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1993-11-14   The Internet  [YouTube]

1994-06-11   The WebCrawler Index: A content-based Web index
1994-08-14   Announcing the Lycos WWW Search Engine
1994-09-20   Yahoo demo  More

1995-02-13   Infoseek Launches First One-Stop Internet Source for Information
1995-03-xx   Inside Architext
1995-04-10   Yahoo! Obtains Financing from Sequoia Capital  More
1995-05-07   The Internet  [YouTube]
1995-06-01   America Online Acquires WebCrawler
1995-06-20   CMG Purchases Exclusive Rights to Lycos
1995-08-02   Yahoo! Appoints Tim Koogle as President and CEO
1995-09-18   Yahoo! Teams with Open Text to Offer Searches on the Net
1995-09-27   Excite: internet navigation service
1995-10-30   Lycos Catalogs More than 10 Million Web Sites
1995-12-08   Have your own web site
1995-12-15   Digital Develops Internet's First 'Super Spider'  More

1996-01-07   Setting User-Agent Field  More
1996-04-11   Yahoo! Completes Initial Public Offering
1996-04-16   Infoseek Unveils Ultraseek
1996-04-26   Infoseek Corporation Files Registration Statement  More
1996-05-20   Inktomi Corporation Formed by UC Berkeley Scientists
1996-06-05   Yahoo! to Feature Digital's Altavista Search Service
1996-06-22   Evaluate the popularity of your web site
1996-07-08   Patent on hypertext indexing and retrieval
1996-07-22   Digital Alpha, UNIX, StorageWorks to Power Lycos
1996-08-23   Infoseek Ultra, search engine review
1996-08-27   Altavista Files For Initial Public Offering Of Common Stock
1996-09-xx   Search engines  [YouTube]
1996-10-09   Internet Rank Engine
1996-10-10   Infoseek Expands With Japanese, French, German and Spanish Language Services
1996-11-14   Infoseek Launches New Version of Navigation Service
1996-11-25   AOL and Excite Announce New Strategic Partnership
1996-12-11   Inktomi Powers Advanced Information Indexing

1997-02-28   Search Engine Implementation  More
1997-04-14   Inktomi Receives $8 Million From Oak Investment Partners
1997-05-29   Yahoo is becoming the worst of the search engines
1997-06-11   Intuit buys 19% of Excite
1997-06-16   Yahoo! Ranked No.1 Navigational Network
1997-06-26   AltaVista Search Provides First Multilingual Search Capabilities on the Internet
1997-08-18   PageRank: Bringing Order to the Web
1997-08-21   Infoseek's upgraded spidering technology
1997-09-02   Patent To Be Issued for Lycos' Intelligent "Spider" Technology
1997-09-08   Infoseek Patents Internet Search Technique
1997-09-24   Infoseek's Position as Internet Leader Confirmed by New Research
1997-10-21   AOL sells some Excite shares
1997-12-04   Google Search Engine  More
1997-12-10   Rankdex Hyperlink Search Engine

1998-01-28   Infoseek Corporation Announces Filing of Public Offering  More
1998-03-02   Inktomi Completes $12 Million Mezzanine Round
1998-04-15   Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine
1998-04-21   Infoseek Wins Head-To-Head Battle Against Search Engine "Spam"
1998-05-18   Yahoo! Selects Inktomi as its Default Search Engine Partner
1998-05-19   GoTo.Com Announces First Round Of Financing
1998-06-10   Inktomi Announces Initial Public Offering
1998-06-15   GoTo.Com Combines Inktomi Search Capability
1998-06-17   GnuHoo Seeks Editors
1998-06-23   GnuHoo Name changed to NewHoo
1998-06-18   Disney and Infoseek Combine Forces on the Internet  More  More
1998-06-22   Lycos patent could bring payoff to Carnegie Mellon
1998-07-xx   Toward a Qualitative Search Engine  [PDF]
1998-07-23   What happened to Rankdex?
1998-07-27   CMG: The Web Giant Nobody Knows
1998-09-14   Google at BALUG  More
1998-09-23   Google and the WebBase  More  More
1998-09-24 delivers directory collection
1998-09-27   Google Stanford Hardware  More
1998-10-06   Lycos Introduces the Lycos Network
1998-11-18   NewHoo Community Directory Project
1998-11-22   Infoseek bug

1999-01-12   Disney and Infoseek Launch GO Network
1999-01-12   Yahoo! Extends Executive Roles
1999-01-19   @Home Network and Excite to Merge  More
1999-01-26   Compaq Creates The AltaVista Company
1999-02-10   Inktomi Announces Suite of New Search Engine Services
1999-05-13   Infoseek Search: 30 Percent Faster, 50 Percent Larger
1999-05-24   Infoseek Completes Transition of Infoseek Branded Site: Go Network
1999-06-07   Google Receives $25 Million in Equity Funding
1999-06-14   AOL and Inktomi Expand Alliance
1999-06-15   Inktomi Introduces Automated Directory Engine
1999-06-18 Announces Initial Public Offering
1999-06-28   CMGI Acquires AltaVista  More
1999-06-28   AltaVista Search Gets Stronger  More
1999-08-03   Excite@Home Designs Search Architecture
1999-11-08   LookSmart and Inktomi Form Alliance
1999-12-17   Lycos Agrees To Invest In Fast Search And Transfer

2000-01-04   Lycos Announce Public Offering of Common Stock  More
2000-03-15   Google Extends Search Service with Netscape's Open Directory Project
2000-04-11   Inktomi Unveils Third Generation Search Architecture
2000-05-16   Terra to Acquire Lycos for $12.5 Billion in Stock  More
2000-05-19   Google Goes Global with Addition of 10 Languages
2000-05-30   Google Bets The Farm On Linux  More
2000-06-08   Inktomi to Acquire Ultraseek Corporation
2000-06-14 Deploys Fast Search & Transfer Technology
2000-06-26   Google Launches World's Largest Search Engine
2000-06-26   Yahoo! Selects Google as its Default Search Engine Provider  More
2000-10-23   Google Launches Self-Service Advertising Program
2000-11-06   Inktomi Search Software 4.0 Supports Multilingual Implementations
2000-11-16   AltaVista Selects GoTo as Pay-For-Performance Search Provider
2000-12-11   Google Launches The Google Toolbar

2001-02-28   AltaVista Enhances Search
2001-03-14   Inktomi Unveils New Web Search Software
2001-04-17   Yahoo! to Appoint Terry S. Semel Chairman and CEO
2001-06-27   AltaVista Launches Express Inclusion Service  More  More
2001-08-06   Google Names Dr. Eric Schmidt Chief Executive Officer
2001-08-16   Inktomi Extends Momentum for Paid Inclusion Program
2001-08-31   Was Excite@Home marriage doomed at the altar?
2001-09-10   GoTo to Become Overture  More
2001-10-01   Excite@Home files for bankruptcy
2001-11-13   Yahoo! Forms Alliance With Overture (Formerly GoTo)  More
2001-12-11   Google Offers Immediate Access to 3 Billion Web Documents

2002-02-20   Google Introduces New Pricing For Self-Service Online Advertising Program
2002-02-25   Lycos InSite Select lets owners submit their sites for guaranteed inclusion  More
2002-04-04   Yahoo!, MSN and Google Lead in Online Search
2002-04-05   Overture Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Google
2002-07-01   Terra Lycos Launches Lycos Search 6.0
2002-07-02   AltaVista Launches Advanced Search Technology  More
2002-07-14   Yahoo! To Acquire Overture  More
2002-07-31   AOL Search powered by Google
2002-09-06   Inktomi Terminates Real Estate Leases  More
2002-12-23   Yahoo! To Acquire Inktomi  More

2003-02-18   Overture to Acquire Search Engine AltaVista  More  More  More
2003-02-26   Google lands Web search patent
2003-02-26   Terra Lycos Writes Down 1.4 Billion Euros In Assets
2003-03-04   Google Builds Advertising and Search Monetization Program
2003-03-10   Google to Provide Web Search, Sponsored Links to Walt Disney Web Properties
2003-04-07   Yahoo! Introduces New Yahoo! Search
2003-06-18   Google Expands Advertising Monetization Program for Websites
2003-07-14   Yahoo! To Acquire Overture  More
2003-08-13   Google Adds Features to Search Toolbar
2003-09-30   Lycos Selects Google AdSense for Content Ads
2003-10-07   AOL and Google Announce Expanded Alliance

2004-02-17   Google Achieves Milestone With Access To More Than 6 Billion Items
2004-02-18   Yahoo! Introduces Yahoo! Search Technology
2004-02-23   Google tops the search charts
2004-04-01   Google Launches Gmail
2004-04-19   Google Files Registration Statement with SEC for Initial Public Offering  More  More
2004-08-02   Terra Networks Agrees To The Sale Of Lycos. Inc. To Daum Communications
2004-08-09   Yahoo! and Google Resolve Disputes  More

2005-07-26   Android GPS - See document  [PDF]
2005-08-17   Google Buys Android for Its Mobile Arsenal - See document

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