Free Software

1983-09-27   New Unix implementation  More  More  More

1985-03-21   The GNU Manifesto
1985-06-12   Full time GNU hacker wanted
1985-08-05   Free Software Foundation

1986-03-25   GNU Service Directory
1986-04-27   Distributing GNU
1986-07-xx   Richard Stallman interview
1986-10-24   Additions to GNU/FSF Services Directory

1987-01-30   How to get GNU Software by Internet FTP  More
1987-12-02   Tech writer wanted

1988-05-14   Gnu C and C++ on iAPX286/386 machines  More
1988-06-04   How to get GNU Software by Internet FTP

1989-02-20   GNU Project electronic mailing lists
1989-02-21   People to offer support services for GNU software
1989-07-04   GNU Service Directory
1989-10-12   Work for GNU

1990-03-01   Cygnus Support provides commercial support for GNU C++  More  More  More
1990-06-19   The Software Patent Crisis
1990-07-26   Against Software Patents  [PDF]  More  More  [PDF]
1990-07-27   Imagine if you couldn't use compress any more
1990-09-09   GNU and the issue of support
1990-11-11   GNU kernel status
1990-12-11   Software patents

1991-01-01   How to get GNU Software by Internet FTP
1991-01-16   GNU Service Directory
1991-02-28   Against Software Patents  [PDF]
1991-05-06   FSF work on a GNU OS
1991-07-13   Easy way to reply to PTO request for comments  More  More
1991-09-xx   Why Patents Are Bad for Software  [PDF]  More
1991-09-24   Memorandum to Members of the X Consortium
1991-11-18   Rob Pike gives talk at MIT and is picketed by programmers

1993-01-08   Copyleft vs Public Domain
1993-02-18   Funding the FSF
1993-05-01   First GNU CD-ROM from the Free Software Foundation
1993-06-xx   Oracle Corporation Patent Policy
1993-11-02   Hurd status and call for volunteers

1994-01-27   For submission to the Patent & Trademark Office  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]
1994-04-05   Hurd now bootstraps
1994-05-18   GNU Hurd Task List and Call for Volunteers
1994-12-xx   GNU Service Directory

1995-07-23   New Hurd Snapshot
1995-08-04   Sys Admin/Release Builder for the FSF Distribution Office

1996-07-13   Hurd 0.0 release status
1996-08-05   Hurd 0.0 and GNU 0.0 released
1996-09-06   Why Software Should Not Have Owners

1997-06-09   GNU Hurd version 0.2 released
1997-06-16   Version 0.2 of the complete GNU system released
1997-09-18   RMS lecture at KTH (Sweden) October 30 1986
1997-09-27   Richard Stallman talks about GNU  [WMA]  About Linux  [WMA]  More  More  More

1998-08-05   Free Software Needs Free Documentation  More
1998-08-19   GNU Hurd information
1998-11-01   Why Software Should Be Free

1999-05-20   Building a Digital Commons - Listen  [WMA]
1999-09-12   New Documentation License--Comments Requested
1999-12-23   Saving Europe from Software Patents

2000-01-10   Red Hat Completes Cygnus Acquisition

2001-04-19   Copyright and Globalization in the Age of Computer Networks  [OGG]  [WMAMore
2001-08-18   Richard Stallman  [YouTube]

2003-06-29   SCO, GNU and Linux
2003-08-18   FSF's Position regarding SCO  More  More  More  More  More
2003-11-05   Free Software Foundation Subpoena  [PDF]  More

2004-04-12   Lawrence Lessig elected to FSF Board of Directors
2004-05-24   The danger of software patents  [YouTube]  More  More  More  [YouTube]

2005-02-12   FSF announces new Executive Director Peter T. Brown
2005-03-11   Free Software Foundation Leadership

2006-03-18   The Future of Free Software  [YouTube]
2006-09-22   Free Software Foundation Leadership

2007-10-11   Free Software Foundation Leadership
2007-10-12   Interview with Richard Stallman  [OGG]  [WMA]
2007-10-29   Copyleft Capitalism: GPLv3 & Future of Software  [YouTube]
2007-12-19   Interview with Richard Stallman

2008-02-28   End Software Patents (ESP) Project Formed to Eliminate Software Patents
2008-04-28   Free Software Foundation Leadership

2009-02-23 Phase II  More
2009-04-13   Stallman discusses Free Software and GPLv3

2011-03-07   FSF announces new executive director

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