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1979-04-xx   VisiCalc ad - See document  More  More  More  [PDFs]

1980-09-xx   VisiCalc ad - See document  More  [PDFs]
1980-10-xx   VisiCalc now runs on PETs and Atari machines - See document  [PDF]

1981-05-xx   VisiCalc for TRS-80 computers ad - See document  [PDF]

1982-03-xx   VisiCalc ad - See document  [PDF]
1982-06-07   VisiCalc's creator goes it alone
1982-12-xx   Lotus 1-2-3 product description  [PDF]
1982-12-13   New software takes the drudgery out

1983-10-07   Lotus public offering gets warm welcome
1983-12-xx   Visicorp announced Visicalc IV for the IBM PC and XT - See document

1984-02-08   Lotus to unveil software product
1984-02-26   How a software winner went sour
1984-09-18   Visicalc lawsuit is settled  More
1984-10-12   Lotus names Mitchell D. Kapor its Chairman and Chief

1985-02-25   Coming of age at Lotus: Software's child prodigy grows up
1985-04-09   Lotus Development will acquire Software Arts  More

1986-02-xx   1-2-3 Release 2 ad  [PDF]
1986-02-10   Will Lotus ever learn to count past 1-2-3?
1986-04-08   Lotus names Jim Manzi to additional post of Chief Executive
1986-07-11   Lotus's Mitchell D. Kapor decides to call it quits  More  More

1987-01-01   "1-2-3" creator Mitch Kapor - See document
1987-04-09   Copyright suit fights Lotus 1-2-3
1987-11-16   Jim Manzi has transformed the freewheeling software maker
1987-11-18   Mitchell D. Kapor forms a company - See document

1988-05-30   Mitch Kapor's well-greased dream machine - See document
1988-07-04   Teaching discipline to six-year-old Lotus
1988-09-07   Judge hears arguments on software legal rights  More
1988-09-11   High-tech rebel Mitchell D. Kapor - See document
1988-11-08   Judge clears Lotus in copyright case  More

1989-03-06   Claim against Lotus dismissed by court
1989-05-22   Kapor: Computers must be easier to use - See document
1989-07-01   Dan Brincklin interview - See document

1990-01-22   First Mac product by Mitchell Kapor - See document
1990-03-07   Mitchell Kapor cautions against copyright protections for ideas - See document  More
1990-05-11   Creating new software was agonizing task for Mitch Kapor firm - See document
1990-05-30   Mitchell Kapor eyes legal aid for hackers - See document
1990-07-11   Kapor for the defense in computer field - See document
1990-09-xx   Litigation vs. Innovation - See document  More  [PDF]

1991-02-15   SAPC v Lotus and Mitchell D. Kapor
1991-09-xx   Why patents are bad for software - See document  [PDF]  More

1992-03-12   Why patents are bad for software - See document

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