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1997-09-02   RIM receives equity investment from Intel Corporation

1999-01-19   Research In Motion Introduces BlackBerry

2000-04-11   Research In Motion Introduces Enhancements To BlackBerry Wireless Email Solution

2001-03-13   Installation and Getting Started Guide  More  [PDFs]
2001-05-17   Research In Motion Receives Wireless Patent On BlackBerry Single Mailbox Integration
2001-06-04   Research In Motion Debuts Wireless Handheld Based on Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition

2002-03-04   RIM Introduces Java-Based BlackBerry Handheld With Integrated Phone for GSM/GPRS
2002-03-25   RIM Introduces BlackBerry Development Environment For The Java Platform  More
2002-08-27   Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Showed Signs of Rebounding
2002-10-16   RIM Introduces BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds With Integrated Speaker/Microphone
2002-11-08   Nokia and Research In Motion Sign BlackBerry Software Licensing Agreement
2002-12-03   RIM Introduces New BlackBerry Wireless Handheld
2002-12-05   RIM Introduces First BlackBerry Wireless Handheld For CDMA2000 1X Networks

2003-03-17   RIM Introduces BlackBerry 6210 Wireless Handheld in North America  More
2003-03-17   Research In Motion Introduces 'BlackBerry Connect' Licensing Program
2003-05-06   PalmSource, RIM to Extend BlackBerry Wireless Email, Data Connectivity
2003-08-11   World-Capable Color BlackBerry 7230 From RIM Arrives in United States  More
2003-10-22   Cingular Wireless and RIM Demonstrate Color BlackBerry 7280 at CTIA Conference

2004-01-29   Samsung and RIM to Offer BlackBerry Connectivity for Samsung Wireless Handhelds
2004-02-23   Sony Ericsson, RIM Announce BlackBerry Connectivity Support in P900 Smartphone
2004-03-22   New Developer Tools to Enable Rich Wireless Content on BlackBerry Handhelds
2004-03-22   RIM Introduces New Color BlackBerry Handheld for CDMA2000 1X
2004-04-25   Cingular Wireless and RIM Introduce New BlackBerry Handhelds
2004-05-18   PalmSource and RIM Introduce BlackBerry Connect for Palm OS
2004-08-16   Sprint and Research In Motion Announce Plans to Offer BlackBerry  More
2004-09-07   BlackBerry Connect Solution to be Offered on Symbian OS-based Nokia Series 80
2004-09-08   T-Mobile USA and RIM Introduce The New BlackBerry 7100t
2004-09-16   RIM Introduces Breakthrough Keyboard Technology for Smaller Handsets
2004-09-28   Cingular Wireless and RIM Introduce The BlackBerry 7290 for International Travelers
2004-11-30   RIM Introduces New Java Developer Tools For BlackBerry

2005-02-07   Verizon Wireless Launches New BlackBerry 7250 For Mobile Professionals
2005-02-10   Cingular Introduces New Quad-Band BlackBerry 7100g
2005-03-11   T-Mobile USA Welcomes A New Member To The BlackBerry Family
2005-03-14   HTC And RIM To Provide BlackBerry Connect On Windows Mobile-Based Devices
2005-06-22   New Sprint PCS Smart Device — BlackBerry 7250
2005-09-28   RIM and Cingular Introduce BlackBerry Connect
2005-10-13   T-Mobile USA and RIM Launch The New BlackBerry 7105t
2005-10-14   Sprint and RIM Launch BlackBerry 7100 Series for the Nextel National Network
2005-11-01   BlackBerry 8700c Accelerates in the Cingular Fast Lane
2005-11-21   Verizon Wireless Brings BroadbandAccess To New BlackBerry 7130e

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