gas disperse rioters near Berkeley - See document  More  More  [PDFs]
1969-05-20   Faculty stages a Berkeley vigil - See document  More  More  [PDFs]
1969-05-22   Faculty boycott is on at Berkeley - See document  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1969-05-27   March at Berkeley - See document  More  More  More  [PDFs]

1970-04-26   Colleges urged to develop better links to students - See document  [PDF]
1970-10-25   "I had a nightmare ... I owned a Laundromat in Berkeley" - See document  [PDF]

1978-01-xx   Berkeley Unix Software Tape  [PDF]

1979-04-xx   Second Distribution of Berkeley Software for Unix  [PDF]

1980-01-xx   Berkeley Software for UNIX (Third BSD)  More  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1980-10-xx   The Case for the Reduced Instruction Set Computer - See document  [PDF]
1980-11-10   Berkeley Software for UNIX (Fourth BSD)  More  More  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1980-11-10   UNIX Project Funding Imminent  [PDF]

1981-05-10   Bug fixes and changes in 4.1bsd  [PDF]
1981-11-xx   Design of an Interface to a Programming System  [PDF]

1982-04-16   Bill Joy's plans

1983-07-25   Changes to the Kernel in 4.2BSD  More  [PDFs]
1983-08-06   Unix System V and 4.1C BSD  More
1983-09-27   Reliability data on Sun Workstations wanted - See document
1983-11-15   Nat'l Inst's of Health site - See document

1984-01-29   Debate in Berkeley focuses on salute to the flag - See document
1984-03-09   Timezone rationalization requested - See document
1984-03-13   4.2BSD manuals
1984-03-18   4.2 BSD site list as of 17 Mar 84
1984-08-xx   Benchmarking Unix Systems - See document  [PDF]  More  More  More  More
1984-08-21   Critiques of 4.2 documentation
1984-08-24   Bell/Berkeley comparisons
1984-10-08   4.2BSD Manual Availability
1984-10-26   Time zones in other countries - See document
1984-12-15   Computing Facilities at UCSD - See document

1985-02-18   BSD  [YouTube]
1985-02-18   Sun Microsystems  [YouTube]
1985-02-25   A Weakness in the 4.2BSD Unix TCP/IP Software  [PDF]
1985-08-xx   4.2BSD window system
1985-11-06   Daylight Saving Time - See document

1986-01-02   Time zones - See document  More
1986-02-01   Problems Implementing Window Systems in 4.2BSD  [PDF]
1986-02-11   Proposal for timezone - See document  More
1986-03-06   Sequent Computer  [YouTube]
1986-03-07   Time conversion / time zone system - See document
1986-04-16   Changes to the Kernel in 4.3BSD  More  [PDFs]
1986-07-17   RFC.001 Timezones - See document  More  More  More
1986-09-26   Massive Unix breakins at Stanford
1986-09-27   Announcing the availability of 4.3BSD Usenix manuals
1986-11-24   New versions of time zone stuff - See document

1987-01-13   Time zone mailing list - See document
1987-02-28   Public domain (table driven) "localtime" - See document  More  More  More
1987-06-xx   Berkeley Unix Going Through Changes
1987-06-xx   Virtual Memory Architecture in SunOS  [PDF]
1987-07-26   4.3 BSD networking
1987-08-04   Mach, the new standard?  More  More

1988-01-xx   Inventing the wheel only once  [PDF]
1988-06-15   4.3BSD-tahoe release, code not derived from AT&T
1988-07-20   Notes on the BSD network speedups
1988-11-03   Internet virus alert  More
1988-11-07   Password aging  More
1988-11-21   Unix Security
1988-11-21   FTP Performance
1988-12-07   BSD Networking Software, Release #1
1988-12-08   The Internet Worm Program: An Analysis  [PDF]

1989-xx-xx   Study of the Reliability of Unix Utilities  [PDF]
1989-02-14   SunOS Internals: Data Structures and Algorithms
1989-04-18   BSD  [YouTube]
1989-05-03   SO_KEEPALIVE considered harmful?
1989-06-09   Sun tutorials
1989-07-13   UUNET Source archives available on tape

1990-03-28   NextStep Receives Fluegelman Award
1990-07-06   4.3BSD-Reno
1990-08-19   Mach Workshop Announcement  More
1990-09-18   Next Computer  More  [YouTube]
1990-09-18   Next Computer  More  More  More  [YouTube]
1990-10-15   McKusick/Karels Unix Internals Course September 1991
1990-11-29   Unix-Time the right way - See document

1991-xx-xx   Next Computer  More  [YouTube]
1991-xx-xx   SunOS 5.0 System Administration - See document  More  [PDFs]
1991-01-02   386BSD Unix  More  More
1991-04-29   The Steven Jobs Reality Distortion Field
1991-07-03   BSD Networking Software, Release #2
1991-09-07   Time Zone Abbreviation Standards - See document
1991-09-19   The Internet Worm Incident  [PDF]
1991-10-22   Full Program for SUG  More

1992-01-03   BSD Networking Software, Release #2 at funet.fi  More  More  More
1992-02-02   Source Code Level 4.4BSD UNIX Kernel Internals Class
1992-03-11   386BSD announcement, FTP sites, BSDI  More  More  More  More
1992-03-19   Jolitz: The Road Not Taken  More
1992-04-23   Info on BSDI's BSD/386 port  More
1992-04-28   386BSD, a guided tour by Bill Jolitz
1992-06-09   fpu compiler  More  More
1992-06-12   CSRG disbanding as of 4.4BSD  More  More  More  More  More
1992-06-20   Daylight Savings time in the UK - See document
1992-06-24   Honesty with 386BSD 0.1
1992-08-11   386BSD on CD-ROM
1992-08-21   net2
1992-09-03   4.4BSD-Alpha Release  More
1992-09-08   386BSD, new newsgroup
1992-10-13   "Unforking" Sun SLC under Sun OS 4.1.2
1992-10-21   BSD Net/2 Distribution by UCB/CSRG Suspended
1992-10-28   Electronic definitions of timezone - See document
1992-11-12   Daylight/Std Time & Time Zones - See document
1992-12-01   386BSD + LINUX + GNU + X11R5 on CDROM
1992-12-29   timezones - See document

1993-01-08   col.hp.com - See document  More
1993-01-17   timezone function - See document
1993-01-19   BSDI BSD/386 Ported Software List
1993-01-25   386BSD: the first year
1993-04-03   386BSD FAQ
1993-04-14   The PC532 is dead, long live the PC532 - See document  More
1993-05-07   Global timezone picture - See document
1993-06-01   386BSD
1993-06-03   Looking for time zone info - See document
1993-06-29   4.4BSD Release
1993-07-03   Solaris 2.x time zone bugs (esp. Britain, Israel, S. Korea) - See document
1993-08-04   BSD T-Shirts
1993-08-05   Unix for 486
1993-09-06   Where are the zoneinfo sources? - See document
1993-09-27   BSD-based UNIX Internals Class
1993-10-05   Adding TimeZones to 100LX W. Time - See document
1993-11-02   XFree86-2.0 Binaries for BSD/386 1.0  More  More
1993-11-09   Time zones on Ultrix - See document
1993-11-16   Timezone bug - See document
1993-11-22   Time Zone on HP - See document

1994-01-20   Card to install into the motherboard  More
1994-02-07   4.4BSD lite sources
1994-02-08   About the Legal Settlement
1994-02-11   What's new in BSD/386 V1.1
1994-02-14   Could the BSD 4.4 Lite be a new beginning?
1994-02-25   Motif requires a licensed product
1994-04-03   Where's 386BSD 1.1 Release ?
1994-04-14   *BSD illegal?
1994-04-20   4.4BSD-Lite distribution
1994-04-22   Daylight saving time in UW1.1 - See document
1994-05-12   pcmcia "driver"
1994-06-17   How to determine when daylight savings time switches? - See document
1994-06-20   Where can I get time zone data? - See document
1994-07-14   BSD-based Unix Internals Class
1994-07-24   Legal status of NetBSD
1994-08-09   386BSD 1.0 Design and features
1994-08-23   The passing of ucbvax
1994-09-02   When Does Daylight Savings Time Change? - See document
1994-10-27   TimeZone and SGI - See document
1994-11-03   Standardized names for Time Zones - See document
1994-11-14   Time zones - See document
1994-12-08   Unix Internals Class

1995-03-25   FreeBSD, the name
1995-06-08   Why does strftime() nad others return in GMT? - See document
1995-06-09   Timezone silliness - See document
1995-07-26   Daylight Savings Time - See document
1995-07-29   Timezone on VMS - See document
1995-08-20   Time Zone Question - See document
1995-09-07   How can I fix my timezone in Exchange? - See document  More
1995-10-03   Setting Daylight savings time for New Zealand - See document  More
1995-11-25   NetBSD camp reaction to OpenBSD
1995-11-29   Bdale Garbee - See document  More  More
1995-12-12   4.4BSD Kernel Internals Class

1996-02-06   AUUG Canberra Summer Conference and Workshops 96
1996-02-08   4.4BSD Book T-shirts
1996-05-20   Presentation by Dr. McKusick
1996-08-27   BSDI Outperforms Windows NT  More
1996-08-28   BSDI vs. NT
1996-09-16   HP300 NetBSD port

1997-12-01   FreeBSD 3.0 release?

1998-06-19   Usenix New Orleans
1998-09-17   AUUG 1998 Conference
1998-12-12   History of Unix by Éric Lévénez

1999-01-xx   Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix
1999-02-13   Alan Cox Interview - See Alan Cox Interview  More
1999-04-09   The Oldest Free OS
1999-09-10   Beyond Linux, Free Systems Help Build The Web

2000-06-19   BSD SMP meeting
2000-07-09   History of Unix by Éric Lévénez  More  More  More
2000-09-12   Does *BSD run on S390?

2001-06-25   Jordan Hubbard joins Apple Computer
2001-06-26   Usenix
2001-06-30   FreeBSD kernel summit
2001-09-27   DARPA Awards $2.1 Million To U of Pennsylvania, OpenBSD, Apache, OpenSSL
2001-10-08   The Big BSD Interview

2002-06-01   History of Unix by Éric Lévénez  More  More  More  PDFs:  More  More

2003-02-03   Matt Dillion Barred from FreeBSD Kernel
2003-04-06   U.S. military helps fund Calgary hacker
2003-04-17   DARPA cancellation  More  More  More  More  More
2003-04-28   Focus on FreeBSD: Interview with the Core Team
2003-11-18   Why SCO will soon be going after BSD  More

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