Personal Computers - Xerox

1972-08-xx   A personal computer for children of all ages  [PDF]

1974-12-xx   Alto: A personal computer system  [PDF]

1975-07-22   Computer making ends at Xerox - See document  More  More  [PDFs]  More
1975-08-31   Palo Alto Research Center organizational chart  [PDF]
1975-10-14   Layoffs announced by Xerox - See document  [PDF]

1976-05-31   Palo Alto Research Center organizational chart  [PDF]

1997-01-xx   A methodology for user interface design  [PDF]
1997-01-18   System software organization  [PDF]
1977-04-xx   Home text editing - See document  [PDF]
1977-04-18   Pilot, Mesa status report  [PDF]
1997-07-20   Bravo progress report  More  [PDFs]
1977-09-xx   Smalltalk kernel language manual  {PDF]
1977-10-18   Pilot status report  More  [PDFs]
1997-12-14   Alto hardware engineering changes  [PDF]
1997-12-31   Xerox proprietary information  [PDF, page 2]

1978-01-18   Pilot status report  More  More  [PDFs]
1978-02-xx   Xerox Alto Network  [PDF]
1978-02-28   Intellectual property related to Alto  [PDF, page 1]
1978-03-31   Mesa status  [PDF, page 1]
1978-04-26   Project coordination (Bob Metcalfe)  [PDF]
1978-05-25   Pilot implementation work plan  [PDF]
1978-06-xx   The Alto user's primer  [PDF]
1978-08-xx   Xerox Alto network  [PDF]
1978-10-23   Xerox Business Systems organizational chart  [PDF]
1978-11-03   A response to the Star LSI workstation goals - See document  [PDF]

1979-01-24   Pilot progress  More  [PDFs]
1979-02-12   Systems software reorganization  More  More  [PDFs]
1979-02-23   Workstation structure - See document  [PDF]
1979-04-30   Pilot: An operating system for a personal computer  More  [PDFs]
1979-05-xx   Alto: A personal computer system, hardware manual  [PDF]  More  [YouTube]
1979-05-xx   Engineering response to the Star LSI workstation goals - See document  [PDF]
1979-06-xx   National Alto network  [PDF]
1979-08-07   Alto: A personal computer  [PDF]
1979-08-30   University grant notice  [PDF, page 5]
1979-10-22   Xerox Business Systems organizational chart  [PDF]
1979-11-07   Information Management Exposition and Conference report  [PDF, page 10]

1980-07-18   Xerox Business Systems organizational chart  [PDF]
1980-09-xx   Stanford Alto user's manual  More  [PDFs]
1980-11-11   UNET, standard communication protocols for Unix - See document  [PDF]

1981-04-27   Xerox Personal Information System - See document  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]  More  More
1981-08-xx   Introduction to the Smalltalk system - See document  More  More  More  [PDF]
1981-09-xx   The Xerox Alto computer  [PDF]  More

1982-04-xx   Designing the Star User Interface - See document  More  [PDFs]
1982-07-xx   A Device Independent Graphics Imaging Model - See document  [PDF]
1982-11-xx   Office Systems Technology - See document  [PDF]

1983-10-17   Xerox is trying to brighten its Star - See document

1984-02-15   Xerox Unveils 2 Star System Models - See document  More  [PDF]
1984-05-11   Xerox Canada Will Sell Apple Computers in 21 Stores - See document  More

1985-02-xx   Adobe Systems and the Postscript language - See document
1985-02-06   Xerox delivering software for Ethernet Network-Star System - See document
1985-02-13   Larry Tesler interview - See document  [YouTube]
1985-04-xx   The Xerox 6085 Professional Computer System - See document  [PDF]
1985-04-30   Xerox introduces the 6085 Professional Computer - See document  More  More  More

1986-01-08   Xerox introduces new office systems products - See document

1988-06-xx   Xerox 8010 Information System, hardware reference - See document  [PDF]

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